Tuesday, September 28, 2010

13 Years Ago......

Well this pic isn't 13 years ago..
It was last night from the front porch.

13 years ago I gave birth to these 2 beautiful girls.
They are 2 minutes apart
but as different as night and day!
 They are working on the fire ring for their birthday party.

It took them about 2 hours
 because they didn't want any rocks to move.
They also wanted it level around the top.

I think they did a pretty good job!
They have started collecting sticks and logs for the fire.

 I cant believe they are 13 already! Time sure flies! We took the day off of school and spent it outside. We had a party scheduled 2 weeks ago but something came up. This is working out better because it would have been to hot for a bonfire and all 2 weeks ago. Now it has cooled off and its in the 50's at night so it will be great weather for it. Not to cold and not to hot.
 I just hope the wind is still blowing Toward the goat pen and not from it! Because Lucian may smell good to the does but he makes my eyes water and its not a good smell! He is still trying to get in with the younger ones. But is not as insistent.
 The barn is cleaned out once again! I worked on that while the girls worked on the fire ring. I have made a few changes inside. For the most part trying to figure out a way to get it to drain better. When it rains it hold water. We are on a very rocky hill but the water comes in under the edge of the barn off the hill and it will hold it for about 2 weeks if there is bedding down.
 My thoughts on it where to dig about 6 inches down around the high side and the back then  put a piece of tarp down and back fill against it.. But when we go to dig.. We hit rock, gravel, and small boulders! How the Heck does it hold water?? I don't know.. Maybe I just need to sweet talk my major muscles around here(Kyle) into digging it for me... The girls and I have tried. Worked for 30 minutes and got no where especially after the chickens found it... They thought we had piled it up for them to dig through ya know? Filling the barn floor with creek gravel would work but I am sure I can come up with something less costly.. In the mean time cold weather is approaching.. Ick..
 So back to the 13 thing.. Happy Birthday to my Girls! Good night everyone!


Anke said...

Happy Birthday to your girls! Hope their special day will be everything they hope for...

Laura said...

Enjoy every moment, the next time you blink they will be grown women with babies themselves. Have a wonderful day!

Brenda said...

The photo of your evening sky is beautiful. I could sit on your porch and watch that until the sun went down!

The girls made a great fire ring. I'm sure your party will be fun having a bonfire in it.

Happy Birthday girls! ...yes, I know it was yesterday :D

the Goodwife said...

Happy birthday to your lovely daughters! You are right, this is the perfect weather for a bonfire!

Deanna said...

My evening sky wasn't nearly as pretty as yours. Happy Birthday to you sweet girls. Hope they had a wonderful birthday. The bon fire looks like fun.

matty said...

Happy birthday to two beautiful gals! And to their Mum who carried them!

Have a glorious party!



Rural Rambler said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your daughters Tonia! We love a fall fire too and I think I almost share a birthday with those 13 year olds!

tberry29 said...

Happy Birthday Girls!

small farm girl said...

Happy Birthday girls! Have a good one!!!!

Feral Female said...

Happy birthday girls!

TJ said...

Happy Birthday girls! I hope the fire was a success and the evening was a blessing for all!