Friday, October 15, 2010

YES Puppy Mills Are BAD!

 However if the people who are posting comments on my blog to say that I am wrong would take the time to read the links I have posted they would realize that Missouri has it covered!  Missouri has laws that would prevent Puppy Mills IF they had enough manpower to cover the entire state.. Right now its divided into 12 regions and Missouri has 8-12 agents that must cover these regions to inspect dog pounds, city pounds, private kennels, and shelters. Plus do follow up on each and every complaint about animals.. HOW in the heck is that possible? Plain and simple its not..
 Puppy mills are bad and don't follow current laws Tell me do people Honestly think if this Prop B is passed that they will magically disappear? No Laws will have to be enforced and people turned in.. Same thing that happens already! They are chipping away at them little by little.. It takes time! We don't catch all murders, rapist and child molesters before a horrible crime happens.. No the crime happens then the LAW has to be enforced...
 Same deal with these Puppy Mills. The crime happens then the law has to be enforced..
 You want to see what Missouri has done so far in the fight against Puppy Mills READ HERE
Its a government program called Operation Bark Alert. So click Read here there in Blue and it will show you what has been done so far...
 Okay I will not spend anymore time on this issue. I just wanted to let Fellow Missouri Residents know what was going on. I really wish those that had the negative comments would have to guts to show who they really may be.  And also take the time to read everything not just their "side" of the story... But I guess that's asking for a perfect world...
  So along with the fact that I am up at 2am typing this because I was woke up by one kid( who scared me so bad I almost screamed) letting me know another was sick upstairs I realize I am NOT in a perfect world!... Dad-burn it.... My cute little bubble just popped!
  Ending on a bright note... Some of my mums... I will be back with a post soon totally unrelated to Puppy mills, Prop B and Rude Commenters...Good night..or uhh should I say Good morning??


Gail said...

Puppy mills are sad indeed. I remember the first I saw was in Oklahoma...all dogs in cages off the floors, lined up in a barn, very over a hundred. That was years ago and the memory still rips my heart.

Thanks goodness for the progress the world, the people and the law enforcement have made.

Kelle said...

Being the bearer of the REAL news( as I call it) ALWAYS brings conflict from those whom think they know everything( hence their NOT reading the links you provided in your first post) and feel it is their duty to spout off at the mouth*sigh* These sheeple only follow what makes them feel warm and fuzzy and they NEVER research anything for themselves( only retell what someone else has said that they agree with)Thankfully in this country we still have the freedom to choose what we think, personally I ALWAYS try to weigh the news on both sides and then use MY brain and heart( throught prayer) to decide what is the REAL news.
There are always a few that try to make it hard for those of us that can actually "think for ourselves".
I understood what you were trying to share via your links in the first post.*wink* Good REAL news sharing, thank you :o)

Someday we'll see all the sheeple gathered and then maybe, just maybe they'll stop bleeting long enough to see, it's "To Late" they should have taken the time to think for themselves.
Blessings and Hugs,

Shanster said...

Yikes - sensitive subject.

I used to work for an agency that inspected animal dealers - they have to be registered - and if one is registered, complaints come in if another is not registered. That is probably how they have an idea of how many there are.

I don't know how many there are now but at the time I worked in this agency, unfortunately, MO was the state with the most dealers.

Really tho, in my opinion, if there was no demand, puppy mills would be out of business. Simple as that...

Get buyers educated. Don't pay for puppies or dogs that you feel sorry for..another one only will take it's place and you've just given money to keep the cycle going.

Research breeders if you are looking for a purebred... know who you are getting a dog from.

Adopt from shelters.

Many purebred clubs have rescues you can adopt... take the time to do the ground work before getting a dog.

No easy answers.

It's a pretty wiggly world and there is a lot of suffering out there for both humans and animals.

~Tonia said...

Yep it is and I knew that! Lol.. Missouri has done much to change things/ I know it continues because it is in the news alot. But that means progress is being made if they are closing them down not the opposite like the HSUS would like the public to believe.. I just cant believe how sheeply some people can be.. I like to know for myself! Not just believe what I have been told...

Carla Watson said...

I think it is also very important to tell people that not all dog breeders are puppy mills. it seems like we all get the bad rap.. i was accused of being an irresponsible dog owner when i wanted to adopt a certain dog from a rescue because i have 2 open LGD's on my property.. and yes i do breed them..but i don't have a puppy mill

~Tonia said...

That is very true Carla. There are many responsible dog breeders out there. Jus tbecause You raise pups and selll them doesnt mean you are a puppy mill. But of course Organizations like PETA and HSUS would rather there were no domsticated animals. So All farms, breeders and others get painted with one BIG Very Wide Paint brush..