Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Favorite Dairy Goat Breed

 If you see my pictures here you will know that Nubian goats are my favorite! I do have several Cross bred does but the majority are Nubian.. When I first started considering goats Nubians caught my attention right off. They can be all sorts of colors and they have long cute ears!
 Out of my does April, Hope, Sunshine,Pixy Kate and Dollie are all Full blooded Nubian's. Not all registered but I have family history that is from Registered Nubian's. Ethel is 3/4 Boer and1/4 Nubian, Abby is 3/4 Lamancha and 1/4 Nubian and Mariah is 1/2 Nubian and 1/2 Lamancha. She could be registered as an Experimental with ADGA. The only goat I have that doesn't have Nubian in her is Sasha. She is 3/4 Lamancha and 1/4 Alpine. I had one other goat that had Alpine in her and she found a new home! We had major personality differences. Thankfully Sasha doesn't seem to have that problem. She is sweet heart if a little ornery occasionally.
 The Nubians are a dual Purpose breed. They are for both meat and milk. We butchered a Nubian wether and a Boer buckling both right at a year old same food and everything. The Nubian wether gave us one more pound of meat than the Boer buck.
 Cross bred goats have what they call a Hybrid Vigor. They tend to be more resistant to parasites and diseases. I have found that to be true in a lot of mine. They can take after either side of the cross. A 3 way cross is best which is taking say a Nubian/Lamancha cross Doe and breeding her to a Purebred Saanen(Just for example). Which should make one heck of a milk goat if you did a 3 way cross with those breeds!
 I have seen the Nigerian Dwarf and they are absolutely adorable! I think they are great addition for family milk supply and very small hobby farms. They don't produce enough milk for our family. Even though I could have more goats that way!lol  Alot of people are crossing a Nigerian buck on full size dairy does of various breeds and getting minis of each breed. Cute little things!
 Pygmies are supposed to be a dual purpose dwarf goat. You can cross a Pygmy buck on a Nubian doe and get a Kinder goat.They are a smaller breed technically a cross breed since there is no registry for them.  I was wrong they do have a registry!! Kinder Goats Thank you Goodwife for bringing this to my attention!
 As to which breed is most friendly?? Well that's like asking whose kid is the cutest!Haha If I sit down in the goat pen they will eventually get so close that they are practically hanging over and sitting next to me and some may even be in my lap! That's not just the littles!
  If I am out in the pen Hope, Sunshine and Mariah make pest out of themselves.. They are either rubbing their heads up and down your leg, sticking their heads under your hand or stealing your tools! And Lord help you if you make any sound that sounds like plastic wrapping or grain rattling. Poor things are starving and will rush you for it! Sunshine adores Kyle!Lol If we have visitors and Sunshine is not sure of them she stays either behind me watching or on the other side of the pen. Then if she decides they are okay she will walk up... But if she decides she really likes them she will ease up next to them and start rubbing her head on them. The only one that is not friendly right now is Dollie but she had a rough start here and wasn't handled much before we got her.
This is Sunshine at the head of the herd.
Her indisputable place despite being a scrawny goat!
 She is full blooded Nubian. She is my baby.
She is also an excellent milker who hates to dry up.
She doesn't have great attachments but its not passed on to any of her doelings.

This is April,she is a registered Purebred Nubian.
She milks at almost 2 gallons a day at peak leveling out
to about 1-1 1/2 gallons once a day milking.
Is easy to handle goes just about anywhere I want her too.

Ethel-3/4 Boer and 1/4 Nubian
She raises Awesome babies! Unfortunately all but one have been bucks.
She is extremely easy to keep though.

Hope, April's Daughter
 Despite not having papers she is purebred Nubian.
She has won Grand Champion Locally 3 years in a row.
Milks really well and is an excellent momma.

Mariah, 1/2 Nubian/1/2 Lamancha
Registered on both sides. 
She was a  first freshener this year and milked so easy and gave plenty of milk.
We argue over who is going to milk her!Lol

Sasha is 3/4 Lamancha and1/4 Alpine.
She didn't settle last year so she hasn't had babies yet.
I am hoping she has settled now.
I cant wait to see what her babies look like.

Abby is 3/4 Lamancha and 1/4 Nubian.
She had a single buck this last spring.
She has dealt with a serious Copper deficiency and
hasn't grown like I thought she should have.
With having a single kid her udder kept trying to go lopsided.When it came time to wean him off i let her dry up. It dried up even looking so hopefully it will be twins this next year to keep it even.
She is also kind of hard to milk. The orifices seem to be small and its hard to get the milk out.
I am hoping that will easy up with having more than one kid on her.
She was an excellent momma though and I am giving her another chance.

