Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ms. Dollie & Goat pen back to some sort of Normal....

Dollie is a little Louder than my other goats!

Yep in both pictures she is Hollering..

Sasha and Dollie running back up the hill.

Her "Deer in the Headlights" look!
 She is still skittish of us. 
  Dollie has settled in of sorts. Since Lucian went home we tore out the panel dividing the buck pen. So Moses and Jack are back to plenty of room. April, Dollie, Kate and Pixie are back out in the main herd.... Talk about mass chaos! April was in full heat and so was Sasha(even though I was hoping she was bred). Sasha came into a full heat the day Lucian was leaving but she wouldn't let him breed her. I realized she hadn't ever let Lucian breed her the whole time he was here. But when she came in heat she would go hang out by Moses pen and "talk" to him... So I thought what the heck.. I stuck her in with Moses.. She let him do his business and didn't want to leave him!Lol She didn't ever really want anything at all to do with Lucian!! No I hope she doesn't come Back in heat then I may have a problem with her. But we will worry about that later if we have too!
 Back to Dollie... When I let the 4 does back out with everyone else they commenced to beating the snot out of each other.. You know there was no longer a fence between them and some of them had been best buds before But not any longer...At least not right now! April was out to prove her dominance! Which shocked me as she is usually easy going and laid back..  So Dollie got hurt in the process and if you enlarge the pics you can see blood on one of her legs. Its not serious and she wasn't limping or anything... Unfortunately they will keep at it till someone Maahs "Uncle"! Dollie was just getting caught in the crossfire most of the time. Her and Pixie made friends so that's a good thing.
 I finally got done situating everything back to the way it needs to be and just went inside to give them time to settle things. I looked out less than an hour later and there were little groups of 2-3 goats laid out in the sun.. So they have now worked things out and it was so quiet in the barnyard this morning.  Its been really chilly so they are sleeping in the barn again. When we go out they sometimes aren't up yet! Lazy Goats!lol
 That's it tonight! I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!


Gail said...

It is a relief when they work through their pecking order.

Kelle said...

Funny how all animals have a pecking order.
Glad to see Dolly is happy again, even if she had a bit of a battle and an injury, she still looks happy.

Thanks for the update, we enjoy reading about your goats. I'd love to have a couple dairy goats but Mike won't speak of it :o(

Blessings for your weekend,

Nancy said...

Those goats must keep you very busy! But they are sooooo cute.

Hope you are having a nice Friday and your weekend is awesome! :)

Feral Female said...

Glad to hear Dollie`s injury wasn`t too bad. They can get to rearin` at times!

tree ocean said...

wow hasn't Sasha gotten big! Dollie looks like she has a nice topline! That is too funny about the Moses love affair. I have seen does refuse the buck, too! Good thing you had Moses as a back up!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear that the dominance battle is over and everyone is back to normal.

Sasha is too funny with her selective breeding! One of my young Nubian does had her head through the fence romancing with the young LaMancha buck when she was in heat last week. She did let my young Nubian buck breed her, but she clearly was in love with the LaMancha buck!

small farm girl said...

No matter what we do, sometimes we just have to let animals be animals. lol