Friday, December 3, 2010

1 Little 2 Little 3 Little Goat hooves.....

All the way up to 64 goat hooves trimmed today..
That's 64 different hooves not goats!Lol
I do believe they tried to yank my arms out of their sockets..

Ethel Loves her mineral.....

So much she was falling asleep in it...

Pixy is eating pumpkin like there is no tomorrow...

Dollie and Hope here eating it...

Dollie loves it!

I popped this Pumpkin open and it looked like Spaghetti squash!
They liked it too..
 All of them have been eating the pumpkin like crazy! Its funny to watch them. The pumpkins have been freezing and they just chip away at it. The no longer act like they don't like them. When I break one open they come running. I am making some progress with Dollie She doesn't run like she was when I am dumping out feed or hay. She even came up to the stand and sniffed me while I was trimming April's hooves. And didn't jerk back when I put my hand out for her to sniff! This was even after I had wrestled her to give her a dose of copper and trim her hooves. 
 I had done fecals a few weeks ago..Testing  While the majority of the worm problem was Pin worms I did have a few Barber poles show up in the fecal.. I did a second fecal on certain ones and found more Barber Pole worms. So I was doing a series of 3 doses 10-14 days apart on them. I used Cydectin and Normectin(knock off Ivomec).  All the reading I have done on the Barber Pole worms said not to use the same wormer on everyone and to only worm the ones that really need it as the Barber Pole worms build up resistance quickly to worming meds. They also cause severe anemia. 
 Barber Poles can be one of the hardest parasites to get rid of. My worming meds are limited because of the ones that are pregnant.. So I have been looking at natural things to feed that will help with the effects of Barber Poles and help repel them..  One of them is Aloe.. So I have been adding Aloe juice to their water.   The Pumpkin seeds are good and the whole pumpkin really but the seeds especially. Copper oxide needles(Copasure) was also recommended. Of course they already get a bolus of it every 4-5 months but I thought I would give a little more since they are having trouble with it. So they all got another half dose yesterday..
Also with it being cold I am going to start buckets of warm tea... Made with Molasses, Dandelion and Apple Cider Vinegar. This will help with anemia which can get dangerous quickly if not taken care of. I will set out 3-5 gallon buckets in the main pen each night and 1 in each of the boys pen. I am going to do this for at least a week then do a 3rd round of fecals.
 Its also suppose to get really cold this next week... 30's for the highs and 15-20's for the lows... can you say YUCK???? I am not looking forward to it.
 My goats have cut way back on grain. They are eating about half of what they usually eat and eating more hay. Which more hay will help them keep warm. Grain is just a supplement. No one is milking and only 6 possibly 7 are pregnant. I am going to add a 16% dairy ration to their grain because it has a little molasses in it too. Their regular 14% pellets doesn't have molasses and nothing sticks to it. I am going to sprinkle some mineral over their grain for a little bit to up their intake of it. The molasses will help ward off ketosis. Towards the end of their pregnancy I will give a very small amount of corn. This is especially for my older ones. They need the extra energy and sugars so they don't go into ketosis.
 I will have a similar post on Chickens and the things I have been feeding them to deal with some issues we had when we left that farm we managed over a year and half ago.  I am seeing good results with them...
 I hope everyone has a good weekend.. We are decorating for Christmas this weekend!YEAH!


matty said...

We have finally gotten the Barber Pole worms under control. I did an alternating worming every three months using either Valbazen or Cydectin. I use Lespedza hay, which is a natural de-wormer, and try to keep their pastures alternated. I am not quite as well done on the pastures as I'd like, but it does help.

I have to trim hooves this week and I dread it. I have let them go too long and it is going to be a battle with the younger does. Sigh.

The tea idea is very cool. Usually my does only get that when they kid. But, perhaps it would be a good idea to do it now!

Stay warm!

Julze said...

How interesting to read about goats loving pumpkin! I'm assuming it's raw?

Hope you having a happy day,
Julia (in New Zealand)

Red Gate said...

I am curious if you have ever used Diatomaceous earth as a dewormer? It is what I want to experiment with when we get our critters, and I am going to put my rabbits on it next month. I have read very mixed, but mostly good reviews for it. It is seems so versatile, I would love to talk to someone who actually has experience with it.

Nancy said...

Wow -- I had no idea there was so much involved in raising goats. I think you must have been a vet in a former life! I'm thinking goats might be too much for me next spring and I'll just enjoy yours. (We'll see...)

Stay warm!

Feral Female said...

Ugh, we just lost a goat to barber-pole infestation. It is a battle we wage year after year and never seem to get ahead of.

Nice hoof trimming!

Shanster said...

We have a pumpkin we used for a centerpiece on Thanksgiving. Guess what I'm gonna do with it now... yup. Goaties are gettin' some gourd.