Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Newest Member!!

A little fuzzy Holland Lop named Rebekah!

She looks ticked off here!Lol
Holland lops have a recessive Angora gene.
 That's where her fuzziness comes from!

She likes her hay!
We will give her a month to get settled before we try for babies.

What my girls brought back from the pond today...
More Praying Mantis egg pods!!
 Some of them are from last year and empty but 4 are not!
I am hoping they will hold off and hatch later this spring as
I have Nothing to feed them right now and they wont have anywhere to go!
 We left them outside hoping the cold will keep them from hatching till an appropriate time!
They are protected and hopefully I can set them out where they are needed
when they hatch! I think they are cool!
 We are suppose to get another winter storm.. Maybe some snow. I am hoping for a good amount of snow for my girls to go sledding on! You know 4 inches would work just fine!!
 I am working on organizing and going through stuff this week.. The gray gloomy skies sure haven't helped the past couple of days though.. All well spring is not far away.....


Julze said...

awww....Rebekah is SO cute!! She looks like our lop, Kara when she was a kitten. I'll see if I can find a pic.

Nancy said...

What a sweetheart! I can't wait to see bunny babies. :)

I'll be sorting through my husband's work clothes today and hopefully tossing out some.

Have a great day!

WeldrBrat said...

She's just absolutely adorable! I am such a sucker for those Holland Lops! It's those fat little cheeks that get me! They paralyze my attention anytime my eyes catch 'em eating! LOL

Becky said...

Rebekah is adorable! I love lops, but so far the only one we've ever had was the very first rabbit that started it all. She came from a pet store. Some day I hope to have an English Lop. Love those!
We are suppose to get more snow this weekend, and it's pretty foggy here this morning. Yuck.
Is it spring yet??

goatmilker said...

She is so cute and has my name! I love it! Rebekah

Periwinkle Farm said...

aawwww congrats on your new family member! She is really cute!

Carol said...

Such a sweetie!!! Hopefully when I get moved and settled in I'll have a place to have some sort of animals.

Shanster said...

We had a pair of house rabbits...kept them til they died of old age. They were bonded and very cute to watch groom each other etc.

They were very social and as long as we kept our electric cords covered, very neat and non-destructive - litter box trained and everything.

Tho they were both neutered and adult which helps with the destruction part...

Enjoy your bunny -

Mrs. Mike said...

It's bunny birthing time here for some of the other farms in our family.

Though this week we have a couple of sunny days, we were just reminding ourselves the same: it's only mid January- there's a lot of winter left to be had!

This is closet clean out and furniture rearranging month on days that are gray and get-out-and-weed-a-spring-bed on the days we see that it's dry!

Enjoy the solitude of January!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Rebekah is adorable! I'll look forward to seeing little ones from her. Take care, Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Rebekah is lovely! It's snowing here right now.


Amy W.

tree ocean said...

adorable bunny! I am trying to downsize, meaning, no MORE! but new addition are so much fun! Maybe I can live vicariously through you. lol

Deanna said...

So cute! I'll bet your girls enjoyed sledding today!