Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its A Hairy Situation!

After I posted about Linda's Ribbon Hairsticks here. I had a few questions asked of me about our hair and how we take care of it. We have a little bit of hair around here.. About 12 feet in all between the 4 of us give or take a few inches!Lol
  One of the question I get asked most is how do I keep from getting split ends?....Well there are several tricks to this.. 
 1. I don't trim at all. Nothing.Nada, not a 1/4 inch not 2-3 inches. Nothing.
I do have personal beliefs for this part that are between me and God and can be found in the Bible.
 But trimming is a big myth cure for no split ends. It can actually cause more as you trim up to a weaker part of the hair strand. But this is not a common fact for obvious reasons as its big money business...Hair that is!
 Many people argue with me but I have very easily damaged hair that hasn't had a split end in 10 years since my last perm(that's something I will get to also). Patience is a Definite virtue when it comes to hair!
 2. I rarely use hairspray. Maybe once a week. It was hard to get to that point!Hey I was a teenager in the 80"s ! We had  Monstrously Big hair or was it just a monstrosity?!! lol
 3. I rarely use Curling irons, Flat irons or hairdryers. Its drys out your hair with the heat and is really tough.. Now I am not saying Never please note that!! Just very limited use. This may be different if I worked outside the home and had to get dressed for work everyday.
 4. I would like a more natural shampoo and conditioner but haven't found anything yet that wasn't to heavy for my hair. So till then Herbal Essences is the fave around here but we do switch it out occasionally. I stick with cheaper brands I have spent up $50 at a time on shampoo and conditioner(long long time ago in a galaxy far far away!). It was a Very SERIOUS waste of Money and I wont do that ever again! 
 5. I use Apple cider Vinegar as a rinse about once a month. 1-2 cups of ACV in a quart of warm water. Then I try to do a warm olive oil treatment about once a month in the winter not as much in the summer. Then if I am at home I will use Jojoba oil on the ends and wrap it up in my hair. I have shown how I do the wrapping up below with Hopefully fairly understandable instructions.. This is the way I wear my hair at home working around the farm and house.
 6. I don't perm or color my hair.. Now a LOT of people do.. That's fine if they want too. But I would look like a fried hair freak if I did either on a regular basis(Been There & Done That). A little Sun-In as a teenager since my hair naturally tends to get blond streaks people didnt even notice when I stopped. Several bad home perms especially as a teenager.. 9th grade perm memories make me shudder!  
 About 10 years ago I decided to break an 8 year streak of nothing chemical done to my hair and I got a perm. The hair dresser went on and on about how I had No split ends. She was very easy with my hair and was slightly nervous about it!Lol She did a great job with it but... My hair being what it is slightly fine thicker and hard to work with because it likes to slide out of everything let the perm slide out with in 3 months.. I went and got another perm different hairdresser Still no split ends.. But this perm went to tight and was nothing short of the long haired poodle look(ICK) No offence to the poodles. Soooo I waited a month and got Another perm to relax it.. It started doing some serious damage. I pledged to never get another perm Ever! I haven't had one either. I have decided to be happy with what God gave me as I could be bald instead. I have a big head it WOULD NOT be pretty!Lol
 7. I use Scrunchies like the one pictured below all the time I have all sorts of colors. It covers the hair band which can be rough on your hair. If you use Bobby pins make sure they have the little tips on them as they will scrap your scalp and pull out your hair. I use the no metal hairbands and things like Linda's Hairsticks 
  I use regular ole' Olive oil that you use for cooking.. Massage a little warmed up into your scalp and down the length of your hair wrap up in a towel for at least 3 minutes.. Then Shampoo and Condition like normal.
A little bit goes a Loooong way with this.. Just use your finger tips to slick down your ends or damaged hair then put it up for the day. Remember Patience And Consistency when it comes to your hair healing itself....

This is what we call a Nana Knot!lol
My girls started calling it that when they were little..
1. Pull it back like a pony tail and twist scrunchies to one side.

2 Start wrapping your length of hair around the scrunchies.
It will look like the start of a bun..
3. After wrapping entire length around
take the loop of the scrunchies and tuck it underneath the "bun".

 That's it.. Quick and Easy protected hair!
I also use a scrunchie to wrap
the end of my braid when I braid my hair..
 Human Hair will completely replace its self in the space of about 3 years. All hair is dead once it leaves the scalp. It may take Serious patience on a persons part to completely grow out your hair the way you want it. But it will definitely be healthier for having the patience and consistency..
 Another thing that affects your hair is Diet and Hormones!! My girls who struggle with thyroid problems will occasionally go through periods where it breaks off easily. So I will have them take a hair,skin and nail supplement. You can find several good ones at your local health food stores. But eating healthy goes a long way towards healthy hair.
 I have done a lot of things over the years to my hair. Its definitely been a learning process!lol i have done the Mayo trick, slept in curlers night after night hoping to get some real curl... Don't even ask about the perm I got in 9th grade OR the eggs!!! Eeewww that was horrible!Lol
 The Bible says If a woman hath long hair it is her glory and I intend to take care of it. It talks about it in 1Corinthians 11 if you would like to read it..
 And if you don't agree with my beliefs that's fine. Just don't be judgemental of mine... I am not judgemental of anyone who doesn't do the same as I do.. Its all between you and God, not You, Me and God.
 I hope everyone has an awsome Sunday!


