Thursday, March 3, 2011

Babies And More Babies.....

 The ahhh sleepy baby pics....

They are so Cute when they are sleeping.....Lol

Then they get rowdy!
2 in the back are Abby's boys.
One with No ears and a Long eared baby..
In front is the little buck I traded Hope's boy for.
He is a little loud mouth!lol I call him Skeeter

Running around....

Playing around on the rocks..
Sunshine's triplets and Abby's boy there in front.

Sunshine's Triplets again and Skeeter..

No Ears gotta stick together ya know?
Abby's Boy and Mariah's boy Skittles..

Skeeter Front and center..

Little Dude..
He doesn't look real little here but next to everyone else he is..
But he eats well and is spunky!

Surprise babies!!!
From Kara's Rebekah Rabbit
Born yesterday morning..
6 little rats I mean bunnies in there..
 Lots of spots....

The other babies.. 2 weeks old now..
Their eyes are open!!
Its been a busy week around here.. Babies are all doing good. Mariah's boy Skittles is not liking the bottle. But he will get it.. Sunshine, Mariah and Hope are milking really well! They are so easy to milk too.. That makes things so nice..
 Sunshine's hip is doing better still not all the way back in place where it needs to be though.. She gets around fine and is starting to get slick looking again. She is improving, eating and milking really well. She hollers at me at night till I go milk even if I feed grain first if I don't milk her out she will holler at me the whole time I am out feeding babies at night.
 I had a hard decision to make concerning a goat that I thought I would keep till she died.. I will post about it later..
 So enjoy the baby pics for now! Have a blessed night everyone!


tree ocean said...

uh-oh I don't like hard decisions!
Beautiful babies!

Trisha said...

They are all just so cute! So many babies!!!

Brenda said...

Your pictures of the Boys and Bunnies are precious. I thought I recognized that little boy with the white ears! His momma is a little loud too. :D

Julze said... many little ones...they are all so CUTE!

Becky said...

OH my goodness, I am so happy we don't have goats. I'd never get rid of any of them! CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love the baby buns!! What breed is the new batch?

the Goodwife said...

Congrats on all your babies!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Tonia -- so sorry you lost one. It's hard, isn't it?

I think you need to build a rock-climbing area for your babies. Big! I'm sure you could convince your hubby to come up with something. :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Always a sucker for babies!

Mrs. Mike said...

Kids: homo sapiens, caprine; it doesn’t matter! They grow so quick!

Deanna said...

They are precious. Thanks for sharing the pictures.,

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby animal pictures!


small farm girl said...

I could watch baby goats for hours. lol