Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well Just Break A Leg....

Our wether, Pizza broke his leg last night.
Today was also the 2nd worming for half the herd.
He was part of it.. Poor Thing..
These are the splints,tape and ace bandage.
Plus Comfrey tea for him.

I wrapped the ace bandage loosely around his leg and hoof
Covering were the splints will go..
 You can see the bend in his pastern at right above the hoof.
It took 2 girls to hold him when he decided he didn't like what we were doing.
I could feel it move back and forth so its a pretty bad break.

This is right before I straightened it.
 I had most of the splint taped in place before I straightened.

He seemed to be relieved after we got it in place
and there was no more pressure when he set his foot down.
 I also gave him Bach Rescue Remedy
 He also had to be wormed to follow up with a dose 14 days ago. But he has been up and down and moving. I have seen him eating hay and drinking. He also ate his night time grain.  If we can avoid infection or any other mishaps I think he will be okay. He is destined for the freezer but I want him going there healthy!
 I will also be giving him regular doses of Vit C to help with swelling and healing. I usually do a Comfrey Poultice but with it being so cold at night I didn't want it to freeze to his leg...

Then we dug the kittens out of the attic last Wednesday.
They had serious eye infections and I used Penicillin on their eyes..
A drop in each and it cleared up almost completely by the next day.
I continued with Neosporin for a few days. The Orange kitten is a boy and named Pineapple.
The white and gray climbing the side is a girl and has no name yet... 
The little black and white one is a boy and we named him Bartimaeus!
They are a little over 3 weeks old and momma adapted to the new place and didn't try to move them..

Life is NEVER Boring on a farm no matter how big or small!


Brenda said...

You're right ... never boring! You really did a great job with that splint.

goatmilker said...

You got that right life is never dull on a farm. We had to splint our calfs leg because of the way it was positioned in the mom. It took two of us to hold her. We just found out we have four baby kittens out in our barn. We have been here 15 years and never no cats. They appear to be doing good. Hope the goats leg does o.k. Have a good night. Rebekah

Blossom said...

Poor thing! Good thing you are such a good doctor.
And such cute kitties! my kids keep suggesting that we need another kitty :)

The Preacher's Wife said...

Poor Pizza. Looks like you did an awesome job fixin' him up. It's always something living on a farm.

tree ocean said...

You are a miracle worker! I love how the splint extends down (or maybe it doesn't after you straightened it?)Anyhow great job on it!and great pix during the crisis! Maybe the frozen comfrey would act as an ice pack? or it might affect the circulation? I bet his body heat would keep it from freezing.

We had to put a young baby buck down Friday at the farm and although I was all for putting him down, it was a horror show and I ran down the hill screaming and crying and still have the image in my head. Maybe you could let me know how you do it for future reference. um don't want to go into me?

Thanks for the kinds words re thyroid.

Faye Henry said...

Wow you are a smart girl to fix that leg that way.. I should say farmer
I love kettens.. so sweet.. And the posting on your hair was so informative... Thanks..

~Tonia said...

Thanks All!
Yep Tree it does keep his hoof up off the ground so he dont put any pressure on it.
He was so cold this morning from stress that I hated to put something wet on him. Our temps are dropping quite a bit each night right now. Ithought this way the splint will keep fairly clean and last longer and I can just feed comfrey to him..

Nancy said...

Good job, Dr.! I'm so sorry that happened. I hope Pizza mends soon. :)

TJ said...

What a great name for a boy, Pizza!

Sorry about the break. I love how farmers can vet their own animals! Being able to do things on our own gives us a quiet sense of security and self-confidence.

A peaceful feeling to have in this world of today!

small farm girl said...

I'm so glad that I follow your blog! Now if one of my goats ever have a problem, I know where to turn. lol