Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ribbon Hair Sticks By Linda

We have a lot of hair in this household!
These are my 3 girls and their hair.
I called this picture Cousin IT
 Their hair is similar in a lot of ways but
there are definite differences...
 We all 4 have fine slippery hair.
 Hard to find anything to hold it
 for a decent amount of time besides hair bands.

This is the kid on the Left.
Her hair is long but very fine with a wave to it.
 It took a little bit to get the stick in but once in it held well.
Middle kid in the picture.
Very long straight and Thick hair.
Its twisted tight here and still makes a bun like that.
 But once I figured out
 how to work the Ribbon stick in, it stayed Fairly well..
I think she may need 2 sticks to hold good.

 Kid on the right. Her hair is slightly thick and fine.
It curls some and has more body.
I think a shorter stick would have worked better.
 But it did hold good and much more comfortable than bobby pins. 

 My hair is a lot like my girls hair but has a little more "color" to it if you know what I mean??Lol The white hair coming in is coarser and gives my hair more body. Which is a good thing!lol After years of fine slippery hair I have learned how to fix it. The ribbon stick works well in my hair once I figured it out how to twist it in and catch Scalp hair and Bun hair. I can do a high or low bun/twist. But like anything else some days it don't work. My hair wont hold a thing.
 So where did the Ribbon Stick come from???  Linda over at Lindercroft She has some beautiful Ribbon Sticks. She sells them in her etsy shop. Her blog entry showed a beautiful Ebony Ribbon Stick she was working on.. They are absolutely beautiful! She also has other Hair Sticks she has made!!I am considering her Toothpick Hair sticks as they look like they may hold my hair well...
   So go have a look see! They would make a perfect Christmas Present for that person who likes unusual pretty hair things or handcrafted items.


Linda said...

Wow! Thank you for that review Tonia! Yes, it looks like they all could have used a shorter stick.

P.S. Your girls have beautiful hair!

Brenda said...

Very pretty! It looks like you have mastered the art of using Linda's hand crafted hair sticks.

the Goodwife said...

I love my hair long but seldom ever wear it down. I use the octopus clips which actually work but don't like to take the time for bobby pins. I have no patience for "fixing" my hair, which is another reason I do the ponytail hat thing A LOT!

Your girls have lovely hair, so shiny and silky looking!

the Goodwife said...

Also, not to sound like a total idiot, but could you explain what exactly you did with the hair prior to weaving the stick in?

~Tonia said...

Basically I twisted it into a bun most of the time. Then with my hair I twist it till get a loop at the tops and work the stick in that way. Its kind of hard to explain though. Linda has good instructions with it, takes a little practice though.

Nancy said...

Oh my, what beautiful hair! Don't ever let them cut or color it, please! The hair sticks are so cute -- I'll have to go check out Linda's shop. I always wear my hair in a long braid -- that's all I can really do with it. :)

tberry29 said...

Such beautiful hair. I love long hair and I keep mine long...but its like it gets to a certain point(bottom of bra in the back) and dont wanna grow anymore..thats usually when I get my ends trimmed. I get split ends somethin fierce. The flat ironed dont seem to help What do ya'll do for keeping the damage on the ends? Their hair looks very healthy...Wish I could get mine that long.

Blossom said...

WOW that is a lot of hair! I'm trying to let mine grow out but had colored it so much (bleached) that I am tempted to chop it all off. It's just to the point where if I did cut the dyed hair, it would be to my shoulders. A long way to go.
I also have extremely fine hair- but mine is very thin also. It's been fun to try to get the ribbon sticks to stay in my hair...I'm still working on it.
nicely done review of these :)

Faye Henry said...

Hi.. just came across your blog and must say that your girls are sweet.. Such beautiful hair. Our daughter and I too have long hair. She does her much nicer than I so I will give her the link...
Thanks for sharing...

Carla said...

I like the long hair BEAUTIFUL !! my hair too is long i cut about 8 inches off the other day so more mid back now, mine is always in a braid

The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks, Tonia, for the suggestion on my blog about the mouse trap. I'll have to try it. Hope you don't mind. I referred to your blog on my last post. I love these hairsticks..mine is long too and very hard to find something to hold it. I'll have to check them out.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving the helpful comment on my post about the mouse trap. I'll have to try it. Hope you don't mind, I referred to your blog on my post.
Love these hair sticks. I have long hair too and need to check these out!