Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blogger's Block?

I seem to have a case of it lately...
I start a blog and cant finish it.. Or cant even get started..
I have even taken pics of different things to blog about..
 So any here is Lucian not sure he wants to follow Ethel.
There are other goat girls locked up  and he doesn't want to leave them!

He has started to chill out and not stink so bad!lol

April with Kate hiding behind her..
They are 2 of the girls in confinement till Lucian goes home.

Hope and Mariah sharing breakfast.
2 seconds after the pic Hope knocked Mariah away!Lol

Moses and Calico Jack..
*Please ignore the Very Temporary shelter!
Its just till Lucian leaves...

Moses trying to sweet talk!lol

Lucian and the 7 does out in the main pasture.
 I have 4 pens of goats right now. I moved the 6 wethered boys out into the second pasture so they would Finally quit nursing. I sold 2 of them recently and they will be used for meat for a local CSA. I am down to 4 which is my basic idea for us to use for meat. Then I have Lucian (the buck I borrowed) and the 6 does I want bred this year in the main pasture. April and the 3 little girls are in a cattle panel pen locked away and its divided in half with  Moses and Jack in the other half. When Lucian goes home I will open the pen back up for Moses and Jack.Then April and the youngers will go back on in the main pasture.
 Everyone is getting their winter coats and the chickens are just about done moulting.. Looks like something got a hold of a few because of the feathers every where! We are getting about 6-9 eggs a day. My young hens started laying about the time the old ones went into moult. So we have not been with out eggs hardly at all!
 Milk is another story... I am milking 2 does right now Sunshine and Mariah.  I am getting a little over a half a gallon from both. Everyone else has dried up! I was going to milk April through this year but she started having trouble after the buck chased her to much one night. She is older and has been bred every year since she was a yearling. I think its time for a break for her. I don't believe in breeding my animals every year just because it may make me a little more $$. If the doe gets run down health-wise from over breeding then its going to cost me more if I have to give her meds and such to get her healthy. Not to mention the time..

 I figured out a solution!
The problem was the goats kept stepping in the feed pans.
They would flip them and spill their grain!
 Wasting alot of feed....
So I nailed the feed pans to pallets.
I can still flip them over if
I need to empty them out but they cant flip them anymore.
 This is Moses and Jack's feed pans.

And this is the main herd's feed pans.
I will probably have to add another pallet with feed pans,
 when April and the 3 little girls go back in so every one gets their fair share!
  Now we will see how long that last....
 Okay for not having much to blog about I seem to have come up with a decent blog entry and finished it!. I hope everyone has a good night!..


Blondee said...

Lovely goats. My Grandparents had goats when I was a little girl, the pictures bring back fond memories....

Clever girl nailing down those feed pans!

matty said...

I learn so much when I visit you! As you, I am trying not to breed all the gals every year. It is too much for them and, as you said, they tend to get ill.

Our Louie is talking so much smack to the girls right now, but I don't want to breed them for another month. Then, I will only breed Clarice and Anabelle. The other does have a year's break; then, it will be their turn!

I like your feeding bowl idea! We have the same problem. Not to mention all the food fights. Drives me crazy!

Glad you are better!

Take care,


Brenda said...

Your goats are sure looking good! It's funny that Moses is still a sweet talker. He is growing up nice.

tree ocean said...

that looks like a great temporary shelter! Anything to keep the rain off and goats prefer it open esp if there is wind shelter.

looks like the weather showed rain headed your way-but it'll bring us warm temps, good!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures!

Amy Westbeld

Gail said...

Brilliant idea on the feed pans...glad they don't fight over the feed.

For someone with blogger's block, you surely wrote an interesting post!

~Tonia said...

We got absolutely No rain here!It kept breaking before it got to us or was north of us.. Its getting really dry here..

the Goodwife said...

Very clever with the feed pans!

OurCrazyFarm said...

What a handsome guy that Moses turned out to be:)) I'd trade you bucks one of these years if we lived closer! Great post for blogger block!!! So glad you're all feeling better. We have avoided it here so far, but some of the kids are starting with the sniffles~ hope it doesn't get too bad:))

Deanna said...

I find that sometimes I have so much to blog about that I cannot organize my thoughts (or pictures, for that matter) and end up not blogging at all!

It looks like you overcame the block. Enjoyed the post and the pictures.

Feral Female said...

We all get that block from time to time. Looks like you got over it well though! =)

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

I get that block now and again. When I do, I usually go outside and start taking pictures, like you did. Seems to get the creative juices flowing again.

Love the feed pan trick. I may have to try it with my chickens. :)

Nezzy said...

I loved you 'feed pan' solution. Our motto here on the Ponderosa is "whatever works!!!"

I'm sure your goaties provide endless entertainment 'round your place!

God bless ya and have the most incredible week sweetie!!!

Shanster said...

oh I don't breed for $... I rarely make any $ with my goats! Was thinking about keeping my 2 does on a 2 yr lactation this year and no babies next spring. Never done it but... could be a cool experiment. Well. Our buck would not think it is such a cool experiment. grin.