Monday, December 20, 2010

I Can NOT Leave Some Things Alone...

But First......
This is not what I had planned when I made the Suet blocks!
 I don't know if she is hunting or eating the block..
I have caught her and Hobo licking it....

Pizza(Mr.Broke) with out the splint!
 He is still favoring it but is mobile and doesn't seem to bother him.
He is using it and seems to have healed well.

This is what I cant leave alone...
Hay Racks!
 I had 2 hanging in the main goat barn..
But we were still filling them every other day.
Of course there is the never ending waste hay
that has to be cleaned out of the barn.

There is room for all of them at this one..
Its a full panel clipped to itself.
Despite the fact that they are all bunched up here..

Now so it wont get wet...
I will attach a piece of tarp to the panel on top.
It will hang over to give a little protection from rain.

It is attached to the T-post
 but easily movable so if the weather gets to bad
I can move it closer to the barn.
Also I don't think this works well for Horned goats..
Unless you cut a few bigger squares for them to get their horns through..
Of course they would probably stick their heads through the smaller squares just to be Obstinate
Noooo Not goats! 
I think this would work good for sheep too.
 Looks like I am going to have to go get the tarp on it today...
My goats have this thing for being outside in the cold this year..
They havent ever done this.
But they even slept outside the other night when it was in the 20's.
 No there is nothing wrong with the barn or anything.
 With the trouble with Barber poles parasites especially you don't want the goats to where they can get into their hay and use it for bedding and eating.
It contributes big time to parasite trouble and waste a LOT more hay!

The wethers water tub..
Its not as well insulated but being protected works okay.

Another "Hay Rack"
This is the wethers hay rack.
Its up against the back of the quonset hut and serves 2 purposes..
There is a piece of panel between the Hut and the Pallets.
The boys can stick their heads through and eat hay inside the hut.
 Or through the outside of the pallets.
The tarp can be tied down in case of bad weather.
This also blocks wind into their hut and gives them a snug shelter.
Which they rarely use! Its not very pretty but it works.
Moses and Jake have something similar for hay. 
Okay my break is over and I have cookies and truffles to make!!


goatmilker said...

We did the same thing for a hay rack. My goats are the same way sleep outside when it is so cold. Have a good night.

Brenda said...

Aren't welded wire panels the best thing to build things out of around the farm? I just love them!

My goats are bedded down outside tonight in the hay they've dropped around their hay feeder.

Deanna said...

I'm in for the cookies and milk!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I think kitty is protecting it from the birds! HEE HEE

Rural Rambler said...

That little stinker Kitty!

Truffles? Yum.

Nancy said...

Tonia, I did try the insulated water tubs here, but it's just too cold and they froze solid. Oh well, nothing ventured...

It appears you and goats play a little game every day with the hay... looks like you are winning for now. :)

And the kitty on the suet block is precious. He/she's just trying to see what all the fuss is about.

Have a great day!

tree ocean said...

Goats with horns are another story! Grr! The older ones wouldn't get their horns stuck, but they would use the horns to tear that apart! There is some hog paneling dividing the wether area at the farm and after feeding the big wethers get on either side and bash it!

I built a nice wooden free standing manger at the barn. X-ed two by fours at each end and strapping spaced lengthwise makes a "V" in the upper frame. a 2X6 on the bottom V for stabilizing. Wasn't my design, though!

Me, I hay in small piles on the cleanest ground...I think the bitter cold up here takes care of the barber. and I hay 2X a day so they clean it up not much waste.

But your goats are fatter than mine! LOL

Shanster said...

Hmmm - your goats are obstinate?! MY goats aren't! hahahahahaha

Amanda said...

curious what kinda hay you need.

~Tonia said...

I use a good grass mix from here locally.. I had Red Clover over the winter and Alfalfa this past spring.But they seem to appreciate the mix of grass and weeds best!

small farm girl said...

Good idea for a hay rack. I will probably end up trying something like that. My little goaties are wasting a lot of hay. But, of course, you understand