Monday, July 12, 2010

Took A Little Trip......

I left the house and drove north/northwest for 2 and a half hours...
Till I saw this sign and then went a little farther!

 To meet with these ladies!
All fellow goat lovers!
Lots of talking and laughing

 Hungry Humming birds
This was just a few at their house!
She fills her feeders 3 times a day!

And of course there were GOATS! 
Mostly Kiko with some
crossed with Boers and Lamanchas.
 The Kiko/Lamancha girls were very impressive.

Here he is rounding up his very "wild"goats! lol
They were a little leery of the strangers.....

 But like most goats, they were easily distracted
by the contents in the bucket!

 Some of the littles were sweet talked
with just the right scratch in just the right spot!

 Then MR. Impressive Aka Hippie.
He is a New Zealand Kiko.
Very impressive genetics and one handsome buck.

He wasn't in with the girls
but he keeps an eye on them from his side of the fence!
 I wish I would have gotten a better pic of all of him.

Licking the trough clean.....


Yikes strange people....
The little tan and white boy can cross his ears behind his head
thanks to the  Lamancha in the mix.
It was hilarious!

I enjoyed my "day-off" yesterday. I missed Kyle and the girls, they missed me too!lol  I got to talk goats and meet online friends face to face. It always fun to visit other farms to see how they do things.
Very Sweet people that allowed us to invade their place for the day.
I got to bring home some Homemade Strawberry/Rhubarb jam and salsa from my sweet friend Tracy. Then Penny brought Sweet corn to share with everyone! We plan on soaking ours and grilling it here pretty soo.
If it stops raining! I thought I would be able to mow today but its rained all night and its getting ready to rain again I think.  We needed it but now I Really have to mow!
 Plans for the next week is getting copper into the goats and getting the fecals done so I can see what they need in the way of dewormer... Candice and I got a little rearranging done in the boys pen today and added something for them to climb on. Also scrubbed down the milk stand. Its was desperately needing it.
Now we are trying to get the house clean and the yard picked up. We are having company tomorrow! 
So I am off to hide.. I mean clean off all the stuff piled on my desk!lol  


Brenda said...

Looks like you had lots of fun ... and a great day away!

Feral Female said...

Looks like a great trip!

Gail said...

It is so wonderful to have a whole room of people that know exactly what you are talking about. It's like a little slice of heaven.

R Dean said...

Tonia, do goats do okay around dogs? Wondering about that buck, with the horns...looks like those horns could put a hurtin' on yah!

R Dean

tree ocean said...

Great pix! Do Kikos produce cashmere,too? He reminds me of some of the farm bucks..

~Tonia said...

R Dean- it really depnds on the dog if they do well with goats or not. If the goats feel threatened by them then they will probably defend themselves. But alot of people have Livestock Guardian Dogs for their goats and they do really well. Our little Hobo avoids Sunshine the herd queen because Sunshine likes to keep her in her "place"!
Tree- I havent seen any Kikos producing much Cashmere but I would guess it would be like any of the others and indivdually they may produce more.. Kikos are bred From Nubians,Saanens,Toggenburgs and a feral goat in New Zealand to get the Kiko goat. They are definitely something to look into if you are crossbreeding or want a hardier goat.

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! We should all take a day off occasionally and just go!

Shanster said...

So nice to share with friend that have a common interest isn't it? Sounds like a great day and it's GOOD that your family missed you and you them!! It means you like each other!! grin.