Monday, February 21, 2011

I am still here.....

The newest skirt I made...
This one is for Kyla..
                                           She loves Bright Colors. It turned out really cute.
Next one is for Candice.

 Sunshine... Her hip is coming back on its own.
 I could feel it today where I hadn't been able too.
Vet said not likely to be broke if she is Up and walking.
So right now its a wait and see thing..
She is in good spirits and Engorgement in her udder is pretty much gone.

Hope Demonstrating yet another way to eat lazy like..

 Our job this week....
 Painting the Upstairs....
We are painting both bedrooms, hallway and room at the top of the stairs.

 Toast sleeping...
He had his hair raised and his eyes were moving..
It was a serious

Their new favorite spot..
Behind the rocking chair that holds my sewing material..
They spend the night in the bathroom with the heater..
 They are also more and more active..
 If I don't make it back  this week its because I am up to my elbows in Paint, Babies and Everyday Stuff!... The girls are excited to get it painted. I know it will brighten things up.
 I have to say I was getting anxious about some things.. As we were reading together tonight I was reminded to NOT WORRY!!... Thank You Jesus for your Sweet Peace..
 I hope everyone has a great Week!


Brenda said...

The skirt for Kyla is really cute. Have you thought about making a shirt to match out of the same material as you added to the skirt? That would be pretty too!

I'm glad Sunshine is doing so much better. Her boys are looking really fat and shiny.

Good luck with the painting project. :D

Mrs. Bee said...

I'd like to buy some of that energy you've got!
Great news about Miss Sunshine!
The babies are sooo big already....'course they were big when they were born so they've got a head start on the rest of them!

Becky said...

Cute skirt! Glad sunshine is on the mend-her boys are adorable!! We've got some painting to do too in our hallway. I love love the end result when you paint, but the process of getting it on the walls stinks!!;)We are re-doing Jacob's room after the hallway in a hunting/wildlife theme! Hope it turns out like he wants it to be.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear about Sunshine! I hope things keep getting better for her. I do love that skirt too even tho I'm not much of a pink fan - I like color in my world too ;}

Faye Henry said...

Hi Sweetie..
Love the skirt.. You are soooo smart and busy..
Have a good week..

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

That is such a cute skirt, Tonia. I remember that style from the 70s when I was your daughter's age. Some classics never go away. :)

Glad Sunshine appears to be doing better. I do hope she is up and around soon.

Happy painting!

matty said...

Yah! Sunshine! I love the skirt. Okay, so I wore some just like this in th e 70s. How funny is that!? Of course, there was less of me.... Cute!

Anonymous said...

Kyla's skirt looks cute! Glad Sunshine is doing well and the goat kids are growing like weeds. Good luck with the painting.



small farm girl said...

Thoses skirts are really cute. You have the talent! When I get ready to paint my house, I'll give you a call. lol

Carol said...

Love the skirt!! She'll look so snazzy in it :-) Things here are settling down and hopefully there will be a normal someday soon. Thanks for all of your support!

Shanster said...

Good luck with kids, YOUR kids, paint and all the stuff! :)