Monday, August 16, 2010

The New Favorite Around Here!.....

Flat breads, Tortillas, Chapati Bread...
it has various names and the same Basic recipe.
 Tortillas take a little baking powder and lard..
 A sweet friend of mine was telling me about making these
and how much her family liked them.
I always bought tortillas but they are just really not that great.
 I had been told they are hard to make too..
 So I tried these one night last week...
We had them 3 different nights with different fillings..
Kyle and the girls  loved them.
 Anyway so I went to my favorite Recipe website..
Found this under Indian Chapati bread..

2 cups of flour( I use unbleached and oat or wheat flour)
2 T of oil(I used Olive oil)
3/4 cup of hot water(it does make a difference to use hot)
This makes about 10 flat breads.

 Then you mix till its a soft ball of dough but not sticky.
 Divide into smaller balls of dough about the size of a ping pong ball.
 Let it rest for a few minutes.

Then roll out very thin.
I have the perfect size small wooden rolling pin for this..

I cook it on med-hi for about 30sec-1 minute on each side.
 My cast iron round griddle pan is perfect for this.
I spray a little olive oil spray on it but its really not necessary.
Cook till it bubbles a little then flip.

Then fill it with yummy stuff like this...
 Shredded seasoned chicken, zucchini, squash and onions
with a little Chevre to hold it all together..
 They are very filling 2 is about all of us eat at the most.
 The first time we tried it I had beef cooked with tomatoes and zucchini. Then layered it with Chevre and a little onion.. That's what started it.. The next day I cooked a  pork roast with Raspberry balsamic vinegar, garlic and other spices(cant remember what else). Diced it up and wrapped it up in the flat breads with Chevre. The next day cooked the left over roast with Squash and zucchini added fresh tomato,onions and chevre. It was absolutely wonderful!
 Then we took some to the river with us cold.... Had mayo, onion, tomato and tuna fish, it was a good picnic food..   There were some recipes that made them sweet. I thought it would make a good breakfast food filled with fruit or jam... Its somethign easy to throw together if we run out of bread. My personal opinion it would be better than store bought bread health wise. There is really nothing to it..
So that is the new food craze around here! Its not very often we find something everyone likes this much!!


Brenda said...

These look really good. I think I'll give them a try. I enjoy wrapping something in a tortilla for a quick breakfast. I think making them fresh would be better than the store bought ones.

small farm girl said...

I am soooo going to try this! I have always wondered about making them. Thanks for the recipe!

Anke said...

I'll have to give this a try, sounds easy and yummy. I love making tortillas anyway, so this is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

Feral Female said...

That sounds SO good!

Diane@Peaceful Acres said...

In India, a bride is judged by how perfectly round her chapati are....I failed miserably! But boy to I love chapati so I can eat Indian food with my hands!!! You did a great job!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

I know our family would love these and with the bounty from the gardens right now...
Thanks for sharing.
Warm wishes, Tonya

~Tonia said...

Good thing I wasnt judged on how round they were!!its more like Guess what this is the shape of?? Kind of like looking at clouds to see what you could see!Lol

Texan said...

this looks good,I am going to try it!

Nezzy said...

I love makin' my own Tortillas, I too use olive oil in 'em. They taste so much better then we can buy from the grocery store. Yours look wonderful! :o)

Now we just may have to have "Mexican" on the menu tonight on the Ponderosa.

Harvestin' the wheat field for seed in on the agenda today.

God bless ya and have yourself one glorious day!!!