Monday, September 20, 2010

Not the first time I forgot a title......

Part of a Fairy ring..
Saw 2 complete rings last week but couldn't get a pic..

This is where Dollie gets her ears from.
This is her Momma Maryann.
 I wanted a full body pic
but it was dark and she wouldn't cooperate.

 Ms Dollie..She is doing better.
Dollie, Pixy, Kate and Kate's brother
are locked away from everyone else.
We go to get Lucian, the buck tonight.

Moses looking lonely..
But it will have to wait another year.
I want to wait till he is older to use him for breeding.
I don't want him to hurt himself.

Sasha hiding again!

Van the wether is now in the freezer.
I only got 28 lbs of meat out him.
He was to fat and the rest was bone.
I got more meat out of a full Nubian wether 6 months younger.

 Kyle made these for me..
 I wanted something different for curtain tiebacks.
I am not decorating western just country..
 I Love them!
I just gave him an idea and he did this.
 My brain is mush today for some reason... I had these pics loaded on here since last night but couldn't get the blog writing going... Me with nothing to say is Unusual! But I think I am pretty much over it..
 We had a busy weekend. Good supper with friends Saturday night. Church yesterday was refreshing! Things have calmed down in the goat pen now that wether is gone. He was locked away but seemed to cause general hate and discontent.. Now I have 28 lbs of meat to make all sorts of good stuff with. It wont last long but it will be good. Since I had a friend butcher him I was able to see what condition he was in.. All the fat leads me to the conclusion he got more than his fair share of the grain. The cause of all that fat. So when the buck we are using leaves we will be doing more rearranging. The Wethers will go in the back pen with the hut for shelter in the trees.
 They will be separate from the does and get a much smaller amount of grain plus hay and browse/graze. Moses and his companion will be in their pen and the 10 does in the main pen. They wont eat it down as quick being separated like this but it will most likely put off the rotational grazing till next spring. But these wethers will go to the freezer quicker then Van did. Hopefully by the time babies start arriving some of them will be leaving. Its a constant juggling act and change trying to figure out what is going to work best. But since we have moved here I think some of the wrinkles are starting to smooth out..
 We are going to go get the buck I am using this year. I will post a pic of him when we get him settled. Some of the does have already come in heat and we are catching the tail end of this heat cycle. So we may have a couple of weeks between some of the breeding. The 3 doelings and wether I have locked away cant understand why they cant go with the herd. Of course 3 of them were still nursing! Stinkers they are almost as big as their mommas. On the flip side I am back to milking 4 and getting more milk so that means I can make for chevre! I was just about out!
 Told you all I was out of the nothing to say fit!Haha! Okay got things to do so I am going to get busy!
 I hope everyone has a Great week!


Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I had never heard of a fairy ring. Thanks for posting it, I learned something today!

Anke said...

The ears on Ms Dollie are just adorable! So cute... Your curtain tie backs are really neat, your hubby did a great job making them for you.

Brenda said...

It's good to know that Van won't be harming any more does and that you'll get to enjoy him in a whole new way.

Dollie is adorable. And, I really like the horse shoe tie back. Kyle did a great job on it.

Gail said...

Fairy rings are so magical!

Love the tie back.

Melanie said...

How old was Van when you butchered? Just curious - we are butchering in November and trying to figure out how much meat we will get

~Tonia said...

Van was a little over 18 months old. But he was a Kiko/Nubian cross. Meat goats(Kiko) have bigger bones and they arent full grown till almost 4 yrs old. Nubian is a dual purpose but can tend to be rather thin or more dairy looking.
When we butchered wethers at a year old the PB nubian wether had more meat then the Boer wether of the same age. We got about 27 lbs of meat out him. I got the same amount out of Van and had to feed him 8 months longer.. They are relatively easy though and if you have butchered deer then you can do goat. We grind all of ours and use it in place of ground beef.

Rural Rambler said...

I am cheering for Dollie! She is going work it out and be a happy girl :)

Feral Female said...

What a georgous ear set she has! I`ve never seen a fairy ring either, thanks for sharing!

tree ocean said...

LOL Brenda! I am not thrilled about goat meat but it brings a smile to my face to see van in the grinder! Poetic justice. Sorry! (for being so morbid)

Ground goat is my favorite so far..esp swedish meatballs! Goat tends to be dry-do you put the fat in the grinder, too, or does it give it a strong flavor?

Dollie is so pretty!

~Tonia said...

I try to keep Out as much fat as as possible. But when I cook it I use Olive oil. I haven't ever had much problem with it drying out to much. We like it in Tacos,Meatloaf and BBQ. I use it were ever we use ground beef.
We have a tendency towards the morbid here. As Dottie was well loved and Van was not anymore..

TJ said...

Seems like you get everyone settled in different pens, and then it is time to change them around again! That's what happens here,too! We've got two spring doelings that are nursing through the fence--and not on their mama! We've got one old doe that is just a sweetheart and will let anyone that is hungry have a snack. Time to change the fencing....again :-)

Deanna said...

Those ears are amazing. I'd never heard of fairy rings before - interesting. Great idea on those tie backs.

It's a shame you couldn't think of anything to say!