Saturday, October 30, 2010

Moulting,Winterizing and Misc....

Going Hunting....

I'm Moulting.......
Poor thing she looks awful!
 Most of them are done moulting for the year.

They say I am Broody..
I am Not Broody I am just kicking back and relaxin'

Ready for the cold stuff...I think...

Kara's newest drawing.

Soil Test Finally Done!

 Today was the 1st day of Youth Deer Hunting season. Its only one weekend so today and tomorrow Kara will be hunting. Her and Kyle saw one little 3 point buck that use to be a 6 but had been in a fight. They are hoping to see more tomorrow.
 I finally after being here over a year got the soil test in to be sent off.. The basic is to check levels and see what the pasture may need. But I also tested for Iron,Copper and Sulfur. Since I have been dealing with such a severe copper deficiency in the goats I am hoping this will help me out a little. It is always a good idea if your animals are not dry-lotted to get a soil test done and see just where you are at and what else your animals may need mineral wise especially... It will take me a while to figure it all out probably and change what needs to be changed but I will get there eventually.. 
 Oh and for the record Does Anyone know how hard it is to get a small box of dirt off a hill that is 99.9% rock??? I was looking for molehills as they seem to be able to find the dirt here! I keep meaning to take a picture where they are digging on our hill for new water lines. I honestly don't know how they did it without blowing anything up. There is no more than 12-18 inches of rocky dirt on top of almost solid rock! How we grow anything here amazes me. But it growing and I am adding to the dirt almost daily with wasted hay,bedding and compost..  
 So we have been working on getting everything winterized as I am sure I have mention before( I tend to repeat myself).. Anyway we got the chickens taken care of and as soon as Lucian goes home the goats will be situated into the winter plan.. But I am still not sure about the water.. Electric livestock water heaters can run up the electric bill so easily. I did see an example of the solar water heaters for livestock in I think the Mother Earth email... In the real cold weather I move the water into the barn then pack hay and bedding around them it usually keeps them from freezing completely.They still get a good layer of ice that we have to break a few times a day depending on how cold it is. The solar idea seems simple enough and so now the wheels are turning to see what I can come up with... If I figure out something you all know I will blog about it.. Oh I think I just got an idea for at least one...
 Okay thats it for tonight!Have a good night all!


Rural Rambler said...

I think Kara's newest drawing is very good. That is alot of detail, it sort of fits today's Halloween theme. The chickens look to be tucked in well for winter. We are sitting on some unbelievable rock too. It is crazy!

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

Deer hunting is coming up for us in a couple of weeks. My husband usually gets at least one -- it will be a busy week putting up the meat in the freezer.

Some of my older hens and the turkeys are moulting as well. Poor things -- they do look so sad. :) Hope you are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hope Kara gets one.

Love the drawing. Does she sell any of her drawings?

Keep us posted on how you eventually solve the frozen water dilemma.

matty said...

Wonderful drawing!

The chickens look snug and happy! Ours are horrible looking, too! When they molt, it always looks like they have been attacked or plucked. I dread it!

Mother Earth has a plan in this month's issue on how to build a solar water heater. We are going to try it as we have to do something. Our electric for the barn was terrible last winter! Email me if you want the link for the heater, please.

Have a great week! Brrrr... M

tree ocean said...

Beautiful drawing!
It was just spitting snow here!
I don't do anything about heating water nor do they at the farm. We smash the ice out. A lot of the rubber buckets don't have handles anymore lol

I had to pick up one of my moulting hens yesterday and she felt like a hedgehog. LOL

Carla said...

I just love the tarp hut, and i need to make a few for my turkey ducks and guineas, would you repost how you did the front of the chicken coup, and how big of a tarp do you order

Kelle said...

Our hens are moulting too, egg production is way down*sigh*

I hear you on getting things winterized, we're forecasted to be really cold, more so than normal, majority of the winter in the sub zero range*sigh*

We still don't have electicity out to the tanks and we didn't get out pump up and running to have the underground hydrants we installed, so... we haul from the house for one more winter *sigh* We looked into those propane tank heaters, but we think they'll eat us out of house and home in propane, so we'll just haul in and fill our rubber tubs as always. It won't be so bad with only the two cows and a few chickens and turkeys.
We tried the straw around the tank and it was just something for the cows to make a mess with, fighting the bales and trying to eat them*sigh*

LOVE Kara's latest drawing, she's really coming along and VERY talented! Be sure to keep all her sketches, so when she's a famous artist you can say " I knew her when!" *wink* Seriously Kara has a real talent and thanks for letting us keep up with her improvement. :o)

Blesings for your day,

Deanna said...

Great job Kara!

Our granddaughter got a deer this morning. Not sure about grandson - haven't heard from him yet.

That winterizing sure sounds like a lot of work!

Brenda said...

Your chickens look tucked in nice and ready for winter.

Kara's drawings are really nice. She's very talented.

TJ said...

I love the chicken pen! Our chickens are molting right now, but the ducks just finished, so we still have eggs, yay!

We've dealt with a copper deficiency, too. No fun at all! We've got everyone doing well now--just in time for breeding season :)

Love Kara's drawing! Wonderful!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

We grow rocks in Moniteau County as well. I hear you there! Glad they saw some deer, very encouraging! The drawing is awesome!

Shanster said...

Winter - brrrrr! Hey we tried a bubbling water thing for our horse stock tank and it does a pretty decent job. MUCH cheaper than the electric heaters...dunno where my husband found it...wanna say he Googled bubbling de-icer and maybe it was in OK??