Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh The Joy of Getting Things Done!

My squash was dying out and the tomatoes were becoming a jungle.
 I had so many tomatoes underneath the bushes that I couldn't get too.
So we pulled it all out.. Saved the good tomatoes...
It was crazy.....


Amusing themselves
while picking up and sorting the good from the bad....
 Chickens got a lot of tomatoes...
Kyla and Kara pulled that all out...

Candice and I cleaned out the goat barn
and added it to the various beds I have started..
 I am not sure yet what will go here...

 Here is another Undecided bed...
 Maybe something Viney(is that a word? according to
 spell check its not. But they had no useful suggestions.)
There is a fence behind it and nothing to eat it from the other side..  

The pile of tomato and squash plants
that didn't have anywhere to go yet..

Turtle Acrobats....

The new Buck Rabbit hutch...
The tarp is temporary till I get some tin..
 But at least they are up off the ground..

 The little banties in their own living quarters..
 Over where the tomatoes were..
 Sort of a chicken tractor.
 I hope they clean it up good!

I got a Real Light in the barn!!
 Kyle got new lights for the garage
 and gave me this shop light for the barn.
 It will be soooo nice come kidding season.
If the bucks ever get with the program!

Pixy the goat in the middle
 uses her momma to get a step up..

Because that's what Mommas are for you know!

Caught Hope shaking her head and flinging those ears!Lol

 Pixy is a ham!....
 She knows she is the Herd Princess!
 Her mom is Herd Queen and it is well known!
 Goats have a definite Hierarchy.

  The bucks are still terrified of the goat girls! I am trying to be patient but you know..
 It may be next May before I get any goat babies... Nooo nooo Don't even want to think that..
 I am already planning next years garden. I have been stopping every once in a while at Bakersville and buying heirloom seeds. I figure by the time spring gets here I will have to buy very few seeds. I hope to have enough to take to a local farmers market and sell plants and then hopefully produce.
 We wrapped up our year in 4H. The girls turned in all of their project papers today.. Yeah!!! Of course if they wouldn't procrastinate like their momma we would have turned them in already!Lol   But we start with a local group this year and I am anxious to see how it goes. Its much smaller than our former group. We will miss them.. But it will be nice to meet more local people.
 We got a few little isolated showers today. Its warmed back up but its not as miserable as it had been. Things are pretty dry though. I know some people are feeding hay already. I still have that fence to get up and mine wouldn't have to eat as much hay! But some good rain would be nice. 
  School is also starting for us soon.. I am not ready yet.. The procrastination is kicking in...
 My oldest also turns 14 this weekend!! I just cant believe it.. She cannot possibly be that old. That is how old my mom was when she met my dad and they were "going together"!! Nooo Not possible! Okay NOT going to think about that right now... 
 So I am off for the night.. Have a good night all! 


Brenda said...

You all have been very busy ... and very productive. The goat girls are looking really good. The light in the barn will be very nice.

If your boys don't get with the program soon, you can use BrownBear again this year if you want to.

Jennifer said...

That is the way our tomato plants did last year. Even though I thought I had planted them far enough apart they got so big it was a real pain to get to them at all. We ended up with a tomato plant hedge that ran into the zucchini plants.

Your goats are beautiful, love the cattle panel shelter. I sure wish I could do something like that for our goats. Maybe it is because we have goats with horns but they will not leave a tarp shelter intact at all. The bucks in particular seem to just like to shred them for fun. (I have seen them do it)

Nancy said...

Yes, it is good to get things done! Our garden is struggling along with all of the heat we've had lately, but I'm hoping for a resurgence after it cools off in the next couple of days. Not ready to yank out the 'maters or peppers yet. Wasn't a very good tomato season here. PS - your fenced area looks perfect for pumpkins. :)

Kelle said...

Love your blog! The goat pictures are the highlight of my day, quite the characters!

Our tomatoes in the greenhouse are 8 ft tall and so full of tomatoes, that the stakes are breaking. They are just beginning to ripen up and we look forward to a bountiful crop, especially since our crops for the last two summers were so poor.

I'm sort of missing home school, although I do like the extra time I now have when not having to prepare a lesson plan and help them with their school work *wink*

Blessings to you and yours,

Shanster said...

Sure feels good to get things done doesn't it? I love making a list and checking things off. I think your boys will figure things out. Try not to worry too much! grin. Easier said than done I know!

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

Wow you all were busy. I had no luck with my garden this year but I had no help as well. Husband retired in March and said it was too hot to go out and pull weeds. So they took over and choked out all but my squash. Only got a few peppers. Oh well.
The turtle is too cute!

Deanna said...

Your goats are so funny. We haven't yanked our tomatoe plants up, but they are about to that point. I'm jealous - we didn't get any rain. I think that will change over the next few days, though.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

R Dean said...

I need to get a lesson in getting things done...never seems to be enough time in the day!!!

Sounds like you are keeping busy!!! We have a couple more weeks before we will be pulling our tomato plants...Suppose to rain tomorrow, coupled with more humidity..that will ripen the rest of em'!!!

Feral Female said...

We`ve started yanking plants too. The tomatos have blight again so we ditched them after picking. Then we tugged out the bean plants and fed them to the steers.

Goats are looking good!!