Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Little More On The Barber Pole And Goats.....

  Keeping goats really isn't as complicated as it sounds.. Parasites and fences are the main concerns. Some have very little problems with parasites and some will stay inside any fence.. If you are in a Dry and Hot area or Dry and Cold more than likely you wont have trouble with Parasites. I had a friend move to Missouri from Arizona  she said she had to learn how to keep goats all over again.. Missouri has definite season changes from hot and humid to cold and wet everything in between... Barber Pole worms LOVE the warm Humid weather..
 If they have more browse and less graze they will do better. Feed hay and grain up off the ground. Its better to pick feed pans up after eating I fail big time at that!! Browse/Graze with Tannin Sources in it will help a lot. Some things that have tannins in it are Blackberries, Sericea Lespedza, Black Walnut, and Persimmon are examples of tannin containing plants.. There are many more but goats also need other things to eat but a good selection of these types of plants help.. Its like anything else Moderation is the key! A not eon the Sericea Lespedza its illegal to plant in some places because it is an invasive. But they are finding it is good grazing! We have it here in our pasture if the goats didn't eat it all. There was a rather large patch of it that I would like to fence off for next year. If I can find Lespedza hay its a GREAT hay to feed!
 D.E or Diatomaceous Earth has been said to be a natural wormer.. I have used it However Its takes 5% of the goats feed in weight per day.. That's a lot they need to eat and I have only been able to get a small amount down.. But it does work for coating the floors and area around the water tubs to help keep flies and other pest down.. Also works for some Chicken pest problems. 
 Another thing that some people use is Basic H from Shaklee Products... I haven't used it enough to know.. Would like to try it more..
 I also have only tried one herbal wormer from a company. It was next to impossible to get it down my goats..It said to make dosage balls and give them once a week. Yeah only 3 goats would eat them and they wanted ALL of them! But over half of them wouldn't eat them... How ever I have found a new recipe and it can be made into a tea and set out for them to drink... I am going to try it once I gather all I need for it. I will let you all know how it works out.. If you want to read more about herbal Wormers I would suggest checking out either Molly's Herbals From FiasCoFarm Or Kat from Fir Meadows and Fir Meadows Lamancha and Toggenburg Goats.. I have learned from both websites.
 Now if you need a book, Pat Coleby's Natural Goat care is good but I have a hard time with trying to figure out similar things for here in the US since she is in Australia. That is where I got giving more Copper but I use the Oxide needles not copper sulfate. Copper Sulfate can be overdosed  and has to be given everyday where you can give the Oxide needles break down over time and only have to be given ever 4-6 months depending on the goat..
 I would like to get the Herbal Handbook for Farm and Stable by Juliette de Baïracli-Levy but haven't gotten one yet..  I am thinking it would have alot of info I would find interesting..
 I have included a few links to some sites I have used in researching the Barber Pole worm.. I agree with some of it but not all of it.. Most of them haven't been updated since 2005-06.. I couldn't find anything really relevent updated more recently.

Sweetlix/Barber Pole Info

Management Of Barber Pole In Goats

Alabama Cooperative Extension System-BarberPole Infestation in Goats

P.S. An update on Pizza and his broken leg are still doing good. I am getting ready to change the Splint again and check it out. He is spunky and hasnt lost any weight since that first day or 2. I do believe he is healing well.. He did try to run me over the other day to get to grain when I was trimming hooves...


Carla said...

I purchased a buck from Ohio, that originated from TN, he was sick when i got him, but managed to get 13 does and 1 buck from him,, thank God for that, but i could not get any weight on him, so i finally had to have the vet put him down and see what was up,, YEP,,barber pole worms. I did some research not too much as worms aren't too bad of a problem here, but what i found was that copper bolus works really well against the barber pole worm

Brenda said...

Sounds like Pizza is doing good. You've given some good info and some good links. I'm going to check them out. - Thanks!

Linda said...

The only thing I use any more is copper sulfate.

Nancy said...

Your goat are so fortunate that you care so much about their health.

Glad the Pizza is doing well. You are a good doctor, Tonia! :)

Verde Farm said...

Wow-so much to know. What a wonderful goat mommy you are. I would love to have goats --what variety do you think are the friendliest?

~Tonia said...

Verde Farm that is a Loaded question!LOL
Honestly I think most of the Dairy Goat breeds are friendly if treated well and handled often. Nubians are my absolute favorite. They are the ones I zeroed in on from the start. I like the variety in color, their dual purpose and I have had some excellent milk producers.
This may give me a blog post option in the next few days....