Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Have A Second Pasture!!

 But first we found This in the pasture!!
While working on the fence..
It was eating a grasshopper!

 So of course my buggy kid just Had to catch it!

It was cleaning up from its meal!Lol
The girls were letting it crawl all over.
Pretty sure this is a female..

Some of the fence line..
 Kyle weedwhacked it yesterday.
 We ran 3 strands 2 hot and one not..
 I may have to go back and lower it.
 Then add a 4th strand of wire on top. 
It wouldnt be hot either. 

 Kara was out in it taking pics.
Its pretty thick and has all sorts of stuff for the goats to eat out there!
Its laid over some after the rain yesterday though.

 Of course the trees attract them almost immediately! 

 Ms Airplane ears.. Chowing down.

Reaching for the trees!

 Once I got Kyle out there we got it done in no time! He is my hero! He sees my efforts and takes pity on me!Lol  We ran 3 strands of electric fence.. But I am thinking I will go back and add a 4th strand to the top just for kicks and giggles... It will alternate from top to bottom hot-not-hot-not. This way they try to squeeze through they will ground out with the not hot wire and shock them.. Which they rarely try it and hit it only on accident now.
 So once we got the fence up and on it was time to show them the new pasture.. Okay they were Convinced I was trying to feed them to the ravenous wolves next door!(10-12lbs dogs next door that you can hear just not see). We pulled them through the gate and they started inspecting. Nibbling here and there... Then they figured I wasn't trying to kill them and ignored me and went to pigging out.
 But in the mean time all of the wether babies didn't figure out how to get where mom was and were hollering. They finally got the nerve to Run through the gate.. All but one.. He never would go over there. Just hollered for mom who ignored him. She was busy and he wasn't dying...LOL  They all even figured out how to get back to the barn with out me going to find them!. Now I have to get some more step ins and make it to where they cant get into the 1st pasture... Then I will have semi rotational grazing!... All in time...
 Its raining again. The cool front has hit and it produced a good line of storms. Temps are suppose to be pretty cool for the next week or so.. That's a good thing..
 I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 


Blossom said...

Great! But that praying mantis gave me the hebeejeebees! I like the photos but am glad its not me its crawling over...shudder...

Brenda said...

The goats look very happy in their new pasture. Playing with that praying mantis looks very interesting. You'll probably have lots of them next year if the babies you hatched out stayed around!

Jennifer said...

The goats sure look like they are loving the new pasture! that is one big bug, neat looking though.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Great pictures, it is good to have mantis's around! I like all the goat pictures.

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

I found a praying mantis the other day on a walk as well. I freaked out when it ran up my arm. I wanted it to hang out on my hand not run towards my face!

Feral Female said...

The goats look very happy in thier new digs. That mantis is cooler than cool!

Rural Rambler said...

That is a huge praying mantis! Have not seen any here but we have stick bugs all over everthing outside. Must be their year :) Isn't the weather just wonderful?!!

tree ocean said...

Yay! New Pasture!! You have my sympathy running fence this time of year! TG for the men and their weedwhackers! And their green stake driving, and chasing line round and round! Phew! I am hot and sweaty just looking at the pics!

The mantis pix came out sooo good! I love the background view when she is on the tree! Nice country you live in!

My goats do that too...stand on their hind legs to get a leaf ten feet high and ignore the bounty at their feet! Darn

One technical question...I don't see insulators on the green stake?

~Tonia said...

For corners on the T-post or like here starting the fence line from another fence we use a piace of garden hose. Kyle cuts it, runs wire through it and then wires it to the post. A very inexpensive recycled fence insulator that wont pop off!!
I meant to put a picture of that and how we do it... But forgot....

tree ocean said...

Oh, garden hose, that is a great idea! The black tubes they sell in packs of ten are pricey and not very big! You could probably wrap a piece of hose with a wire and nail the wire to a wooden post or tree instead of a nail-in insulator, as well.

Texan said...

Thats great, being able to rotate forage areas is so nice :O).

We just got our place set up to do that this year, nice to be able to move them back and forth :O)