Then there are the youngers... They are Full Blooded Nubians
Starting with Pixy(One of Sunshine's girls from this year) and Kate(Hope's Girl from this year)
Pixy is the light colored and Kate is darker. If they are still coming in heat at a year old (which is in March) I am going to go ahead and breed them otherwise I am going to wait till next August/September.

Then we have Dollie! She is a registered Purebred Nubian.
She is slowly making a place for herself here.
She actually is not running to hard or fast from us now.
She wont be bred till next fall.

Here are some links that show Breed standards. But it doesn't tell much about personalities. The only way to find that out is to visit the fairs, Local Goat shows or farms.Most good goat people would be Happy to talk your ear off about goats especially their own! As you can see from this post and all the others I have posted on my goats.Lol
 Click Here for American Dairy Goat Breed Standards

4H Dairy Goat Breed Descriptions

Dairy Goat Breed Fact Sheets From

I promise I am working on a post about chickens and some of the things I do for them.. I just get distracted by goats.......


Verde Farm said...

What a great post. Thank you for all this great information. Sounds like all the goats are sweet and you should start handling them when they are very young so they get used to it. I would love to have a baby goat in the spring. I just think we need a pair here at our farm. I am goign to check out your links now too. Thanks so much Tonia :)
Hugs, Amy

~Tonia said...

You definitely need a pair! A lone goat will most likely be a bored and Lonely goat that will get into all sorts of trouble. They are herd animals and like companionship. ;)

Brenda said...

Great post! Your girls look really good. I saw them on the hillside today on the way to BakersCreek. (Festival was 2:00 to 8:00 this time)

Kelle said...

As you know I'm not a goat owner but I am particial to the Nubians, as a friend of mine has them as well as Alpine and Boer. Her Nubians are much more friendly than the other two breeds.

Wonderful pictures, love the one of the mamas and babes in the lush green pasture :o)
Blessings for your week,

Shanster said...

Funny how certain breeds just strike a chord with you isn't it? I love my Lamanchas... and for whatever reason they are "my" kind of goat!

the Goodwife said...

Hi girl! Just thought I'd mention to you and your readers that there actually is a registry for Kinders. It is just not widely known. The website is

The KGBA is an actual registry, they just aren't recognized by the ADGA because they have Pygmy blood.

I enjoyed reading about all your goats and seeing pics!

~Tonia said...

Thank you Goodwife!! Now that you mention I do remember that they had a registry! I will go back and edit that!

small farm girl said...

Hi Tonia, someone was going to give me a Nubian yesterday. I wished I had a good enough barn to keep them in. I only have room for my two Nigerian Dwarfs right now. Maybe this spring I'll get something bigger for shelter. Then LOOK OUT!!!! hehehehe. I will get me some more!!!!! heheheheh

OurCrazyFarm said...

Nubians are my favorite too!! We have a young doe who is a Saanan/Nubian cross and was an excellent milker and first time momma this spring. Now I have baby fever:)) Can't wait for all those new kids with their long ears!! Great pictures! Your does are beautiful! Love the colors!

Potterwatch's Peeps said...

All your goats are beautiful but I have always been and will always be a LaMancha lover. There is just something about their teeny ears that makes them adorable to me.

Anonymous said...

I just started out in goats this past spring - I've never had goats of my own tho my husband raised them as a kid. I spent HOURS researching breed personalities, temperaments, etc. . . I just couldn't decide what to get. The Husband nearly demanded Alpines as that's what he raised, but the Nubians are just so darn cute and I love color in my world so their coats are mega-appealing. I wound up getting a 1/2 togg/nubian cross and her 3/4 nubian doeling and an oberhasli doe. Boy are they different! My ob is very well-mannered and will stand for anything (most of the time it's b/c she's paralyzed with fear!), but she's kind of stuck-up. I love my togg/nubian b/c she's just so personable (if loud). Her doeling has gorgeous markings too that change depending on the season! It's like having a new goat every few months! The doe also has the thickest cream I've ever seen - I made butter from her milk w/o having to use a separator b/c the cream rose to the top even faster than cow's milk. I'm debating getting a few more this coming spring and I think I'm leaning towards more nubians. . .

LynnS said...

I enjoyed all of your goat photos and have had fun reading some of your posts this morning. (Just found your blog!) I have some Nubians and love their personalities!