Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yep MORE Snow.....

This snow is for the birds....
 But the chickens say not them!!!

 More like these birds!!Lol

View from my front door!...
 This morning after another 2 inches of snow fell last night..
 More Sunday and Tuesday they say....

Country Girl Ice Skating....

Slipin' and a Slidin'

Wipe Out!

Sunshine still Pregnant!

Her ligaments..

They are pretty much gone..
Came back a little bit..
Looked it up and she had done the same thing last year.
So I have quit worrying about her so much.
Still giving her the vitamins though..

She has been hiding out a lot!lol
I filled hay racks and this is where she went!

 We are surviving the cold.. We got more snow last night about 2.5 inches. It was the fluffy pretty kind no ice or crazy wind!. It stuck to the trees and made them all nice and pretty... Wait did I just say the snow is Pretty???  We are suppose to get more Tomorrow and even MORE Monday into Tuesday.. I looked at pictures from last year around Valentines day and we had snow..  January was dry really so the snow is providing Much needed moisture. Which is a good thing!
 We are going out 3 times a day to take water to the animals and the goats are getting grain 3 times a day. They are only getting a half a ration more than they were. I upped it some due to the cold along with all the hay they can hold.. Plus Rabbits, Chickens, Dogs and Cats have food out free choice basically. As long as they have food, water and shelter from the cold they handle this weather MUCH better then us crazy humans. We are about 10 days from the first Goat and Rabbit due dates. Its suppose to warm up some before then! I sure hope so. I really don't want to move rabbits right before they have babies!
 Its suppose to be 33* today so we are headed out to play!!
 I hope everyone has a great weekend!


the Goodwife said...

Lots of snow here as well. Stay snug!

Verde Farm said...

The snow is beautiful in your pictures. I know it gets old but at least it’s pretty to look at. I know my chickens are so tired of this cold too. Love the pics of your girls skating on the pond--how fun. Can’t wait to see Sunshine’s babies :)
Stay warm,

Caroline in NH said...

Sunshine is adorable! Can't wait to see the babies!

WeldrBrat said...

I finally made the best of it and decided to bake bread. They keep changing the forecast here. We're about to get hit with more snow this coming week. I just hope it doesn't bring the winds we're dealing with today.

Let's all hope - and pray - for a break in all this mess - together! I caught two tulips popping up, already!

...m... said...

I so very much wish that we could have hens where we live. And the cardinal capture!!! Beautiful!

Thanks so much for sharing your pictures!

tree ocean said...

I guess ligaments are good to check if you want to know the month if you're not sure, lol, they sure seem to go early esp with the experienced mothers!

Snow, wow, we have a bunch of snow on the ground. At least 3 feet now. It just keeps adding up around here! BUT the heavy wet snow that started at suppertime has turned to sleet and maybe rain, yay, spring's coming!

Brenda said...

Skating on the pond brings back memories of me and my brother spending hours skating on our pond.

The "Wipe Out!" photo made me chuckle. I hope she didn't get hurt!

Sunshine is so funny.... and cute!

Nancy said...

Your girls look so cute on the old fashioned rink -- nothing like sliding on the ice, but falling is no fun for us oldsters! :)

I feel for you Tonia -- seems your area of the country really got hammered this year with the snow. Hoping for an early spring for everyone right now.

Anonymous said...

Ditto - we got 4" yesterday and it's snowing now too, but so far just a dusting.
I had my own wipe-out yesterday - apparently 4" of snow doesn't hide the fact that there's still slicker'n'snot ice underneath!

Anonymous said...

We got some more snow yesterday as well! There's more snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Leaving for vacation in 2 weeks to the South!


small farm girl said...

Won't be long until we get baby pictures!!!!!!

italk42 said...

Tonia, thank you for following me, and now I'm following YOU! You have a beautiful family...your girls are lovely. I wonder, how do you get everything done? I have a home-based business (as a ventriloquist), homeschool, have a disabled husband, keep house, help at church, etc. Just like you do...but I feel so overwhelmed on some days. How do you manage your home? A homemakers journal, scheduling your days, etc. any help would be great! Blessings, Shari