Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Coming....

Cold weather again....
But we surely did enjoy the warm sunny days...
So did the animals..
Sunshine the poor thing is a little miserable.

But she approved of the clean barn with sweet smelling sawdust for bedding..
Her and Abby laid in it before I could get the next load in there!

Hope and April..
Soaking up more sun....
April the big goat standing is not even bred this year..
Hope her daughter is and while she hasn't begun making an udder yet
 she is getting big and heavy.
 She hums alot and when she goes to get up she groans..

Dollie looking scared and no where to run..
I sure hope she improves in this no handling thing..

Pixy after we had cleaned the barn thought it
 great fun to walk out on the little ledge there..
Because you know it taste better from there!Lol

Ethel out to Prove she still fits in the tub!!!

Sunshine and her girl Pixy.
 She is not even a year old yet and is already almost as tall as Sunshine.
She probably weighs close to what Sunshine does now.
I cant wait for her to have babies next year.

I know not a goat but Kara's little Holland Lop Buck, Hercules!
We are expecting babies he fathered around Feb 12th..
He will be visiting the other Holland lop doe Rebekah tomorrow.
 He is so easy to handle and cute!!

 I did goat fecals.. I know everyone is soo excited to hear the results of goat poo!!... Well you get to hear anyway.. I have been trying to stretch time between wormings to help them develop a natural resistance..
 The first of November was the last round in a  series of 3 doses of Wormer. Usually I just do 2 rounds but since the main parasite was barber pole worms I did 3 doses..
 So who had the problem this time around.. Well Sunshine is still dealing with Barber poles but she is the only one who had them.. She got a dose of Normectin and i have been giving her a Vitamin cocktail which has been consisting of 10cc of Olive oil, 1 tsp of molasses, 1/4tsp of Cayenne pepper,1/2 tsp of Brewers yeast and on Multivitamin that has extra Selenium,Copper and Iron in it. They are for people but seem to work well for her and Abby. I am going ot give Abby another dose of Copper..
The 4 wethers and Sasha showed high counts of lung-worm eggs. No one else had any Lung worm eggs at all. So they were started on a round of Cydectin Injectable 1cc per 100lbs for 2 doses 10-14 days apart. Then I will be giving them a tea in the next day or 2 to help their liver process this stuff. I have had an occasional cough but nothing I thought was serious more from dust.. But a fecal proved otherwise. Of course if the Wethers would Sleep in their hut instead of outside they may hold more heat and not have to work  so hard to stay warm and stress their bodies out!!
Pixy had Tapeworm eggs which she is under a year old still and they affect that age group the most. I started Pixy, Dollie and Kate on a Apple Cider Vinegar and Black Walnut drench.. I plan on trying to get it in them 4 days in a row..They Love it... I type this in a Very sarcastic tone! I have given this drench before and it kills the tapes but you have to follow through. Its not easy to give and stains Dark!!. Especially to goats like Dollie who is convinced we were trying to kill her..
 Next year I am going to look at making tinctures or at least buying some!
 The rest of the goats are in Great shape!! The other 3 pregnant girls (Hope, Mariah and Abby) had 0-3 parasite eggs! I was shocked and Happy!!!. Mose and Jack were the same.. Ethel came through the miscarriage with out needing to be wormed too. That is serious success in my book because stress is a major factor in parasite overload. April is not bred and had no parasite problems. She is doing good all except coming in to heat to often..
 So some of them will not be wormed this time a round and I will do fecals as they have babies to keep an eye on them or if not pregnant in about a month.. If they show signs then they will get a regimen of 2 doses of Cydectin injectible 10-14 days apart unless its barber pole then it will be 3 doses..
 Okay I do have some more DIYer recipes I will try to get them posted sometime this week!..
 Have a good week everyone!


Periwinkle Farm said...

Ethel looks so cute in that tub! We had a really nice day today i turned off the heat and opened up some windows in the house to let some frsh air come in. Hercules is soooo cute! Is that as big as he is going to get?

Carol said...

All of those critters sure keep you busy! Hoe you survive this wave of nasty weather we supposed to be getting. This one has me anxious.... it will be my first MAJOR storm alone. I think I"m as prepared as I can be so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Brenda said...

I'm sure your girls will be glad when their due date is here. Ethel is hilarious in the tub! She is a big goat. It's amazing that she can fit herself in there AND get herself back out.

Nancy said...

Love your new header!

My favorite photo today (so hard to choose!) -- Ethel in the tub. Precious! ;)

Kelle said...

I'm jotting this all down and know who my goat expert is*wink* Still looking and reading about dairy goats. We have Sanaans and Toggenburgs(sp?) right in our area. Nubians are a lit farther away, but plenty of access. I kow you are partial to nubians, but several people have told me they are criers/ loud is this true? Goats seem like a lot of work, with worming and mineral deficiencies, but I suppose it just becomes routine.

Thanks for sharing all of your, goat knowledge, homemade recipes and advice :o)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Love the photo of Ethel barely fitting in the tub...hope she didn't have any trouble getting out! We're supposed to have a huge snow storm heading into our area...and minus 9 degrees midweek. Take care!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to see your new kids this Spring! Those pics are adorable, especially the one with Ethel in the tub.
As for the "poo report" my daughter - the future veterinarian - found it fascinating. :)

Deanna said...

Does Ethel know she is a goat? LOL so cute. Hope you enjoyed the warmer temperatures this weekend like we did!

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Oh, I just love the picture of Ethel in the tub. She's probably wondering why that tub keeps shrinking. :)

Julze said...'s a goats life LOL! Can I come and live at your place! :-)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't post yesterday for some reason! Enjoyed the pictures.