Monday, November 22, 2010

Planting Garlic, More Kittens and Silly Goat!

Nap-time on a perch??

Or maybe she was faking??Lol
These babies are getting Fat!

The Silly Goat Mariah!
I had wrapped this panel around the last little bit of the Hay bale.
She squeezed under the wire and made a bed!

Looks Comfy don't she??
Nothing like sleeping IN your breakfast!

On to the Garlic!!
My friend Brenda gave me 2 bags of garlic to plant.
One of Elephant and another of a smaller variety.

I planted it where I had planted tomatoes & squash this past spring.
It has a lot of stuff there from the goat barn. 
It was actually soft enough to dig in. 

I planted around the edge of the rectangle here..
I am leaving the middle for something else.

Then we mulched it really well.
It will get more in a few weeks when we clean out the barn again.

I will continue to add goat barn stuff but I want to lay more brown bags
 down the center to keep weeds from over taking..
 I am excited this is the first time I have gotten to actually plant garlic! So we will see how it goes.. Tomorrow I start cooking for Thanksgiving. I get to use my Neeeeeew Stove!lol I am still excited and think its just as pretty as it was last night!Lol
 We have finally gotten a decent amount of rain too! Yeah! It was quite the storm! Tornado warning to the south of us about 10 miles and we are under a tornado watch till Midnight.. High winds and torrential downpour..  Now all my mulching is wet and wont blow away!
 I hope everyone has a good night!


Linda said...

I'll be watching to see how your garlic turns out!

Brenda said...

Looks like you did a great job of getting the garlic in the ground and bedded down for winter!

I think Mariah is a very smart goat. She knows how to stand up tall and get the best leaves from the trees and how to squeeze into the hay ring to get the best hay without having to leave her comfy bed!

Julze said...

awww...what a cute kitty! Lol at it her bed 'n breakfast hehe!

You are planting your garlic out and we are going to be harvesting ours soon :-)

from Julia,
New Zealand

tree ocean said...

Willow and I love that little kitten! LOL at Maria. Saturday at the farm Boss made me spread out a bale and a half in the pasture cos she thought the goats needed it..later I looked out and there was a goat lying down on each little pile, lol. I think that is how they claim it..since everyone wants to jump on each pile as it goes down..

I can never remember in the spring that I planted fall garlic...!

small farm girl said...

I've always wanted to plant garlic, but just..well...I just have never planted it. I guess I'll just have to break down and plant it. lol

Nancy said...

I planted large garlic in an old canner pot last spring and it did great! I want to do some more next spring -- missed my opportunity this fall.

I love your kitties -- I'm not sure if any of my outdoor cats are pregnant, but it's just a matter of time before we have more.

Your goat looks so comfy in her makeshift bed. How smart she is!

Have a great day!

Anke said...

I just planted my garlic a few days ago. Last year was the first time I had planted some and was pretty happy with the results.
Have fun with your new stove and have a happy Thanksgiving!

the Goodwife said...

Good luck with your garlic. The Hubby's grandparents used to plant TONS of garlic. I can't eat it cuz it comes out in my skin and makes me smelly........LOL!

We got a nice soaking last night too, but it was a gentle soaking in rain.

Thanksgiving is my fav holiday and I'm cooking for 17-18 this year. I'm exctied! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Amy said...

That kitty is so cute.

It is raining here now. It is 72 and we are expecting 82 today. Can't get use to the south Texas weather. But after watching the snow storms on the Weather Channel, I don't miss that! Ha Ha

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Faye Henry said...

Hi Tonia..
We had snow this past weekend but now it is raining outside. That's Canada:)
Love garlic and wished we had planted some. Also, your stove looks great.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...

Nezzy said...

I'll most definitely stay tuned. I've wanted to grow garlic for some time. Heaven know I use a ton of it!!!

Ya'll have a most wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving filled with family, laughter and food baby, loads of food!!!

I've gotta get crackin' 35-37 gonna show up at my table tomorrow............

Adirondackcountrygal said...

This was my first year planting garlic, I am looking forward to the results. I only planted 22 cloves.