Brenda said...

Beautiful post..... and beautiful hair. I agree with your "no chemical" approach to having healthy shinny very long hair. I'd like you to teach me the nanna knot in person. It looks comfortable and a pretty way to wear long hair.

matty said...

I looooonnnnnggg for long hair! LOL Seriously. I have been trying to grown my hair out for three years. It is just past my shoulders. It makes me want to cry because other folks I know who started at the same time have it down to .... there! I eat well. Sleep well. Treat it with kindness. It will not cooperate. Any ideas?

In the meantime, I look jealously at all that hair! Beautiful!!!!

Nancy said...

My husband is going to love you! He gets mildly cranky with me when I trim my ends -- only 1/4" -- about every two months. My hair is thick, wavy and gets knotted if I don't braid it. Mine goes down to my waist -- I haven't had a serious haircut for about 10 years and I stopped coloring it about a year ago. I wash it only once a week as it tends to be dry. I love your hair tips -- I will def. be trying some of them. :)

tree ocean said...

I admire the fact their hair has never been cut! (and the reasons for it)

Just the title of your post had me grinning before I read it!

Didn't you bring back some memories? first and only perm at 17 when I already had wavy hair. I told them not to give me a'fro and that is how it came out!

The song by Aerosmith was popular at that time, and my nickname unfortunately became, "Reefer headed -woman"

I never use hair spray! I can't stand stiff hair! If I want to empathize the curl, I rub a dab of conditioner on wet hair.

Oh yeah, thyroid problems. My hair is a wreck!

oh, the eggs, mayo, beer, baby oil (don't ever do that), etc! We used Herbal Essence growing up. I stopped because I thought it dried my hair and now use Pantene and whatever conditioner came in my last box of hair dye, lol.

~Tonia said...

LOl Tree I forgot about the Beer and the Baby oil..Did that too!
If I get conditioner that is to weight/oily it weighs my hair down something terrible and it looks greasy.
@Matty Have you looked into the Vitamins specifically for hair? It helps my girls alot. It says to take them 3 times a day but they just take one and it makes a big difference. My hair was stuck at a little past shoulder length till I got pregnant with the girls and then it took off but has been basicly the same length since for about 13yrs.
@ Nancy I would LOVE to be able to wash it just once a week and tried easing into it but my hair looks horrible if I do. Its probably because it so fine.
@ Sure can Brenda! Its easier to learn in person.
Also as I get older my hair has changed it went from extrememly straight to it can get a wave going. I attribute that to the white that seems to come in over night! But I am determined to like it despite the stigma of letting ALL of your natural color show!

Melodie said...

I think it is wonderful you all have long hair! I personally wish all women wore their hair long,it is just so much prettier! I have always had long hair and I don't use hair dye or styling products much but being an 80's girl I am still permed,lol!

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

Thanks for explaining your hair care routine. Your girls have truly gorgeous hair. I have to keep my hair short now that my thyroid has completely quit working. But I don't use any mouse, hairspray or gel. Blow drying is a last resort on cold days but I rarely do it. No perms or coloring. I have found that chemical exposure makes me feel icky. That's a technical term BTW. So the less man made stuff I put on my hair and skin and in my body, the better I feel.

WeldrBrat said...

Ohhhhh, yeah! Definitely another link here that I'll be including in my stack of Favorite Postings!

Wonderful tips! Wonderful advice! Thanks for sharing, Missy!!

the Goodwife said...

I've got really silky shiny hair as well and I attribute it to not using any "product" on it. I don't blow dry, hairspray, gel, mousse, curling iron, straighten or anything. I had never colored mine until this past summer when I got chemical highlights. I won't do that again, as it made my hair really prone to tangling. I do get trims once in awhile and I get layers cut in, but I'm back to growing it out all one length at the moment.

Good post and I used to do the olive oil treatment a lot when I was younger.

Linda said...

Loved your post Tonia! My hair is a little less than mid back. I trim it every few months. Some times I will trim it a lot depending on how long I want it at the moment. I used to bleach it blonde once I turned very gray. But quit about a year ago. The natural gray looks like a ash blonde most of the time, although I had quite dark hair when I was younger.

In the summer I wear my hair up a lot, but winter I leave it down. I like long hair but it has to be comfortable to me and long hair down to my behind would look great as it does on your girls, but for me it would be too long for me to take care of. I do wish for my hair to be just a tad bit longer than it is and once the colored ends are gone, I will keep it a bit longer.

Long hair is great for showing off my hair sticks though! LOL *Big Grin* and I feel privileged that you tried my stick in your girls beautiful hair... pretty cool!

Feral Female said...

What lovely hair!