Thursday, January 6, 2011

Long Break Huh?

But I just couldn't stay away any longer...
This is NOT what I intended..
 See Her in the shadows of the Bird feeder??
Momma cat is Stalking and killing birds...

April found something Good In there!!!

Our little Mille Fleur Roo..
He is cute as a button!

My other banties...
3 one the left are 2 hens and a rooster..
2 on the right my only silkie
which is a rooster and a hen that prefers him!
This is how they roost every night...

What Ethel thinks about being in confinement!!
But the effects of the Lutalyse apparently haven't wore off..
 She keeps going after Abby every time we let her out..
So if she is out its under supervision till she can behave.
But otherwise she is doing great!

Little Ms. Dollie
Caught in Mid stretch!
She is coming around and will tolerate us Looking at her now.
She will even sniff my hand for food!

My Sunshine and her girl Pixy!
 Sunshine is Pregnant..
 She carries her babies very secretly!
Last 2 years by looking at her I guessed 2 she had 3.
Next time I guessed Maybe 2 and she had 4!!!
So I am not even bothering guessing... 

Left-Sunshine and Pixy
Right-Katy and Hope
April being grandma to Katy and Mom to Hope is usually in this pic.
But she had her head in the hay... 

 Okay so technically I haven't Really blogged in a week... Just the short one to let you all know where I was at... Kara did draw that picture on the last blog. It was her Christmas Present to me... I had it labeled but it disappeared.. I felt so awful over the weekend thought I was just over tired but looking back I think I may have had a flu.. Or I got the rest I needed.. Woke up yesterday morning feeling great!.. 
 We have 1 month and 1 week to first possible Due date! Going to go visit my Friend Brenda  when her babies start showing up! Her first does are due to pop anytime now... Goat babies are the sweetest... Okay any baby is sweet.. But I am partial to goats..
 I have been planning for spring here too. I have my rotational grazing all drawn out and I just need about 50 step in electric fence post, gate handles and a good warm Spring day. I have everything else!  It was hard trying to figure out how to get the paddocks fairly even. I have 4 paddocks planned for the front pasture and 4-5 for the back pasture. I would like to go with managed intensive but that would take smaller paddocks and lots more post!.. So Rotational it is.. I will be rotating every 10 days till the 1st of August then depending on the pasture I may take them off till September to give it time to grow for grazing hopefully through December.
 I will have to supplement with hay but that's okay I have  a good source and since I have figured out how to manage big round bales its MUCH cheaper!  Even with no pasture right now a round bale last almost a month. It cut my hay cost per year from over $2000 to $750.. And that is an Over estimate of how much hay I use.. I figure roughly 25 round bales a year feeding 16-25 full size goats, the rabbits and chickens  get hay too..
 I will also be extending my panel barn hopefully. I will add 2 more panel lengths to the front. I have just enough room right now. And next year when hopefully everyone will be bred I will need more room!
10 does having babies take a lot of space!
  My one new year's resolution for my blog is to not talk goats SOO much!Lol I will try to add other stuff. You know like about the garden, chickens, and cooking.. Even though I am a sort of throw things together kind of cook! My longest plan time is usually that morning for the evening meal.. Now I do buy groceries and make list I try to keep things stocked.. I always thought the freezer meal thing is so cool but I am not that organized..
 Okay WHO am I Kidding??? I don't do well with Resolutions.. 95% of my post will probably involve goats some how!


Carlton Family Farms said...

I just came across your blog. Love the pics of goats we used to have a few, but got rid of them. Last year my little boy had a little goat named Charlie Brown. Good luck with the new year resolutions.
God Bless, Tara

Julze said...

I hope you enjoyed your break from the computer...
even if it was just for a few days. :-)

Nancy said...

Tonia, I can relate to your bird-stalking kitty. Gibbs, who we call "momma cat" too, killed a Hairy Woodpecker the other day and I was just sick about it. I tried to save it, but there was no way. I moved the feeders.

I love reading about your goaties. It's obvious that's what you love -- and I really like the photos especially the babies. :)

Feral Female said...

Even a day or two can be considered a break! Welcome back, the goats are looking great...and good luck with the resolutions!

Brenda said...

I love your header photo! It's like a breath of a sunny summer afternoon lazily floating down the river. :D

My momma cat hunts out around where the horses and goats drop grain. I think it's mostly sparrows out there, but I wish she wouldn't bring them into the milk parlor to dine on them!

Looking forward to seeing you and the girls later today!

Becky said...

Well, I LOVE your goat talk! =) You always have the BEST pictures on your blog.
My family and I raise and show rabbits and I TRY really hard not to overwhelm my blog readers with bunny talk. However, it IS my blog and that is what I love. ;)

GailinVirginia said...

Your posts are great whenever you get time to do one...I love them:) love seeing your animals...had a brown hen as a child on a farm...

It's hard, but take care of yourself.

the Goodwife said...

LOL! It's alright, we like your goat posts! Glad you are feeling better and getting all set for spring.

Your daughter is talented and such a lovely gift for you!

Anonymous said...

Haha, good luck not trying to talk about goats! I have the WORST time of it - even in my everyday life. The second I mention one of my girls, The Husband's eyes glaze over, haha - that's ok, I yack at him anyway. I love your daughter's picture from the last post, I can't wait 'till my boys draw something I can recognize ;}.

Kelle said...

Oh glad to hear you don't keep your resolutions, I'm liking the goat info. in fact I'm looking into possibly getting a couple of gaots for milk( since we can't seen to get a cow to freshen and have been dry for over 2 yrs now) We plan to breed our heifer, but she won't freshen until Spring 2012 and I refuse to wait that much longer for milk and all the by-products.

You have an artist well in the making, love the picture she drew for you in the last blog.

Glad you took a break, we're doing sort of the same thing, while working on getting Christmas stuff put away and the house thoroughly cleaned, doing some downsizing and organizing. Thinks that I want to get done before we're outside working in the yard and gardens.

Blessing for your weekend,

OurCrazyFarm said...

Glad your back Tonia! We love you and all your goat talk just the way you are~ frozen dinners or not:)) LOL!

goatmilker said...

Love the pictures! Glad to hear from you. Rebekah

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog! Haven't had kidding season here since '07, the last babies we had here were kittens born in '10.


Amanda said...

Round bales are such a money saver! Moving to Kansas has been such a learning curve for us. We spent a fortune on good quality alfalfa in the small square bales in August to stock up for winter. Round bales are non-existent in Ca. so they were quite intimidating but after buying some just last week and shoving them off the trailer into the barn, buying two huge round bales of straw yesterday and shoving those off the trailer, there's nothin to it! :o). Between spring and summer pasture and the round bales in the winter, I can't wait to see the savings!!!

P.S. I enjoy reading about your goats.

Gail said...

What beautiful ladies! I can't wait for the babies...lots of pictures, please.

R Dean said...

Ethel's expression and your caption is priceless! Great pic!!!