Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Really Don't Like Assumptions!

 Especially about me and my life..
 I got a comment on my previous blog that was less than courteous.. He Assumes he knows how I think because I don't support this Missouri Prop B. He obviously didn't take the time to really read the comparisons between the proposed bill and the law already in place... The Law in Place is above and beyond better than Prop B.. Its is NOT supporting the Abuse of animals. They estimate there are 3000  puppy mills in the state of Missouri... Really?? How do they know?? DO they say Please sign this survey if you run an illegal puppy mill. I doubt it.. If they are illegal then they aren't following the law. The Law needs to be enforced not new ones made.
 People can make bills, laws and legislation all day long but they don't amount to a hill of beans unless they are enforced. I do NOT agree with kennels but when the HSUS takes abused and mistreated animals they go into a kennel. IF I had my way the only dogs that would be raised would be back yard breeders that have a few dogs of  ONE breed as they are well socialized and people oriented animals.
  Very few Sane people are backing this bill.. HSUS ask for $19 a month to help poor mistreated animals.. In reality very little over $1 per $19 donation goes into taking care of the poor mistreated animals.  PETA and HSUS would have No animals domesticated and animals can be life saving to some people. If they have no family it gives them something to focus on.
   Yes we do have to much government interfering in our lives. I have a brain that can figure out how to grow my own food, take care of my family and  my animals. I don't need some one telling me how to do this.
 My animals are healthy and Very far from abused. They are well taken care of and in return they provide for my family. I don't do this for the money I do this to have wholesome food for my family.. So this food is not over processed and left to be a shadow of it real self. That way I lessen the chance that my children will grow strong and healthy. So that hopefully they will not have the health problems other kids raised on fast food and convenience foods will have..  I may break even with my animals money wise but what they give in companionship in addition to what they provide goes beyond Money.
 Hypocrite???? No I am what I say I am.. My life is an open book to most people. I am human  just like the rest of the people around here.. I believe animals are a part of what God gave us to provide for ourselves whether its meat, milk or working along side us Or nothing more than a pet to spend time with.. He expects us to care for them and to provide for them.
 If I was all about the money I would be selling illegal substances and not caring that its destroying lives.. BUT I have morals and I am not all about the money... Also if I was all about the money I sure would Not be raising animals! I invest my heart and time into these animals. I am teaching my kids to care for them properly. I believe that we are to obey laws not try to get around them.  Money is handy and necessary but I don't love it and I only want what I need..
 Oh and as for that Legalization of Marijuana? I am for that for medical purposes only Never as a recreational drug. Because I sure don't want to be given Morphine if I ever have to deal with a life threatening disease.
 SO Before you Assume you know everything David Maybe you should read all info provided instead of just picking what you think is relevant. I like to look at all the information before I assume anything.......
The Comment that really ticked me off for assuming....
  David said...
You people make me sick. "Get the government out of our lives" or whatever you simps endlessly say is the best you can do? Really? Come up with something better. How about "I don't care as long as it pays the bills and don't make me think too much?" That would be more honest.

 No sane person is on the other side of this issue. Missouri, and America on the whole, have a pet population crisis and these puppymills are making it worse. We don't need mass breeding of dogs or cats anywhere, and we surely don't need it like this.
 Abusing innocent creatures by way of unimaginably foul living conditions all in the name of money should make you all ashamed, if you are capable of feeling something like that. Only people as ridiculous as those in this area - and by area I guess I'm talking about all of the mid-west as we seem to have lost our collective minds - would support the abuse of innocent animals all for a few measly bucks. Oh, and your goats.
 And before you can crank up a couple of braincells to attempt a cogent rebut... I am completely pro-life and vote that way consistently. I truly believe innocent life is precious and our job to protect, but I don't stop with just people. I am not a hypocrite. Consider whether you are.
 Finally, a challenge: if you believe all you say about getting the government out of your life and all that, and of course your complete support for local businesses... then lets see some support for the legalization of pot.


Brenda said...

Oh my! Let this guy roll off your back and just keep on walking. It's not worth letting him enjoy making you angry. He obviously doesn't know you or anything about you.

tree ocean said...

geez, that fall harvest must have been pretty kickass, David. LOL

Tonia, I still haven't read the details, but I sure as heck know you love your critters and express as much disgust as I do at their mistreatment!

One way I look at meat animals is that most of them wouldn't even exist if they weren't going to be eaten. I prefer to see them have the best life they can while they are with us, though.

shelters are horrible, too. The best way for shelters to function would be if folks stopped buying from mills and rescued some of those that have been abandoned. Shelters are like pet jails-except the animals don't know until the last minute if they are on death row or not.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Oh my~ I am so sorry that you were attacked like that. Different opinions are fine, even beneficial, but there is no reason to be so cruel about it. A good way to look at it is to pray for David. He sure made quite an impact in your life! You probably won't forget him for a very long time! I'll be praying for him, too, and we'll trust God to do what He wants. [In doing this], you will heap burning coals on his head, and the Lord will reward you. Proverbs 25:22 And just for the record~ I'm with you, Tonia, as far as the government not needing to get their hands into everything on our farms as well as the rest of our lives. Wasn't there something wrote about this being a free nation and all.....

the Goodwife said...

