Monday, July 19, 2010

Rearranging and Hobo Saves The Day!

Sort of an idea how much humidity we have right now..
I step outside and this is what happened to the camera lens.

We have had enough rain to have some flooding.
 We were cutting across on the back roads and had to turn around.
I do Not take chance when the water is muddy
 and I know how deep it is in the middle

I love Humming birds.
I have about 6 now that are coming to the feeders.
They are bold little fellers!

Kyla checking out the Mystery Plant..
Was thinking Zucchini But the fruit is round..
Its also starting to vine out. So it maybe Pumpkins.

The New "Spot" for the chickens to lay...
At least we don't have to go under the fence to get to it...
But its in one of my flower beds that
I had put fence around to keep them out of when the plants were small.
 The fence had caved enough for them to fly over..
There were 10 eggs in there.

I also cut Basil and Sage.
I am going to make Sage oil for when its time to dry up the goats.
And dehydrate the rest.
It smells so good!

I moved the milk stand out of the barn..
With all the rain water is standing Again
in the barn...
 So I pulled the stand out gave it a good scrubbing and am now milking outside. I actually prefer it most of the time unless of course its raining or snowing! But I have a plan.... I saw a version for cows on Craiglist. But I think with a little tweaking I could make it work for goats. Its basically just a Milking Shed but it is open then when the weather isn't as nice you can enclose it. It also has a roof with a good over hang.
 I have milked in the barn for years but they also like to use the stand for a lounging place and I am tired of cleaning up after them!lol I am their keeper not their maid!Lol
I still have the chickens to rearrange their house. I always think Okay I am done moving things then for some reason it wont be working like I thought and things need to be re-situated. I am waiting for it to not be so hot to get the chickens done. They still go to roost in the chicken house though. Even though there is no tarp.
 Hobo proved herself yet again Friday... I heard her barking about 5am and thought Leave the cats alone!lol A few hours later I finally decided to see what the deal was as she had been barking off and on sounding pretty ferocious at times.. She met me at the back door and Ran into the garage to where a box was leaning against the wall. I Knew there was something back there but was a little intimidated to really look. She was so happy that I was in there and kept jumping up on her back legs I finally got the courage to look.... It was a possum as big as Hobo!! I told her she was going to have to keep it there till Kyle got home since the garage is his domain. I made sure she had food and water close by.
 She spent all day watching that thing and every time it would start to move she would put it back in the corner.. The Chickens were in and out of the garage all day and even laid a few eggs in there! Part of their misplaced home syndrome... Kyle got home and did away with the possum and Hobo was treated well for doing such a good job of protecting my chickens. She is the best little dog! We don't "Re-home" Possums or raccoons because that is just causing someone else problems. Unfortunately once they have discovered your animals they wont leave till they are all gone. 
 The girls were gone this last weekend and it was a Looong couple of days doing chores by myself! Even though I am only milking One goat everyday with the heat it takes a little more time. The babies are enjoying being on mom full time too. Lol If I need more milk I take them off mom for the night.
 After giving copper one day I waited a few days and started deworming today. Also trimming hooves. I have Once again waited to long. We were out by 7am and I trimmed half of the adults. Mariah NEVER appreciates a hoof trimming. She kicks like a mule. Even sweet tempered April was grouching about the hoof trimming and tried kicking out at me..  She also does not like being off balanced so she doesn't try it to often!Lol
 They are loving their ledge they lay out on. It over looks the pasture and is shaded for most of the day. Speaking of shade I am also going to have to wrap the trees in the pasture in chicken wire to keep the goats from completely killing them. They have trimmed them really well now and will continue to do so till I put a stop to it!
 I hope everyone has a great week and I am off to kick back for a little bit...


small farm girl said...

Good job Hobo!!!! I'm with you. I don't relocate possums either. I've had them come back before.

Gail said...

A super fine farm dog...were there rewards involved after this fine performance? I would say a few treats are in order.

tree ocean said...

I am glad you turned around you never know if the road is washed out underneath there!

The basil and sage looks great!!

I know what you mean about the goats messing...mine will run all the way back to their sleeping/eating/drinking area just to poop...I suppose they think it is easier for me to clean up if I have to walk through it twice a

I am 9 goats behind on hooves! uck

Deanna said...

We always have problems with opossums. They are huge! They like to lurk by my workshop and scare me when I head into the house at night.

I think I need Hobo.

Nice photos.

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia I just got to thinking. CH and I are going to have to go to the State Fair now because it will be so cool to see Kara's drawing there! I know I'm a little slow here.

Glad you turned around at the muddy waters. The humidity is not to be believed this summer. UGH. We just had a big ol storm this morning AGAIN.

Good pup Hobo!!

Brenda said...

It is amazing how much rain we're getting this time of year. I agree with you ... it's always wise to turn around when the water is rushing over the road! I had to back a pickup and horse trailer a quarter of a mile when I came around a corner and found the water rushing across the road like your photo. That was a little scary!

I always enjoy your photos and adventures!

Shanster said...

Good Hobo! Sneaky chickens! Ucky Possum! Reminds me of a song by Southern Culture on the Skids called "Carve that Possum"! grin

matty said...

Good boy, Hobo! Give that fella an extra bone!

I know what you mean about always moving the critters. I have to do that when I get home! It seems they always need new pasture or something, doesn't it??