Thursday, February 17, 2011

70*?? Wooo Hoooo!

 No Babies.. Just to let you all know right away.. That is ALL the attention I will give to those Goatie girls till they have babies! You Hear me Sunshine??? lol..

 Anyway this is what we did today in the balmy 70* weather.... Added on to Jack and Moses pen. I still need one fence post right there in the front and center.. But it will be fine for a few till I can get what I need.
 The boys weren't quite sure what to think.........

 Of course Moses was Sure he needed that leaf right there on the other side of the fence....

The chickens running out to enjoy the day and dig up whatever they can find!
   We got lettuce planted too.. Woo hoo!! I had to cover it with chicken wire so the Cats and Chickens wouldn't dig it up. They love those fresh dirt places! Baby bunnies are doing good and are doing their little popcorn dance when you stick your hand in there.. Still nothing from the other momma.. I am afraid she isn't bred.. This is the second time.. My herbal order should be here soon so I will start her on Red Raspberry then try again.
  Our church situation has been resolved for now.. I talked to our pastor last night.. He never got the email but that happens a lot with my email addy.   Before I tell what he advised I want to say why we went to him.. As our pastor he is accountable for us as he is the shepherd/pastor of the church. He is there to advise us in what God would want and to encourage and teach us. He does it very well.
First he went over some things for us to be aware of.. Then said he didn't have a problem with us going to a church closer. But to go on a trial basis for a month and then get back in contact with him about our decision. Leaving it ultimately in our hands.  He also told me that no matter what we would always be a part of our church. I did grow up there and so have my kids for a good part of their life.. I have Many friends and family there. Its hard to leave because it is comfortable and familiar.
 Also last night he was teaching on the Sabbath.. It was very interesting and I would do a horrible job of repeating it all right..   But what I found interesting is that God designed the Sabbath for us to rest.... The early church went to church to worship, take up offerings and such on the First day.. But we were commanded to take a Sabbath.. Which before Christ died under the old law it was a day of rest with only the priest doing most everything as far as sacrifices and the temple..
 Anyway I thought it was interesting.. Because everything is such a rush anymore.. Most moms have 2 jobs.. One they work at during the day and then come home to taking care of their family and house. Dads work long hours and on Saturdays they are trying to keep up with everything around the house.. There are so many activities that a lot of people think they or their kids need to be in everything. . Then they wonder why everyone is tired or stressed... I am not saying joining in Extra Curricular activities is wrong but some people don't know Moderation.
 A day of rest to tune everything out and spend with the family sounds like an excellent thing to me..


Verde Farm said...

Hi Tonia, I would be so happy if you linked this great post up with Farm Friend Friday --I just opened the link and this is a great post to share there :)

Brenda said...

I thought sure that this Full Moon evening would have encouraged Sunshine to have her kids. Jake and Moses look happy with a bigger place to roam and play.

I'm sure the teaching on the Sabbath and taking time to rest and be with family was really good.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Wasn't the weather just gorgeous today? It won't last here (it is February,) but it sure was needed.

I let all of our birds out today and they acted like they had just escaped from prison. Running everywhere. It was great.

Glad you got to get things settled with your pastor -- I know that as bothering you quite a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Ha, I agree - I grew up in a crazy never-stop-moving household and it aged my single mother by about 10 years in just 2. That's the best part I love about living on the farm - things are so much slower. Going out to do activities is a treat, not a chore. And when there's too much going on in town, I can retreat to my little farm hideaway and watch the corn grow to chill out, ;}.

Anonymous said...

What nice weather! We're near 60 here.


Faye Henry said...

Hi Tonia.. I was wondering how you were making out with your decision. It sounds like good advice to try it for a month and see how you all make out..
As for the Sabbath being a day of rest that is so true and where do we find more complete rest than in the Presence of the Lord..
God bless you dear...

Kelle said...

Awwwhh waiting to see your baby pictures!
I'm right there with you on the warmer temps and the SUNSHINE!!!! We're loving it, even though we are in for a cool down again, it's supposed to sunshining(sp?) YAY!

We'll keep checking in for baby updates. BTW how those baby bunnies doing?


Deanna said...

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. Today is going to be just as gorgeous, even if it is a bit cooler.

I'm glad you were able to talk to your pastor and come to a decision. His advice sounded just right.

I was always taught the Sabath is a day of rest. I've adjusted that somewhat in my thinking that the Sabath should be a day to do whatever you love doing. We use that day for family or to putter in our gardens or work on our hobbies. The pace of life is too fast. We need to get back to the basics.

the Goodwife said...

Glad your bunnies are doing well! We've had gorgeous weather this whole week, it's been a blessing.

We don't let anything interfere with our family time. That said, none of us are real social types and so it isn't really a problem, but I do know lots of folks who are go go go all the time and never have time together!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Tonia, hope you have some babies at your farm soon! The weather has been so wonderful the past few days and I'm noticing the grass is looking greener already.

I think your pastor gave you some excellent advice, you were very wise to talk to him and tell him of your concerns. And, I was always taught that the Sabbath was for resting but it seems like people are too caught up in activities of some kind any more to do so.

Have a wonderful day, Cheryl

Kimberly said...

I'm looking forward to getting ready for some new animal friends soon. Too much snow still for us right now to do the work we'll need to do. Best of luck with all your new little ones!

Shanster said...

70? Really? Sigh. Spring is coming... I know it is!