Anytime we are bold enough to post our views we open ourselves up to criticism, especially when people can do so hiding behind their computer. I am a Libertarian and I support the government getting out of my life in many, many ways.

I don't like dogs or cats being raised in kennels, and like you, I'd much rather see dogs bred by RESPONSIBLE backyard breeders, that have one breed of dog and keep them in the house with their family because they usually are healthy and well socialized.

I also don't need anybody telling me how to spend my money, how to raise my child, or what to believe. I'm an intelligent human being and can take and process information and make my own informed decisions.

Tonia you are exactly correct, laws are only effective if they are ENFORCED, and enforced consistently and for ALL, not letting a select few slide by. More laws will not help. People need to be held accountable for their actions, and they simply aren't held accountable.

David, I'm sorry you think I'm a "simp" and I could debate the topic of too much government with you for hours, and I mean debate not argue, it isn't an argument until someone starts calling names and getting angry. As for the legalization of marijuana I'm all for it. The taxation of it could probably get my state out of a huge financial nightmare. I personally don't care what you do in the privacy of your own home as long as you aren't abusing a child, or an animal, or doing something that could endanger other lives (ie, drunk driving).

Tonia, I applaud you for having the guts to post your views on your blog and David, you too have the right to freedom of speech. Perhaps you should start your own blog? God Bless

Katie said...

Keep up the good work. Prop. B will not eliminate Puppy Mills, just as gun control will not eliminate crimes committed with guns. Missouri needs to enforce the 23 pages of laws already in place regarding the ownership/breeding of dogs. Our newspaper editor said it best "when we see puppy mill busts on the news, it is a perfect example of the laws already in place being enforced".
It is really upsetting to me when I see a veterinarian pushing Prop. B on TV - how can they be swayed so easily by HSUS?
We can not let HSUS into our state - Prop. B is just the first step toward their ultimate goal of ending all animal agriculture and pet ownership.

Jennifer said...

Why is it when someone posts a hateful and rude comment on a blog they always post anonymously or with a hidden profile? If they are so superior in intellect and education then why are they afraid to put their real name on their comments? It is very easy to feel and act superior and holier than thou while sitting anonymously behind a computer. I appreciate your post and the information and links you provided.

~Tonia said...

LOL Tree!
This guy didnt make me angry really just hit the wrong button when he assumed! I dont make assumptions about other people if I can help it(sometimes it next to impossible not too). I like to give them the benefit of the doubt.
I have gotten very few negative comments on my blog(is that luck or not sticking my neck out far enough?) and so he took me by surprise but I Knew this would open up the proverbial can of worms!Lol..
The main thing I encourage is for people to do their own research of BOTH sides of any issue and not believe everything they see on TV.

~Tonia said...
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~Tonia said...

And Thank you Everyone for your nice comments!!!

~Tonia said...
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Linda said...

then lets see some support for the legalization of pot.

Hum, not that I care one way or the other, but that tells a little about him, eh?

I wonder, is he a vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

We were concerned about the high numbers of animals HSUS reported were killed in shelters in a one year period of time. We had a investigative journalist look into it. HSUS reported 10 million dogs and cats were killed in American shelters last year. The truth: less then 3 million dogs and cats were killed in American shelters last year, seventy five percent of those were feral cats. The truth shall set you free.

matty said...


A good friend once told me to never fight with a pig cause the pig will like it and you will get dirty. LOL

Your views are balanced and fair. Name calling and assuming just aren't very kind nor is it fair. It is also the lowest form of intellect. The blog is a reflection of you and your beliefs. While people can disagree, it should be respectful and not mean spirited. Besides, a blog isn't required reading. If someone doesn't care for the content, don't drop by! We read each other and comment because we have kindred spirits, not because we are the Internet bully. Dialogue is good; meanness is not.

I am sorry this happened; you are a dear person and we all know you are a kind and loving person to others and your animals. That is really all that matters, dearie!

Hugs from the South!


Carol............. said...

It's your blog and there is no call for rudeness when it comes to comments from others. (I've had this problem myself.) This jerk is just someone who needs a soapbox.

And there definitely should be less government involvement in our lives.......I do know how to blow my own nose without a Government hankie!

Keep doing what you're doing!

Becki said...

After reading up on this I agree....the laws are in place. This proposition only hurts law abiding kennels and pet owners.
I hate to see animals mistreated too but you cannot legislate morality....consequently you can not legislate criminals into doing what is right. Whether it is puppy mills or anything else.
ps...there is no call to be rude to people no matter their opinion.