Monday, September 27, 2010

This Is As The Animal Kingdom Turns...According To Goats!

Dollie is doing better...
She has gained back her weight plus some.

She is No longer the bottom of the totem pole.
She is somewhere in the middle.
Well with the 3 goats she is in with.

 Our 2 legged goat, Mariah..
She likes to walk on her back legs.
She doesn't do it as much as she use to though.
Just to get the occasional treat no one else can get. 

What is this??
Well let me explain....
 Lucian the buck has decided he os not happy with the 7 does who are so obviously infatuated with him. The ones who are available.. NOoooo He wants to get friendly with the 3 doelings that are Jailbait!lol.. Pixy and Kate have come in heat. They holler, hang their heads out through the panels and flag their tails!
 This morning things got a little crazy.. He tried to go through the panels.. He stuck his head through and Pushed hard! Enough to almost pull a T-post out of the ground! Thankfully the heavy duty clips and panels held..
  So what does this have to do with a bunch of zip-ties, wire and a sprinkler?? That is our protection or rather Kate,Pixy and Dollies protection!Lol We dragged up every piece of 2X4 and smaller wire we could find and zip-tied it to the panels so he cant get his head through. Then Pixy found ONE hole to get her head through and I was worried about Lucian getting to rough.. So I tried to block the one hole while dodging Lucian.. Yeah that didn't really happen! He would go out with the rest of the older does and then Pixy would holler and here he would come running! Males they are all the same!LOL Just Kidding... Sort of..
  Anyway he still was pushing at the panels and causing all sorts of chaos and mayhem.. So I got an idea.. Goats hate water and that was the easiest way to get him away.. Really about the only way. I would squirt him with the hose.. So we zip-tied the sprinkler to the panels and every time he gets to that end and starts acting all crazy. We run out and turn the water on!.. Oh yes it works like a charm... So far! Of course we will probably get out there tomorrow to find all of the zip-ties chewed off ,the T-post and panels mangled....  (crazy crosseyed smiley face with all hair standing on end and a black eye)
 Oh the joy of goat romance....
 So other than that it had been a quiet weekend Kyle was gone all weekend to a 3 gun shoot he helped at with a friend. We were so happy for him to be home. We are not use to being apart.. Ever.... He said he felt like he had been gone a week instead of just a few days. With him gone the girls and I had a Chic Flick weekend.. We watched Letter to Julliet(cute) and The Last song(stinkin Sad!) I don't like sad movies.. We also watched Pride & Predjudice for the 20th time! We all love that movie. It was fun but we missed Kyle..
  We have big plans this weekend though.. Good Night!


R Dean said...

What a talented goat!!! Send David Letterman a video clip... ;-)

Brenda said...

I'm glad Dollie is doing so much better. Putting her in with only the goats her own age was a great idea. Of course when you have to protect them from themselves and the over active buck ... separating them may seem like a big problem :D

Mariah is one talented goat. Did the girls work with her when she was little to walk on her back legs or did she figure it out on her own that she could reach the good stuff by walking on her back legs?

Nancy@el vigilante said...

The power of attraction! Some boys always seem to want what they haven't got -- or shouldn't have. lol. Good luck with keeping Lucian in check.

tree ocean said...

oh the power of goat amore! LOL yeah lots of stories come to mind..the farm having one escape and having 40 babies in January...I had two separate pens 100 feet apart and had one doe and one buckling escape each pen and 5 months later little Anna arrived...last year the bucks that were in the breeding pen at the farm kept busting the dividing fence and got in the main herd...the farm had two "surprise" births from good luck with that!!! better get some hot strands up and put chastity belts on those doelings! (and you still might have a surprise!\

we watched letters to Juliet, that was cute! Have a great week!

the Goodwife said...

Glad Dollie is better! We were lucky enough to have a seperate buck barn and they got locked up all day long. Then in the evening, the girls came into their barn and the boys could go outside. I would only let Luke in with a girl when she was in standing heat. A quick breeding and back to seperate quarters they went. They sure are determined when it comes to the ladies! And those silly hussies would stand at the door to the buck barn when they were in heat, just torturing those poor bucks! LOL! Glad you figured out a a way to keep Lucian away for the time being!

ps...I also don't like sad movies!

matty said...

I tell you... just like teenagers... no brains... just a big hormone...

I laughed out loud about the water sprinkler. You are too smart for the goats! And, I think there will be a little water birth control at our house this week! Perfect!

Deanna said...

Goats are beginning to sound like an awful lot of work! Men!

I don't like sad movies but I definitely like chick flicks. It sounded like a fun weekend.

Hope you are enjoying this weather.