Saturday, November 20, 2010

An UGH!! But First......

Isn't Bart(short for Bartimaeus) cute??
He likes Tink.. Tink is tolerating him...
 They are laid out in front of the wood stove..

Belle... She is watching the kittens..
Didn't appreciate Bart taking her spot next to Tink!

The 3 youngers-Kate, Pixy & Dollie
Ethel supervising....
Really waiting for a chance to be grumpy.
If Ethel has a girl this year we will keep her.
 She hasn't buddied up to anyone since Dottie died.

Pizza and his splint..
I had to redo it yesterday as he had walked it down.
The swelling has went way down and very little heat in it.
He felt good enough to headbutt the other boys while playing.
Looks like so far so good...

Looks like deer have been through here...
Nope just goats!lol
 Spaghetti smells like cedar when he gets in your face!

We ran the electric fence all the way around the barn..
There was a panel where April is looking down the side
acting as a gate..
 They haven't quite gotten the nerve to cross that line
to go see what is back there..
A couple "sneak" back and as soon as we catch them
they run back!Lol
Its more or less to keep a stray dog we have from sniffing around the barn.
 We have had a lazy day today... Kyle and Kara went hunting but didn't get anything.. Trying again in the morning..
Now for my ugh...... My cook stove is trying to quit! I have known it needed replace but was trying to make do till after Thanksgiving and Christmas!... Apparently it has other ideas.. I had one burner not working.. Okay I can deal with that.. thheennn this last week my second big burner started acting up..
Now the broiler wont shut off! Kyle is waiting for it to cool off to look at it.. I have emailed some people on Craigslist about some for sale.. But funds are limited this week so we will see... So if you all don't mind say a prayer OR 2 to help us figure out something.. I have a lot of cooking to do...
 Check out the post on the giveaway if you haven't already.... GIVEAWAY CLICK HERE
 Have a good night all!


the Goodwife said...

So sorry to hear bout your stove trouble! This is not a good time of year for it! I just said a prayer for you, and hopefully God will solve your problem!

Carol said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your stove will take a minor adjustment and make it thru the holidays. It's never a good time to have to buy a major appliance but the Holidays always make it a worse time.

matty said...

Crossing my fingers for the stove! It is remarkable how well the buck has healed! You are amazing! The kitties are darling and I am glad I am not closer. I'd have to have at least one!

Brenda said...

Great photos! I sure hope your stove behaves its self!

Nancy said...

Oh, no! So sorry about the stove. Might be a good idea to have a Plan B in place in case it quits on you?

S'mores and weinies over an open fire might be a fun alternative Thanksgiving feast. What do you think? :)

OurCrazyFarm said...

What a cute pic of Belle! Sleeping with one eye open:))

Aaahh yes, the poor loner goat~ we have one of those too who lost her baby this spring and has never had a buddy. We're hoping for a doe from her to keep, too (a pretty spotted one with really long ears and an amazing udder would be just fine:))

God must have good plans with that stove! Sometimes it's our heart He's more worried about rather than just replacing a stove:)) I speak from experience~ several appliances in the past few years at the most unfortunate times. The smore idea would be fun! A new tradition?? Turkey on a stick over an open fire maybe? We'll all be watching to see what He does:))

goatmilker said...

So soory to hear about your stove. I totally understand stove troubles. Luckily I have a good one now. Love the pictures all the animals are so cute. Have a good night.

Kelle said...

Praying for your stove situation. Praying funds will not be an issue for you and that what you need will show up for a price you can afford.

Our refrigerator is acting up and freezing stuff in the back, the frustrating thing is the thing is only 10 yrs old! They just don't make them like the used to.

Great pictures, as always so expressive.

Blessing and holding you and the stove up in prayer,

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about the stove! It seems like it is always something breaking sometimes. Love the tarp shelter, my goats tear them up though. Wish they were better behaved!