Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back In The Herd....

Ethel is back out.
 I let her out yesterday with everyone.
Her and Abby started in. So I kept interfering.
They gave up and went for grain.
Now I know when I turn my back they will just start in again.
But Abby is pregnant and Ethel out weighs her by a good amount.
So I waited till after dark last night before I let her out. Then I shut the lights off in the barn.
They usually bed down with in minutes. They did and this morning everyone was behaving for the most part.
Abby and Mariah did raise their hair up a few times but Ethel basically ignored them.

My favorite kind of clip around here..
I use them to clip temporary pens together,
Buckets to the side of the barn for feed and water,and attaching hay racks.
I have used them for gate latches and I don't know what I would do with out them!

Kate standing, Hope Laying down and the back end of April.
 Hope is Obviously pregnant. Kate wont be bred till this next fall.
Usually April and Hope Hum when they are bred..
 Kate has hummed since she was born!

Sasha napping in the sun today..
 I hope I can figure out why she isn't settling when she goes to the vet.
 She is so ornery but a sweetheart!
We had a day of no alarm clock and no plans!! That happens Rarely!.. We enjoyed it very much.. I thought while I was posting goat pictures I would post the link to my blog entry on my goat kit.. I think I have one for kidding somewhere too.
 Well its short and sweet! I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow.. We have snow and winter weather headed our way.


Gail said...

I love the way the sunlight shines on goats' hair...beautiful.

the Goodwife said...

I love those types of clips as well. You can never have too many clips! Glad you had a nice day of rest and stay safe and warm with the weather coming in!

R Dean said...

Tonia, I'm trying to catch up on your posts from a "blog hiatus" so to speak...Why do you have to separate Ethel? Does she not get along with the others? How much does a baby goat (male and female) sell for? Just curious as we may eventually add some to our menagerie of critters...Thanks!

Nancy said...

It's obvious they all must have their own distinct personalities. Up to Momma to get things straightened out. :)

Carabiner clips -- like the mountaineers use, are so handy. We always have a few extra on hand.

Anonymous said...

We use those clips alot on our farm too! Our does always hummed when they were pregnant and they still do even when they're not bred at all like now since we're not breeding right now and even some of our bucks have hummed as well and one of our wethers I think does too.

Amy Westbeld

Queenacres said...

You must have the weather coming in that we have had all morning. About 4" of sleet and snow here!

Verde Farm said...

I love the beautiful goat pictures. The are so sweet. Can’t wait to see the babies. I love those latches too-they are great for so many things around the farm. Hope you all stay warm through the next bout of winter weather :)

Shanster said...

Glad she's back in... hope they all settle down and get the pecking order quckly!