Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bbbbittterrrrr Coooooooold......

 But the worst of it held off till after the parade!!
One side of the float...
Kyla is holding on to Mariah...
 We had 11 kids on the float.

The other side..
 With Candice and Hope the goat...

From the back and that is Kara and Hobo walking behind.

They walked the whole thing!
Hobo thought it was all for her..
 She loved it!

And that BIL that came to our rescue with a new stove came to the rescue again!!
The 4H dad that was going to drive didn't have a working plug in the truck to run the lights..
So my BIL came and hooked it up and pulled it through the parade!
He was a hero again!! How sweet is that?

Little Ms Hobo Prancing her way through!

Hope and Candice trying to stay warm..
 Have you hugged your goat today?
 It is cold.. The temp dropped from 47 yesterday around noon to 27 by parade time at around 5pm with it going even farther to the teens with wind chills at -14!!! By noon today it was 18* with windchill of 1*...
 So its a little chilly... Dressing in layers and toting water!. We moved the kittens and momma cat into the Chicken house along with a carrier. They are sleeping in a nest box with some of the hens!?!?!HAHA...
 The parade went Very well!! We live in a  small town and we were one of 3 floats. We got First Place!! That means we won a prize for the 4H group! We didn't know till we got up to the announcers stand. The Kids and Parents alike were all thrilled! We had worked all day on it despite the dropping temps and Wind.. Oh gosh the wind was crazy and still is.. It hit late last night we got a dusting of snow and the wind has blown most of it away.. The wind is suppose to slow down tomorrow.. I sure hope so it is extremely cold.. This is like January weather!
 Whatever water tubs we have are froze almost solid!  We are toting buckets out to the goats and thawing out rabbit and chicken water bowl every morning. Ahhh The Joys of  Winter!! One good thing it kills the Barber Pole parasite and others some of the goats are having trouble with..
 So if you are in this cold, cold weather, be safe and stay warm!


Brenda said...

Congratulations on the winning float in the parade! I love the photo of Candice and Hope.

I shivered my way through chores this morning and evening too. I broke the ice on the water tubs for the goats this morning and tonight then checked them about 30 minutes later to be sure the goats had a chance to get a good drink ... They were frozen over again! I had to make a second round with the ice breaking job. I'm thinking about putting out the water heaters. I just don't know if the goats would leave them in the water tubs!

Nancy said...

Love the float pictures -- especially the one of the girls and of Hobo. How sweet.

Yep, must look on the bright side of everthing when you live in the sticks. It makes a huge difference. :)

tree ocean said...

Great pix, great BIL! I wonder what my goats would do if I put them on a moving trailer? LOL

All our snow is gone!!!We had torrential rain and wind last night, it's like 50F out right now...Stove is out and a window open! Yet last Friday it was -3F in the barn at 7:30 am!

Still waiting for my app. Dec 30th. I had a chance to go two weeks ago but had planned to take a friend to a colonoscopy, so I turned it down, and then the friend chickened out! So I could have gone then but still waiting...grrr.

Heidi... said...

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments!!


the Goodwife said...

We are cold cold cold here as well! 5* actual with wind chill of -8. You are right though, this will kill all the bugs and critters! Stay safe and warm!

Shanster said...

I love Hobo!

hillybilly annie said...

love the pics and congrats on the float