Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How We Built Our Chicken House.

First you gotta have a basic supply list..
We had most everything here already since we were just adding to it and "remodeling"!
 4-6ft T-post
3-16ft cattle panels
2-6ft pieces of hog panels
Wire-We used left over Electric fence wire.
(We also use Concrete ties if we have them.)
2" & 3" screws
8-8ft 2X3 boards
1-board the length of the back panel(12ft here)
1 inch Chicken wire
2X4 welded wire
 Small Fence staples
A pair of Hinges
 Some type of heavy duty latch for outside.
 Some type of support for the middle
Plenty of Roosting post
(We have a couple of cedar trees the goats stripped and chewed on for us!.)
Billboard Tarp
 This is the almost finished product....

Its slightly crooked
because everything gets built at a slant here...
 We are on the side of a good hill..

Still Needing the second brace and a brace for the door.
Its been to hot to do anything major
when Kyle gets home from work.
You don't want to see it if I did it!Lol

I didn't have enough roost in the other house.
So I added several more
and it keeps them from roosting on the nest boxes.
 We have 2 cedar trees the goats stripped and various other sticks
I hooked them in the panel to where they wont slide out.

Since its a little shorter and not as much of an arch.
We put in a support to keep it from bending in if we get to much rain or snow.
Its attached to the panel at the top so it can move at the bottom if needed.
I keep a light in the pen to help discourage Night time predators.
Of course Faithful little Hobo is out there.

My current nest boxes...
Their feeder..It really does save feed.
They are currently locked up till they are use to the new place.
I will start letting them out in a few weeks in the afternoon.
This will keep them laying and roosting in here.

Since the house is shorter, the post are taller
 I cut to fit around the T-post.

Their dust bath.
I had a bucket of ashes that hadn't been used.

    We start with the back. Put your T-post in the length of the back panel. Our back panel was 2 pieces so it overlapped some to have a length of about 12ft. The sides were pieces of hog panels that are about 6ft. We had trimmed down some left over hog panels that were bent on the end.. They are shorter and have graduated squares. Then you add the front T-post to the hog panels.
 We used 2 cattle panels for the top. Bow it to the inside and attach about 2 squares down with wire. Then pull it out to fit the hog panels and wire together..

  With that in place you start framing in the front.
Kyle attached to 12ft board along the bottom.

Then he framed in the door from that to the top panels.

This is how that is attached...

 Using the fence staples and 2X4 wire we filled in the front. Used left over pieces of Chicken wire for the very top. Then around the sides and up the back we zip-tied chicken wire to the panels. Because the chickens can slip through the cattle panel squares.  
 I got the wrong hinges but they worked anyway.
 Then we covered it with the tarp tied down the edges with heavier zip ties. All along the front and back edge and the along the bottom of the sides.  Making sure to cover where the chicken wire doesn't.  When it gets cold we will put a piece of tarp up over the side from the inside. Leaving the south end  for ventilation.  Very few of our storms blow in from South/southeast here. We still have to attach a latch of some sort. Right now its just wired shut. This is not meant to be big enough for all of them to be locked up all the time. I like my chickens to roam and eat bugs and other things of that nature. Once they get used to this and quite complaining then I will let them out again and lock them up at night.
The only other thing I want to get is something better for water. Right now its  a tub and they like to perch on the side of it and then of course they tend to poop in it..  But all in time and with a little money...
Our next big project will go between the Chicken house and the goat barn.. It will be a second panel building that will hold my hay and feed. Hopefully it will hold about 50-100 hay bales and my feed barrels. Right now its a few post and boards holding the tarp up off of the hay. Isn't working well but till I get my hands on a few more panels that is what will have to work..
 I think this is everything.. I may remember something later and have to come back and edit it..


matty said...

Fabulous! I am going to try your revisions to my buck house! Thanks!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Sweet! And I like that it has an arched type roof. The snow should slide right off! (Funny to talk about snow during this heat wave, huh?). -Tammy

tree ocean said...

I have to get some panels! So great! I wondered how you dealt with that post I saw it sticking up in the last post and having had similar things wondered how you worked it?
If you go over it makes a pocket for rain, snow and ice. I have cut it before too, but I had a though-use some duct tape around that post as you know rain will find that tiny hole and make a big wet spot on the bedding

~Tonia said...

The snow does usually slide right off.. Nasty stuf.. It may be hot but I Sure dont want snow either.
Tree- I dont have to much trouble with the rain coming in on these tarps if it does its right at the edges and goes out under the edge.
The wet doesnt bother the chickens as much as it would the goats.

Hot Belly Mama said...

Gives me some ideas for a future coop! The only thing I would do differently is give the chickens some more shelter to lay. They love dark places. I actually set up old cat litter boxes (after cleaning them of course) with wood shaving or hay in them. Old cat carriers would work too.

I tried to do an open area like you did and immediately many of my chickens stopped laying or else they slowed way down. Some of them escaped and started laying in the barn. I went online and read that they instinctively look for dark covered places that will be safe for the chicks.

You did beautifully!

Carol............. said...

Thanks for sharing the details! Will pass this on to my son and his wife who are just now getting ready to keep some chickens.

Terry said...

Very interesting blog. I am going to come back later when I have more time to check it out further.
By the way I am following you.

I am on a mission to follow 10 blogs a day that interest me. Hopefully they will follow me back.

My Journey With Candida

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

I love those billboard tarps. And it gives some interior decorating for the chickens to enjoy. Very nice job on the coop.