Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Cake???

The last of the birthdays for our family this year!
 4 out of 5 birthdays are in 1 month.
Talk about a bonfire!lol

I was afraid it was going to set off the fire alarms!
But it didn't!
 So Happy Birthday to My wonderful Husband! He is my strong,talented and all around handy man. He is the muscle around here that helps me get things done. He always believes in me and doesn't treat me like an idiot despite some of my Hare-brained ideas! He takes my ideas and goes beyond what I have. I guess you could say I have the overall idea and he is the detail person. He is just to cool... It doesn't hurt things That he is also cute to boot!.... Or should I say handsome.. I rarely have to guess what he is thinking because he sees no reason to beat around the bush.. He is redneck as they come and I Never thought I was going to marry a redneck!Haha. God knew who I needed to keep me grounded. Happy Birthday Kyle!


Amy said...

Many more happy birthdays!!

Aren't rednecks wonderful??

Have a wonderful day.

matty said...

Happy birthday! Many many more!

Are you all well now???

~Tonia said...

Matty-Nope kid is still puny. It may take her a while to get over it as it went farther than I realized and she is wheezy.. Nothing we havent dealt with before though..
Amy-Yep most rednecks are!

the Goodwife said...

Happy Birthday!

Brenda said...

What a wonderful tribute to your wonderful husband. Kyle is too cool! I hope he had a great birthday. :D

TJ said...

You have a wonderful family! I'm glad you share them with all of us!

Deanna said...

Happy birthday Kyle! That sure is a lot of candles!

small farm girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Nancy@el vigilante said...

We gave up putting candles on the cake after we both turned 40. Our homeowners' insurance policy prohibits such fire hazards. ;)

Looks like a wonderful party for your sweetie! Many more!!