Friday, November 12, 2010


It was so big and close I couldn't get it in one picture!
Looked like it was on the next hill over but I know it wasn't.
This is from my Front Porch about 7am this morning.

I know it wasn't on the next hill because Kyle called at 6:57am
for us to look outside and see the big double rainbow.
 He was getting ready to go to work about 50 miles away..
       It lasted for at least 30 minutes or more.
 While we were doing chores it got brighter and
        the full double showed up just not as bright...  
                   Rainbows show God Always keeps his promises!!             

 The sky was actually that goldish color too. I thought yeah we are in for some rain.... Nope just a sprinkle or two... 35 miles north they got rain and a decent amount.. I hope we get some decent rain tonight. Its trying but keeps fizzling out before it gets here...
 I want to say Thank you everyone for the compliments on my girls hair. Their hair hasn't ever been cut and they are blessed with a color between blond and brown that gets pretty blond streaks in the summer.
 Tomorrow morning is Opening day for Rifle Deer Season here in Missouri. Good luck to all you hunters BUT especially to my husband Kyle! I hope you get a couple 2-3 deer tomorrow. A buck to brag about and a doe or two for good eating!..... Oooh I better buy freezer bags!
 Have a good weekend Everyone!


Linda said...

Oh WOW! That looks almost like my picture I took a couple weeks ago... very nice!

Brenda said...

Very pretty. I'm sure it made morning chores a pleasure with a sky that beautiful.

Be safe during hunting season!

matty said...

What lovely hair (from the last post) and lovely rainbow! Finding and seeing one as you have is a gift, isn't it??

Enjoy this weekend. We don't like hunting season here just because many of the hunters from below the mountain come up, drive around drinking, and shoot from the road at ANYTHING that moves. Grrrrr... I always worry about the bucks and does and they are right here at the house!

Be safe and happy hunting!

Nancy said...

Already have my freezer bags at the ready! Good luck to Kyle -- hope he bags a big one! :)

PS - Love the double rainbow pic. I took one about a month ago. And yes, it was hard to get it all in one frame! :)

Anke said...

The rainbow is beautiful!

Shanda said...

Wow, now that is a rainbow. Sooo beautiful.

here's hoping for good renters Tonia, The last owners of the house bought it with little money down and then went in and just jacked everything up, didn't start anything right nor diod they finish a single thing they started and then the worst part was....they never made a single payment to the old man they bought it from.. So terible. I was made a deal I couldn't refuse on it. It came at such a busy time in my life, but when oppertunity knocks, you have to answer. Hopefully these folks will take good care of it and pay on time.

tree ocean said...

I tried not to cut Willow's hair. Now she keeps wanting me to chop it off and I'll take 4 inches and say...good enough, lol.

BEAUTIFUL rainbow!

Good luck to Kyle! Would be nice to have a full freezer with winter coming on!

tberry29 said...

What a beautiful thing to wake up too. Rainbows, I love em!