Monday, October 11, 2010

Vote NO on Missouri's Prop B

  Some of the info may be repeated on the links but I was trying to cover everything on why to vote NO on Prop B.
  I heard sometime last spring that the Humane Society of the United State had decided to target Missouri. They think that if they get Missouri under their control then other states will follow. These people really want NO one to have pets let alone livestock. I wonder what makes them think Missouri will allow them to impose.. When NAIS was trying all but ONE person in a question and answer session was against NAIS and that person got Booed out of the place. They say the place was standing room only...
 Missouri has plenty of laws in place to control kennels(Blue Ribbon Kennel Program) but not enough staff to enforce them. In the comparison link below it tells how many agents and regions there are in Missouri and what their job is.  Obviously some people will still try to get around the law that's just pretty much a given with anything. Others will stay with in the law and do their best to uphold it.
 The say backyard breeders are as bad as puppy mills.. Well I raised Labradors for a while. I was considered a backyard breeder but my dogs were well socialized and healthy. Because I just had a few they got alot of attention. They were pets with a side business. All of our puppies found good homes and people called to say they were such good dogs. Now I don't agree with kennels and the caged animals. I honestly don't see how someone can handle 50 breeding animals and say they are well socialized. But I have more than 50 animals and we take care of them. So WHO am I to say that it cant be done. I would rather see bigger cages and where they can get outside more often for most breeds! Some breeds of dogs are inside dogs and do not really go outside. Dogs are pets for the most part with the exception of working breeds.
 Okay so I am getting sidetracked.. This link compares the laws we have in place to Prop B.
Prop B vs. Current Missouri Law

 I read somewhere that Animal Welfare has been Hijacked by Animal Rights.. PETA, HSUS and other organization like them do NOT have the animal's welfare at heart.

Vote No On Prop B

The Truth About Prop B
This link has alot of easy to understand info.
Prop B Article

HSUS and ASPCA Working together in Missouri

HSUS Targets Missouri

So what does this have to do with me a person who doesn't raise dogs? But has around 20 goats+/- depending on the time of year, 30 chickens,7 rabbits,3 dogs(all fixed) and a couple of cats roaming around??
  Proposition B is what they call a Gateway Bill. Once they make way with regulating dogs then they will turn their attention to other animals. HSUS backs PropB and is the driving force behind it. In reality HSUS just need to get out and stay out. We take care of our own here in Missouri. Puppy Mills are busted all the time and done away with. It may take some time but eventually with people helping they will get to the ones that are true offenders and not the ones trying to abide by the law. Honestly I do Not believe they are as common as they used to be.. I see more and more real kennels that have plenty of space and very well kept animals. I also think with the way the economy is that the pet business has taken a major hit because people don't have the $$ to spend on them anymore.
 Dogs have been domesticated for 1000's of years! Do the Animal rights groups Honestly think that will change in just a few years? They will continue to breed even if running loose and not a pet then you would have wild dogs that would be a threat to people and other animals. . I am all for spaying/neutering pets because not all animals need to be reproducing. There is a lot that needs to be considered when you are breeding animals of any species.
 God gave us dominion over the animals and they are here for our use. Whether its for food, pets or work. We are to take care of them that's called Animal Husbandry. Animals will always be a big part of our lives and that is something that No Animal Rights Group can take away no matter how hard they try.
 Okay I hope this makes sense to someone! I encourage people to do their own research and NOT take an other's word for it. But most of all I encourage you to VOTE!! That way if it doesn't go the way you think it should You have Every Right to complain!lol  You don't vote YOU have no right to complain! But most of all your vote does count!  We have a duty to Vote and everyone needs to make the effort.
Your Vote Counts.


matty said...

The government seems to want to regulate and manage every aspect of our lives! I hope that the proposition goes the way it should to protect the individuals who are doing as they should!

Is everyone well now??

TJ said...

