Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Deals!

My new coffee pot!
 I love coffee.
Really like it in a percolator.
Found this one in a Antique store for $11!

I have been wanting some of these windows for picture frames.
The cheapest I had found was $30 each..
In Really bad shape!
These were $4 each and Very Sturdy!
Yeah again!
 Yesteday was One of those days... I felt like I was floating through the day with no real direction even though I had a list a mile long.. Saturday is Kyla and Kara's birthday party and I was grocery shopping and all that stuff.. Well First I drove past the grocery store I wanted to go to! So I went ahead to Wally world.. Came back to the grocery store and turned the van off, heard the keys drop into my purse(or so I thought) then out the door locking it as I got out... I do my grocery shopping and come out with a full cart. I go to find keys in my purse.. They are NOT there.... I search my purse... The cart... My purse again! No keys.. They aren't in the ignition.. Not on the seat..  Then I see a little orange tab that is on my keys... They had fallen between the seats instead of in to my purse like I thought...
 Last time I did this Candice my oldest daughter was 2 weeks old! I locked her and My keys in the car.. Talk about a panicked 1st time mom! I almost cried! But a nice man went back in and called the cops for me to unlock it.. Anyway That incident was 14 years ago Almost to the day!  Kyle was at work over 2 hours a way.. I have no cell phone since I am rarely anywhere but home.. Grocery store people were nice enough to let me use the phone and I called my dad.. 
 He rescued me!Lol Woo hoo for creative daddies(Yes I am in my 30's and I call him Daddy!)! I had no spare key and apparently have to go to a dealership to get a key made. 
 So my dad shows up with various objects to try and unlock the door.. Well it took wedging in the top of the door till he could fit a piece of PVC pipe in.. Then we needed the pipe to bend back towards the door .. So he melted it with a lighter till it was angled enough to fit the button.. Then the corner of the button kept going in the pipe and it wouldn't push down hard enough.. Talk about frustrating!lol But finally it did the job and my van was unlocked.. 
 This made me about 2 hours late for everything else. I took a different way to my friends house to help her with her goats. On the way there I passed the Antique store and thought I think I will just stop and see.. I found a little camping coffee pot and then saw a small Corning ware pot, I put the camping pot back.. Then looked down and there was a bigger one!! OH YAH! This antique store is not known for good prices but it was a good deal on this!
 The windows were from our local thrift store that I stopped at today. It was just my week to find a good deal! Now I am hoping and praying the party goes smooth enough.. Off to make cakes Wish me luck! I hope they dont decide to fall apart like they tend to do sometimes.. Have a good weekend everyone!


Jennifer said...

congrats on the good deals! I used to have a coffee pot kind of like that and loved it!

Brenda said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those windows. Have a wonderful party!

small farm girl said...

Don't worry Tonia, I'm almost 40 and I still call my daddy, Daddy. lol. I found a blood pressure cuff works really well on getting the door open from the top. Now, if you only havea blood pressure cuff. lol. Hope everything goes well for your party.

Anke said...

I'm glad everything worked out in the end. Great finds and yeah for Dad coming to the rescue! I locked my daughter in the car when she was about 9 month old. It was a friends car, we were at the Airport (he was dropping us of) and I pushed the little knob down as I got out. Little did I know it would lock the entire car! So here we are at the Airport, I'm starting to panic... Thank goodness there was an Airport security guy there who was able to help us and get the car unlocked and Hannah out of the car.

Rural Rambler said...

Wishing you luck on the prep for the birthday party! I know your daughters will have a great time and good FOOD! Love your percolator. And Tonia, I don't want to even admit on here in public for all to see how many of my days I float thru feeling like I have no direction! At least for you, it was just an off day! Enjoy your weekend, it's gonna be beautiful here and great firepit weather!

the Goodwife said...

Glad that everything worked out and congrats on finding the coffee pot! I love non electric appliances, they are the best.

Happy birthday again to your girls and hope you have a great party!

Nancy@el vigilante said...

Funny that you call your coffee pot an antique -- my mom had one just like that when I was growing up. Guess that dates me pretty well. Glad your daddy came to your rescue. They are good at doing that, aren't they? Happy birthday to the girls. Hope it's a lovely day for you and your cakes don't fall apart! :)

tree ocean said...

oh I couldn't imagine locking your baby in the car!!! I don't lock mine usually! Sometimes I don't lock it and leave the keys in the ignition and no one seems to want the poor

Once I did lock out in this car, a wagon. I managed to push the back side vent window open, got a long stick from the local woods, and pushed the unlock button in the front seat with the ten foot stick, lol!

I want to know how that blood pressure cuff works! Even if I don't have one!

Happy Birthday to the girls-the Firebird turns 13 Wednesday!