Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tick... Tock.... Tick... Tock...

The Ticking Time Bombs..... DAY 145!
 Sunshine of course..

 She is still getting up and around some.
Udder is getting much fuller..
Ligaments are gone..

Full udder..
 Ligs are softening..
 She will get her own place tomorrow. 
She is bottom of the totem pole and
 I am afraid she is not getting all she needs.

Is much bigger than she appears in this pic!
But no real udder development yet..
She is a quick one though..
No signs and then with in a few  Hours Babies..
She usually has much more udder development though.
So I am taking a guess of at least 1-2 weeks still..

 I am thinking the same as Hope..
 She has some udder development though.
Ligaments are not soft in the least bit  on either Hope or Mariah...
 So we are waiting... And watching... And checking more often.. Trying to not watch the pot you know?
 I moved the 3 younger girls Kate, Pixy and Dollie in with the wethers till after kidding and we get the extension on the barn.. That way we have plenty of room. So we had a lot of this going on!...
  Pixy Is Boss!! Just like her Momma! That her on her back legs in the pic..

And this is her and Eddie.. See her back all bowed up at him!
She backed him down too.
She is protecting her girls too.
Kate and Dollie stood back and let her do all the work!lol
  Bunnies are all doing good still.. They didn't reject our contribution to the bedding. So I am off to go do a last check before bed! Make sure everyone is bedded down and warm.


Brenda said...

Sunshine looks ready to kid! I'm glad she waited until the worst of the weather has passed.... well we still have to get through this really cold night .... but the forecast looks much better for the next several days.

Pixy is too cool! She definitely has herd queen status.

Rural Rambler said...

They look HUUUUUUUUGE to me! Pixy is boss?! Way to go Pixy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the waiting! The story of my life. If I'm not waiting on my own babies to come, I'm waiting on someone else's here on the farm. . . Maybe that's why I knit so much. . .

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your kidding season!


Shanster said...

Such lovely little time bombs... :)

Julze said...

How exciting! Praying all goes well with their deliveries.

Elizabeth, Liz, Lizzy, MOM!! said...

Mind if I live vicariously through you? At least until I find my own "time bombs"? heehee. No doubt they will pick 2:30 am on the coldest, dampest night to have those babies...;) Good luck!

Nezzy said...

Oh girl, it's obvious that your gonna have loads of 'kids' runnin' round your place.

God bless and have a beautiful weekend my friend! :o)

tree ocean said...

Looks like: at least twins, twins, two the top one looks ready!!! and Abby not getting enough-she's HUGE!!

It's so fun to introduce goats, especially when they don't have horns!

Makes me wish my girls were bred but goat babies are too darn cute and I have enough goats now!!! LOL
(anxiously awaiting pix of yours!)

Feral Female said...

Boy they look ready to drop any minute!

the Goodwife said...

Can't wait to see baby pics! I'm ready for kids, but glad I don't have anybody due until May, with the winter we've had this year!