Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Poor Ethel..... (Not for the easily turned stomach)....

She has miscarried her baby.. Tuesday morning when I looked out before chores  she had a wet tail and goopy strings of fluid.It was brownish in color Never a good sign.So a sweet goatie friend brought me what I needed. I also started giving her an herbal tea mixture of Shepherd's Purse, Red Raspberry, Black Cohosh, Cinnamon and Cayenne. Plus all the Vit C she will eat, B-complex(orally) and Biomycin(antibiotic). About 6 hours after giving Antibiotics I have given her Probiotics to help her rumen function through all this. I also have given her molasses water for energy. She will basically be a pin cushion for the next few days. After I pulled the kid I put in a solution of Saline and Biomycin Directly into the uterus. In searching for a solution for one of my others I came across this. It will be sloshed around as her uterus contracts and hopefully kill any other infection of bacteria that may grow. 
 Then we had to pull out the big guns.. Oxytocin and Lutalyse. Their bodies naturally produce Oxytocin when the baby is making its way into position or when they are nursing. It makes the udder contract. Lutalyse makes the Cervix open and expels whatever is in there. It can take up to 36 hours to work.  I absolutely HATE to give either one of these even though the body produces both.. But a circumstance like this calls for it. Ethel is very special to us..
 Some of the natural stuff works like these but it will help balance too. I combine both conventional and some natural alternatives.  Most of the natural things listed are for infections and female parts.
 Despite Ethel's size I think she was only carrying one. I could only feel placenta and nothing that felt like babies. I never got any bright red blood either and that's a good thing because that means no tearing in the uterus or cervix. However if she doesn't pass it tomorrow then I will be calling my vet that is an hour away.
 the baby hadn't been dead very long and wasn't decaying. I think this is what they would call a Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage with no real reason. The culprit is most likely Selenium deficiency. I will be giving her a second shot BoSe after about a week unless I can get some oral gel. And she is not getting so much poked into her.

I went to check on her for the last time tonight and this is what I found...
April is the Brown goat and Ethel the one facing the camera.
Its like April knew something was wrong.

This is our poor Ethel..
She is still chewing her cud and is warm enough.
 We have been sitting with her,petting and talking.
She will lean her head on us and fall asleep.
She was nibbling on hay when I left her earlier.
I will check on her again about 5am..
I am trying to be patient and let the meds do what they are suppose too..

NOT for the weak of stomach!!!!
 She would have been a pretty little baby.
You could see where she would have had spots.
But at 6-7 weeks early there was no chance.
Nothing wrong with her that you can see anyway...

 We will have to continue treatment on Ethel of some degree for at least 7-10 days. Its kind of a waiting game right now for her to finish passing the afterbirth. If she makes it through this without going into depression or some kind of stress she should heal up to breed next fall after a good long break and getting healed up...
 Now to figure out why Sasha wont settle and April keeps coming in heat every 7-14 days.. I have a few ideas but it will take Vet trip to confirm it..Ugh... April Does NOT travel well!! 
 I am off to bed to catch up on sleep.. I still have Half of the truffles made up and NO sugar cookies!! Maybe I will get Kyla and Kara going on that tomorrow while me and Candice take care of Ethel.. 
 Good night everyone.... 


Julze said...

oh..Tonia...I am so sorry about your loss :-(

Poor Ethel...she looks exhausted. Alice is so sweet to check on her. I love that pic of them both.

I am praying all goes well for Ethel and there's no complications (((hugs)))

Gail said...

Such a beautiful mama!

Sorry for the loss, but sadly, that is the farm life.

Hopefully, Mom will be up and about soon.

Happy Holidays.

Nancy said...

Sweet Ethel. I'm so sorry she lost her baby. Nature's way, I guess. She's so fortunate to have you to take care of her. I do hope she recuperates quickly.

Rural Rambler said...

Awww Tonia. So sorry. Know you will take good care of Ethel. She is very pretty, her markings are unique. She looks like she feels a little down and that she needed a little company from April. Maybe April and Ethel will get it all talked out and Ethel will perk up!

OurCrazyFarm said...

What a sad day. I am so sorry for your loss Tonia and hope Ethel will be okay. We lost 2 (goat) kids last spring~ one that was term but still born. It is so very, very sad. There must be something 'in the air' with these does this year because we have one doe that refuses to settle as well this year (she has delivered with no problems the last 2 years), and of course she is our only papered doe that was going to turn the farm around. LOL:)) Our old farmer neighber declared that she just likes the hanky panky~ time will tell! Keep us posted on dear Ethel.

the Goodwife said...

Sorry for your loss! Hopefully she will recover fully and the rest of your girls will be ok this kidding season!

goatgirl said...

I am so sorry Tonia. What a beautiful little doeling...and so perfectly formed. I have been exploring selenium/copper deficiencies in my herd. We have some that won't settle and some not coming into season. Also trouble with recovering from a respiratory bug picked up at a show last summer. I sent in blood work to have tested and I'm awaiting the report. The Dr. seems to think that is what is going on in my herd.
I hope all goes well today and Ethel is on her way to a full recovery.

Kelle said...

So sorry for the loss and we'll be praying for Ethel. The babe looked perfect, other than being early.

Thanks for sharing the info about what treatments you use and why. Since we've not had very good luck lately with dairy cows( cows in general*sigh*) I was thinking about a dairy goat. Talked to Mike about it and he said he won't drink the milk but if that is what I want go ahead.

I may be picking your brain soon about which breeds, what you NEED to know about goats, any suggestions for good books, etc....

Again sorry for the loss, and at such a bad time of year too :o(

Linda said...

That's amazing! But poor Ethel and poor Tonia!

Blondee said...

I am sorry for your loss. Thankfully for Ethel, she is in your capable hands. You are a good goat Momma. Sending well wishes for a healthy Ethel.

tree ocean said...

So sorry to hear about you loss! Wishing Ethel a speedy recovery

Nezzy said...

I'm sooo sorry, 'just some of the realities of farm livin'. Here's wishin' your sweet Ethel as speedy~complete recovery so she can be bred again.

I have to brag. May I. The truffles I made this year are the best ever. So good I have named 'em Orgasmic Truffles!!!

Ya'll have a blessed and Merry Christmas filled with the laughter of good friends, the warm love of family and fudge baby, heaps of rich delicious fudge!!! :o)

Teresa said...

I am so sorry Tonia about Ethel, Hope she recovers soon. I wouldn't even know what to do in that situation. I think I may have to do some research so I am prepared to handle a situation like this.
Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas!

Julze said...

How is Ethel doing today??

small farm girl said...

Oh Tonia, sorry about your loss.