Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Making Chevre/Farm Cheese

Friends brought their goats Saturday to be disbudded and
they also brought some raw cow's milk and cream for us.
This is Cow and Goats milk next to each other..
 Goats milk is very white.
Since its next to impossible to get the cream from the goats milk
with out a Lot of work and a separator. I really appreciated the cream.
I will use it to make some butter today.
That my friends is good stuff!Lol

So then I thought I would try making what is Chevre
Or If its made with cows milk its Farmer's Cheese.
So I warmed a gallon and a half of milk to about 80*
If you milk you can just strain it and leave it.
No heating required..

 Then in about a half cup of cool water I put 5 drops of rennet.

And 1/4 teaspoon of Mesophilic Starter Series MA 11.

Dissolve the culture and rennet in the cool water.
Then slowly stir it in to the warm milk..

 I stir it for a few minutes to make sure its mixed well..
Then put the lid on and put it on the back of the stove.
To sit for several hours...

And here would go my picture of showing when its ready to strain..
It separates and leaves whey. It will make a clean break when
you slide a spoon in and pull up gently.
Sorry I didn't get the pics..
I need to get my act together here..lol 
It got late and I forgot till I downloaded the pics..
And HERE would go my picture of showing it
wrapped up in cheesecloth, hanging and draining off the rest of the whey...
You can let it drain for 2-3 hours or over night.
The longer it drains the drier the cheese.
Here is the finished product...
This one is made with the Cow's milk...

This is the same but made with Goat's Milk!

This really is one of the easiest cheese I have made.
It takes very little time really and no heating is needed if you just strain it.
Its very very usable! I have made dips,casseroles and brownies with it..
If you want it more creamy then run it through the food processor or blender.
Then its more like cream cheese. Its very mild flavored and freezes well.
It will last about a week give or take in the fridge.
This is GOOD Stuff!!


small farm girl said...

Now I can't wait for my goats to start milking. Thanks for the recipe!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Altho my husband is a professional cheesemaker of 20 some years, I just tried my hand at making cheese this spring with our fresh goats milk. It was a very fun process, and oh-so many possibilities. We enjoyed eating it at the fresh curd stage and had to practice lots of self control to let it age a bit.

Brenda said...

Yumm! The color difference between the cow and goat milk is very dramatic when showed side by side in your photos. Does the cow's milk Farmers cheese taste different from the Chevre?

matty said...

Isn't it amazing how the milk changes colours between species? We love to make Chevre and add all kinds of spices. Yummmers.... Have you tried mozzarella yet? It can be made in 30 minutes on the stove top! Very good! It never lasts in our house to get into the fridge!


tree ocean said...

That look really really good! Pixie, the goat cheese lady at our local market, does a steady business with plain or herbed. You can freeze it too..

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

Thanks for the side by side comparison. Very interesting. I love making chevre. It's so easy, not to mention yummy! I've never tried it with cow's milk as I always use milk from our own goats.

~Tonia said...

It does freeze very well. When I am getting a lot of milk I just put it right into Chevre so I dont have to make space in the fridge and I can save it for later.
Matty I havent tried Mozzarella yet...

Shanster said...

Yum - I love chevre! I get some direct set cultures from New England Cheesemaking Supply... and I was just thinking I need to try a chevre with liquid rennet to add it to my cheese making repatoire! How interesting the cow and goat milk are in color next to each other...

StephanieTJLee said...

Whoa very nice post. I'm hoping I'll get a chance to make chevre one day. Thank you for sharing :)!

Deanna said...

I am really impressed! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to make cheese. But who knows... time will tell.

Congratulations to your girls on winning goat herder of the year award. Awesome job girls!