Thursday, February 10, 2011

I will NOT Whine about that White Stuff!

Its suppose to get REALLY Cold ..
And it is now cold..
I went for one last check before bed time..
 I found 7 of the 10 goats in this pen here..
Sorry its so dark....

Sunshine is holding on!!
I did lock her away from everyone. Because they were walking all over her.
 That is NOT normal! She is the herd queen!
April is filling in as Queen  for now..

What I worked on today....
 It was easier than I thought..
 If I had sat down and worked from start to finish 2 hours tops
is what it would have taken...
I am going on work on another tomorrow..

Cloudy. One of the Mommas to be..
 She is a Holland Lop even though her ears don't lop..
She does have blue eyes!

 Then Bianca, a Dwarf Hotot.. Not a great pic..
 But her belly is hanging out she is so pregnant..
Saturday is the Day!! And hopefully NOT before!
 SO I went out to check on Sunshine before bed..  Less than 10 minutes out and my hands were hurting! that is being covered. Animals are all doing good though.I fluffed the girls hay and threw more in around Sunshine just to make me feel better. She nibbled at it to make me feel better! I also offered her a handful of mineral and she made quick work of that. She is moving around just not much! I checked her eyelids yesterday because Barber Pole worms will cause them to go Anemic real quick!.. Her eyes had gotten pale. Her vitamin has iron in it.. But they are nice and Pink now! I was so happy to see that!. I am still dosing her once a day with the Vitamin Cocktail and Oral CMPK.. She takes it with a little fight.. She HATES to be Drenched Even if she likes the stuff..
  On to the rabbits.. They are due Saturday! Cloudy pulled a little hair then threw it out of the box. We did take precautions and line the box with some rags I sewed together to fit in the box and added cotton balls to help with bedding. We are excited! This will be the first litter out of our new little Holland Lop buck, Hercules and the first litter out of Bianca, the Dwarf Hotot doe.
  The skirt I was working on is for Kara. She is my Camo girl!.. I ripped the inseam out of a pair of jeans I got for a $1 at a thrift store then added the panels from another skirt that she didn't wear but liked the camo part of it. It went much smoother that I thought and she is Thrilled!..  I was happy it went so easy! I have a stack of jeans to work on.. And of course Candice and Kyla will get one too!
 I am still dealing with the effects of this nasty weather.. Minus something is the temp for in the morning. But the next morning is just single digits!!And nothing but up from there!... Soo very happy!! Cant wait! Living for the weekend!lol
 Hanging on till warm weather......


Anonymous said...

Good Luck with all the babies due to arrive. Wishing you lots of Sunshine and warmth. Love the jean skirt. I am going to try to make one.

Rural Rambler said...

It's ok Tonia, I'm doing enough whining for all of us. It is -10 as I type this. Love it when all the goats look at you like you are their #1 when you point the camera at them! Let the warm up begin!!

Gail said...

Great work on the skirt.

Minus here this is not supposed to happen in Arkansas!

Whine all you want because I will be whining too.

Have a wonderful day.

Brenda said...

The skirt turned out really cool. I have a stack of old jeans if you want them to transform into skirts.

Your goat girls look warm all cuddled up like that.

I'm with you on looking forward to warmer weather ... even double digit weather will feel so much warmer than the minus 4 this morning!

Anonymous said...

It's cold here as well! It is supposed to warm up on Sunday though. Good luck with the bunny babies and goat kids.


the Goodwife said...

That skirt is cute, I love the camo! Super easy aren't they?

Here's hoping your critters hold out for a little warmer weather, it's bitterly cold here as well.

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

Good job on the skirt. Blue jean material can be tough to sew. If you aren't going to whine about the white stuff I guess I won't, either. I am amazed at the temperature. It was -2 here when I woke up this morning. I can't wait for the warm weekend we are supposed to have. Good luck with all the critters and babies and all. Please keep us posted.

TJ said...

Beautiful skirt! What a great job!

Mrs. Bee said...

I hadn't made one of those skirts since high school! you know, back when wheels were square ;)
Sewing denim is hard on the ol' machine....kudos to you!
Ashley made a denim comforter ourof Bear's old Wrangler's...just about tore our fingers up tying the yarn into it, but it turned out nice.
It's 32 this morning and sunny...woke up to ant in the kitchen AGAIN (better then mice!) and an escapee goat...I only thought to grab Trapper's coat, slip on rain clogs and grab some baling twine to fix the gate Fancy pushed open...that was about thirty minutes toes are still frozen and my fingers have finally warmed up!
If it is going to be this cold, why can't I have a few flurries??

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I don't blame you if you want to whine! I've sure been doing enough of it myself and I don't even have to go outside to tend animals like you do! It's minus 5 this morning. Brrrr! Good luck with the expected new babies. And stay warm!

Kelle said...

Tonia, praying for you, that your goats will hold off until you get a warm up.
Frigid temps are no fun and it's hard on the animals too even with good shelter, bedding and plenty to eat and drink.
We're still in this on again off again weather pattern. I'm sick of it and wish it would just stay one way or another*grrrr*
Good thing we have plenty of hay, because that is all the cows want to do is eat, drink and chew their cud, in their barns. They really need to get out and move around too, they just don't want to because the windchill is so bitter. The weatherman keeps adding days to this coldfront, at least two more days of windchills below zero( during the days-10 and evenings well below -20F) I'm getting grumpy, can you tell, lack of sleep keeping the wood stove going, hauling water in bitter cold windchills and well, just being out in it all makes me crabby*wink* I'm so...... ready for Spring, mud and all!
Blessings and stay warm,

Nezzy said...

Well, girl...I'll complain loud enough for the both of my manure stompin' barn boots together and recite..."There's no place like Spring...There's no place like Spring!!!" Whew, now I feel better.

-11 in the frost holler this mornin' and I'm so lookin' forward to a warm up. Woohoo!!!

I've never seen a blue eyed rabbit before. How cute!

God bless ya and have a beautiful warmer day sweetie!!!

Becky said...

Have you seen my latest blog post? I whined enough for both of us!! HA!
Can't wait to hear about your babies! Both your bunnies AND your goaties! Stay warm! My fingers were sticking to the water crocks last night when we were unthawing them!

Faye Henry said...

Hi Tonia.. Love the skirt.. What a great idea and so frugal.. You must enjoy all those animals.. I love the goats..
Have a wonderful weekend...