Saturday, November 6, 2010

Solid As A Rock....

This is the Rock we live on!
Okay I Know its not like the Rockies or anything..
 but here in the Ozarks looks can be deceiving!
Until you dig a little deeper...(hmmm that can mean so many things)
They are putting in new water lines here locally..
This is on the side of our hill...
All that gravel came out of the Huge Ditch they are digging.

Massive piles of gravel
 at least as tall as me(okay thats not saying much) 
if I am standing next to them.
and see the little ledge of dirt??
 That is how deep it is around our house at the very most.
When you try to dig  you may get about 7-8 inches down
 if you hit a good spot!

That is the most dirt we have that has a liberal sprinkling of Rocks in it.
 Sorry the pic is a little blurry.
 I need to just stop and get a pic instead
 of driving by slow and trying to get one.
 Its a wonder we can get a fence post in at all!

 Here I am down in the main pasture looking uphill..
We have a bit of an incline here!lol
You would think we would not
 have much of anything growing here.. But we do really!
 Things that goats LOVE!
Weeds, small trees and other leafy stuff..
 They got down to the grass and hollered at me..
Then finally ate it..

My Buffer Zone.. 
We left about 5-8 ft section on
the outside perimeter of the main pasture.
 We still have a little bit of grass and other edible things.
But I have started feeding hay on a regular basis
just to make sure they are getting enough.

Where they have cleared under and around the little cedar trees..
We will eventually take out the little ones and wrap the big ones in wire
 to keep them from killing the big trees.
 I am hoping to get some rotational grazing in next year. Now that I finally got all the perimeter fence in . I buy things a little at a time to avoid having to come up with a big chunk of $$ at once.. My list now consist of step in post. I should have most of the wire. Between the 2 pastures I should have plenty of pasture once I get this up and running. 
 I am also waiting on the soil test.. To see what deficiencies I have.. Now I will not be liming or fertilizing.. But rather I will adjust the goats mineral to what is needed and look at planting what will help... They are testing for Iron, Sulphur and Copper among other things.. The Rotational/Intensive grazing will make a world of difference too. As it will add a higher concentration of organic material to the hillside here.. Oooo I may have to get a few more goats!!!LOL... Just kidding.. I may just have to keep more kids.. Build a bigger barn... Nooo No more goats...
 If you want more info on Sustainable grazing this blog has good info Holistic Systems For Stockmen.. The Rockin H Ranch is about 20 miles from us and they have a good thing going over there.  Much larger operation than I ever thought about being..
 Have a good night everyone!


tree ocean said...

Isn't it amazing how goats clean things up? I can't believe the diff between your buffer and the pasture! And only that much topsoil, how do trees grow in that? It looks very limey ! I bet there are a ton of fossils!

My consolation for all the hay and grain I buy is the mounds of black gold that comes out of it!

Nancy said...

I was going to ask how you manage to keep any trees... but you answered my question.

You are not kidding -- it must be quite a job getting just one fence post in with all of that rock underground. I guess everyone has their issues with the ground they live on. I'll count my blessings that we don't have to contend with your gravel! :)

matty said...

The one thing I have yet to finish is the third and fourth pastures for the gals and dudes. We are feeding lespideza hay which helps with the parasites. As you, we just need more time and money! LOL

Carla said...

My husband always wanted to move to MO, beautiful state, and we did a detour once though the Ozarks, breathtaking .. you are very blessed.. what is the rent like down there. is renting a farm something that mght be possible

Feral Female said...

Goats are great cleaner-uppers that`s for sure!

Brenda said...

I wondered what was going on when I saw that BIG hole in the rocks beside the road as I came through there this evening. I'll bet they're have lots of fun laying that new water line!

Your goats have done a really nice job cleaning up that hillside.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia, I know. We have us some rock to contend with. I can't tell if it is a good thing or a bad thing :)