Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Time Rambling...

Talk about Strutting his stuff!
I caught him in mid Squeak.. I mean Crow!lol

3 roosters in this pic..
I now have 7 roosters total out of 32 chickens... 

The goats favorite place right now.
Last year it was so overgrown you couldn't see it.
They dug at it till all this rock started appearing.
 They climb it, lay on it and roll in it.

Some of the Honey Locust trees from last year.
 They have chewed off most of the thorns.

Sasha convinced she can reach those leaves!

My 3 generations of goats..
April(6yrs), Hope(2.5yrs) and Kate(4 months)..

I have been trying to get a pic like this since Kate was born.
They finally posed for me!

 I am down to 2 adult goats to trim and the babies. I got the boys done tonight.  I am glad I went ahead and wormed everyone with a broad spectrum dewormer as a couple of the girls had tapeworms. They didn't show on the fecals But only 2 had them and one was Abby who has been struggling since before she had her baby.. When I did the fecals I didn't get samples from everyone just a couple and mixed them just to get an idea of what was going on. I will follow up in 10-14 days with another dose and I am giving dandelion tea in their water to help their livers work properly.
 Its still humid and hot with rain just about every other day if not every... We have family coming in from out of state cant wait to see them. Lots of plans for the weekend!
 I still haven't mowed the yard. Goats won out with their hooves needing trimmed so badly. Its been so hot we work early in the morning and spend the rest of the time inside.. I am thinking a pool will be on the list for next year as I am really missing it. We had one for about 5 yrs just the ones from Wally world that have the blow up rings and raise as you fill them. We found my parents one on Craigslist for $80 one year old and when they put it up it had one tiny hole easily patched.. Its nice to have it to cool off and give the kids something to do besides be in the house when its so hot out..
 Thats it for tonight! Have a good night all!


Brenda said...

Great photos! I wonder what the goats find so special about the rocky place. It's obvious that they spend a lot of time there ... so they must enjoy it very much.

small farm girl said...

Good pictures! It does look like they were posing for you. I have been wanting a pool for a long time. Maybe once we move to the new house. lol

Deanna said...

You got some really nice pictures. Hope you are enjoying the rain AGAIN this morning! At least it was a bit cooler most of the day yesterday.

~Tonia said...

The rain missed us yesterday and look slike it may today too.
The goats prefer to sleep in that place besides the barn which hack I prefer that place to the barn right now!

Christine said...

I love that last picture, it really does look like they're posing for a family photo. :)