Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goat Feeders....

Okay so after a few days here are how they are working....
 The one with the 4 black pans are okay
BUT the nails are working out.
I think its because they are rubber pans and move a lot.

Anything metal like these feeder pans or hard plastic
are not letting go of the nails.
 This one is working VERY Well!
 I may replace the rubber pans with metal..

So then I got another idea...
 I had used this PVC pipe for various things but they didn't work long..
Well this maybe it!
 I used drywall screws to attach it to the board.
 The end of the boards are more for keeping the feed in than for anything else.
I just had a major case of the L Z's(you know lazy?) and didn't trim to fit..
But these should be easy to clean out and move..

Lucian showing off!lol
He is Very tall on his back legs.

These will be the 6 does kidding this next spring.
 they are basically ignoring Lucian now.
A good sign they are all bred.

This is "The Spot" to lounge!lol

Lucian will be going home next week probably. Then Moses will get his full pen back and the 4 does locked away will be back out with the herd. I hope to get a good pic of Dollie then. She is growing and holding her own with the 3 other does. April pretends she doesn't like her then allows her to sleep by her... Silly goats..
I really don't intend to blog mostly about the goats but they do more than the rabbits or chickens.Lol.. Most of the time.
 We have been working on getting things set up for winter. Now that everyone is feeling better around here. We have the chicken house all ready with the tarp attached to the back to block the north wind. We put more sawdust in for bedding and as soon as the oak tree is done losing its leaves we will rake those up and add them. The rabbits need just a little more then will be ready. 
 The Goats(see always back to the goats?) have the back of the barn up and one hay rack in place. I also got the huge heavy pallet up that will make stalls for kidding time in place. We have been adding sawdust to the floor of the barn and will also add leaves to help it not get so packed as it does with hay.. Hopefully!
 That is it for now..


Carla said...

I personally don't like the metal pans cus they rust so fast, the plastic pans break real fast when it is cold.. this is the first year for the rubber pans, i set mine in a tire, seems to work ok for now, but my goats are small.. I do like your long feeder too,

matty said...

You just made me remember what I saw at a goat farm in No VA last summer. They had taken the PVC like you, but had attached it to the their fence with metal straps. That kept the goats from playing in it. They had removable ends on their feeder so that they could keep the feed in and remove them to hose the feeder out. I had forgotten them until I saw yours. That might work.... What do you think??

Brenda said...

I like the PVC feeder idea. I like matty's idea about hanging them with metal straps too. I may try something like that for the young doe pen.

Feral Female said...

Our goat feeders are made from PVC as well. They just hold up much better than anything else that we`ve found.

Deanna said...

It is amazing how far Lucian can reach. Did you ever think it would be so difficult to outsmart goats?

Your work is never done!

tree ocean said...

I like your big ends. It helps to stabilize it. I am surprised moses didn't break out after those does.

I guess I am one of the few who feeds separately. My dishes are the bottom of plastic gallon jugs, or better yet, one third of the 2-1/2 gallon water containers. (no. 2 plastic) The goats like to play with them while they are still tied and I am spreading hay. They hold them in their teeth and flip them up over their heads and back. lol

Jennifer said...

We are always trying to figure out the best hay rack or way to feed the goats. They sure can make it a challenge!

Potterwatch's Peeps said...

Nice looking goats! We haven't had goats for almost two years so I am totally jealous. We used half-barrel hay feeders and my does only got grain or pellets while on the milk stand. We used rubber pans for minerals and water but they did flip them too often. I'll have to keep the idea of securing them onto wood slats for the future when we are able to have more goats!