Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Real News....

Sunshine is doing more pushing and stretching..
Abby who I didn't get a picture of is starting to lose her ligs.
Sunshine's are gone and have been..
Both udders are pretty much full..
They aren't eating much and Sunshine didn't even eat her grain!

 Getting bigger every day...
She hasn't grown much in the udder department yet..
She lays around and groans with the best of them..

Hope(black) and her momma April(brown).
 Both humming up a storm.
 April I don't think is pregnant.
But there is a real possibility she could be..
 She is a very big goat!..
 Hope has never been this big pregnant and always had twins...
I am thinking more than 2 this year!

My Neeeww Couch!....
With my Black and White Throw pillow!
 There is a love seat to go with it..
 Looks the same just shorter....

 We have been all over the country this last weekend! I did a major stock up on groceries. Then we went hunting for furniture.. Have I ever mentioned how much I Dislike shopping?? Places with Salesmen irritate me the most!.. But it had to be done and we got a good price on the furniture..
 One of the Bunny momma's is making a real nest this time and has pulled a lot of hair.. I so hope she has them tomorrow!.... Along with Sunshine and Abby's babies making an appearance...
 We had sad happenings here in our little town... One of the firemen that Kyle had worked with was found dead yesterday afternoon. He had a heart attack and died. Our fire chief, his wife and a couple of others answered the call.  They had to find a friend like that and his wife was the one that found him originally.. Its is horribly sad.. He will be buried Friday with a full fireman's funeral.. Please pray for his family and all that are touched by this..
 Our county doesn't have a regular fire department with paid employees. It is divided up in to sections and everyone is volunteer. The men and women take from their daily life to volunteer to learn how to help others. They also roll out of bed late at night or early in the morning whenever the calls come in only to go to work when the call is taken care of.  It can be rough on them. But most volunteer uncomplaining to do a very stressful and tiring job...
 Well goodnight everyone.. Gotta get up in a couple of hours for a baby check so I am off to bed.... 


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your kiddings! Nice couch.



Anonymous said...

Prayers for your fallen Fireman and his family. My step-dad is a retired fireman and I appreciate them whole-heartedly - admittedly more than I even do the police.
Hope things start poppin' 'roung your place today!

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

I hope your mommas all have healthy, happy babies -- spaced out accordingly so as not to be to hard on you!

So sad about your husband's compatriot -- such is life. I'm sure he will be missed.

And I'm with you on the shopping thingy -- that's why I rarely go to the big city for things like that. I do like the color of your couch though. :)

Brenda said...

I'm sorry about the loss of your fireman friend.

I hope your does all kid well and that you have lots of little doelings!

Your new couch is pretty especially with the addition of the couch pillow!

the Goodwife said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. I said a prayer for his family and friends. We only have volunteer firemen and ems here as well. They do a wonderful service.

Good luck with the baby watch!

Congrats on your new couch, and I love the throw pillow!

Deanna said...

Soon - very soon!

I like your new furniture. Bet you will have it for a very long time!

That sad news about your friend. My son in law is a fireman and I have been amazed at the brotherhood of caring tha surrounds him and his fellow firemen/responders.

Hope you are enjoying these warmer temperatures!

Linda said...

Nice couch!

My Cali is due yesterday to this Sunday - I completely forgot about checking her ligs! I'm going to go check them now... lol

tree ocean said...

So sorry to hear of the Fireman's untimely death. So tragic.

oh I need a new couch! Love it, so does Tink!

Not eating grain? She will go tonight!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

So sorry to hear about the fireman. That is so sad for all the community as well as his family. We have volunteer firemen here as well and I know how close they all are.

The full moon will undoubtedly bring new babies! At least that is what I've always heard.

I love your new couch, Tonia. I need one, too, but just don't know where to start looking! Love your color.

Take care.