Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is It Spring Yet???

The Main road and the start of our drive..
 I am standing at the top of the first ledge of our yard..

Looking straight out over the main road..
Still at the edge of the yard..

The worst part of our drive..
Looks rather innocent in this pic..
Its not near as flat as it looks here..

Kyle going to get the mail..
Yep he thought he should start the big truck.
And drive to the bottom of the hill to get it..
Part of the Front Yard Mob....

Landing Pic 1....

Coming in for a Landing Pic 2!

 And the Almost catastrophic happening..
 The Panel barn was giving under the weight of the Ice, Snow And sleet..
 I usually Bounce the top and get it to slide off.
Well I forgot.
I went out to check on everyone around noon.
Walked around taking pics..
 Came back around to see a serious sag towards the back of the barn..
Thankfully Kyle was outside working on his truck right behind the house..  He heard me hollering. He started bouncing the ceiling as I was holding it up.. It was Very Heavy!  Then using the handle of the pitch fork started hitting the tarp breaking  up the ice. It was really solid.. Then we got the piece of 2X4 and he was hitting the wire on the panel instead of the tarp. It took about 10 minutes but it finally popped back into place.. Goats were seriously freaked out!!
 However the only part that was sagging was the hoops made with regular cattle panels.. The front end that has a Hog panel was not sagging under the weight and it had just as much ice and sleet..  Hog Panels are a heavier gauge then the cattle panels we got and they are shorter with smaller opening.. So pretty stout!
 I just need to pay more attention and bounce it off like I normally do.
It is Really cold our high tomorrow is 14* and wind chill is  Minus something I don't care to repeat...
Just plain COLD!.. 
From the Frigid Slippery Hills Of MO Good Night!!


-Heidi said...

Oh my! Stay warm and safe!

Nancy said...

Quite a change from the nice warm days you experienced just recently!

Hang in there! Spring's on the way. :)

Brenda said...

Glad you all are safe over on your hill top. The birds are sure enjoying your hospitality.

My tarp barn was in very serious trouble and almost came down on my yearling does. It took a hour of sweeping snow off with a 2x4 and pushing it up from inside. It's wire panels are still sagging a little on the north side over the bucks, but has popped back up on the south side over the does.

Too much heavy snow!

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya! Doing chores yesterday was down right treacherous! I'm surprised I didn't slip and pull something because I do it on a regular basis with just snow on the ground. I'm just glad my girls are in the calf barn now so I just have to worry about busting buckets.

matty said...

Stay safe! It looks like a tough storm!

Carol said...

I'm beyond ready for spring too. I don't have the farm chores you have to deal with but I'm really tired of all this digging out.
I must admit that I have rather enjoyed the days off even if it means the paycheck will suck.

Mrs. Mike said...

Brrr. But I'm happy to see Redbird and his gang adding color to the landscape!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

If it never snows again this winter, it'll be just fine with me. Stay safe, Tonia, out in all this cold stuff!

the Goodwife said...

We got lots of sleet and ice topped with about an inch or so of snow, and yup the bitter cold is movin' in! Take heart, it's already February and March will be here before we know it!

Amanda said...

Tonia, Just curious where you got your use billboard tarp from? I found a place online in Mn. who will ship. The prices are great but was just wondering if there was a place any closer to Ks. (Namely Mo.) who may have them too :o). After this storm, I need something for the front of our barn when the winds kick up as bad as they did. Dern snow was half way into a south facing barn with a dift outside that was near up to my thigh.

Anonymous said...

I finally got my internet to work again this morning on my netbook. We were without power since Tuesday night and it finally came back on for the 2nd time last night.

Looking forward to our vacation to the South in almost 3 weeks, it's almost 2 weeks now.


Feral Female said...

We got snow and ice as well. Good thing you noticed that sag! Spring is just around the corner I keep chanting to myself.

Missouri Gal said...

Glad you all didn't get what we did up here. I heard some place at Lake Ozark caved in and the docks are sinking. Stay warm and pray spring is coming soon!

small farm girl said...

Close call!!!! I'm glad you caught it before it got ugly! Please stay safe and warm. I know it's hard. Farmers don't get snow days. lol

Nezzy said...

Yep, we farm gals are just super~women!!! I'm usually alone when ya find me in situations the echoes in these hills are reverberatin' my shouts of "I need more testosterone!!! Heeehehee!

I lost a crown last night and I can't get out to the dentist in my car. Hubs went out last night to get me some mondo bondo stuff. The dentist couldn't make it to the office today so I have an appointment Mon. mornin' I'm gonna be able to do that in a car! Hubs ditched the four wheel drive goin' to work this mornin'. 44 days 'till spring...Woohoo!!!

God bless ya and have a fantastic (safe) weekend!!! :o)