I've read about this. I almost wish I lived in Missouri so I could vote, "NO!" I'll keep watching, I certainly don't want it to spread!

I agree with you, I wonder if people with 50 breeding dogs really can get them socialized. We always have better dogs from backyard breeders. We have 2 'pound puppies' right now, who are very good dogs, but we were lucky!

Farm animals a different--I think. Our number one rule on the farm is, "Be nice, or be tasty" so all the mean animals end up serving us a little differently than the gentle ones.

the Goodwife said...

Less government all the way around is what we all so desperately need! Good post!

Deanna said...

Thank you for this information, Tonia. I will definitely vote NO on Prop B. You made a lot of valid points but the one that I go to often is the fact that we don't need more government regulation - we need to enforce what is already in place.

David said...

You people make me sick. "Get the government out of our lives" or whatever you simps endlessly say is the best you can do? Really? Come up with something better. How about "I don't care as long as it pays the bills and don't make me think too much?" That would be more honest.

No sane person is on the other side of this issue. Missouri, and America on the whole, have a pet population crisis and these puppymills are making it worse. We don't need mass breeding of dogs or cats anywhere, and we surely don't need it like this.

Abusing innocent creatures by way of unimaginably foul living conditions all in the name of money should make you all ashamed, if you are capable of feeling something like that. Only people as ridiculous as those in this area - and by area I guess I'm talking about all of the mid-west as we seem to have lost our collective minds - would support the abuse of innocent animals all for a few measly bucks. Oh, and your goats.

And before you can crank up a couple of braincells to attempt a cogent rebut... I am completely pro-life and vote that way consistently. I truly believe innocent life is precious and our job to protect, but I don't stop with just people. I am not a hypocrite. Consider whether you are.

Finally, a challenge: if you believe all you say about getting the government out of your life and all that, and of course your complete support for local businesses... then lets see some support for the legalization of pot.

~Tonia said...

Hmm Interesting! Apparently David YOU did not read all of the Links Provided to see that Missouri already has all the laws in place they just need more man power to enforce. They are actually better than what Prop B would do.
Not all creatures are Abused just because people dont do things like I think they should be done...
And You People??? As in farmers?, Families? Everyday People? WHO are You People?? Last I checked we are all Human and have the same basic genetic Make up...

Anonymous said...

Anybody wanna bet that Mr. Pro Life David has eaten a few cheeseburgers in his day after he hit the peace pipe!! Hmmm can you say hypocrite.

animalmom said...

Please read the other comments.If you aren't familiar with the conditions of puppy mills,but they start breeding these dogs as soon as possible. One little girl was rescued at 18 months after having one litter,and they were trying to breed her again while she still had milk from her last litter.And piled on top of each other in wire kennels so urine and feces from the level above falls down on the cages below.I DARE YOU to google puppy mills and see the sites that come up before you vote yes or no.PLEASE!

~Tonia said...

Dear Animalmom, There is more to it than just Puppy Mills As I have repeated over and over.. Missouri has the Laws in place to prevent puppy mills. They just need to be enforced!
What you describe is despicable situation for any type of animals and not humane in the least bit. BUT We already have the laws!! They do not need revised or rewritten Just enforced..

Jennifer said...

your right about them needing to be enforced, and i was all for voting for prop b and sorry to say i still am. I'm trying to find real links that will say that Prop B has posted about what it intends to do. When I read the links you have posted, its not real enough for me, it like anyone could have put down that information just so people would vote no. If you could hit me up on a site that Prop B has posted telling me in detail what they want done, I'll read it over, but right now from what they are telling me, it's to help stop people from not taking care of their animals properly.

I never thought Prop B was all about "puppy mills" but also along the lines of people not giving their animals the proper care, breeding or not. I had a pony live down my street tied to a cinder block to graze and a halfassed shelter (sorry for language but it was) but as long as it had food and water, that was good enough to pass. I figured Prob B will make sure those types of owners will proved proper shelter and fencing for animals.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...