Friday, July 9, 2010

New Stuff, Green Stuff And Storm Clouds

The newest member to our little farm.....
Hercules a little 3 month old Holland Lop Buck
He is so cute!

Some of the chickens just scratching around..
Looking a little dirty
thanks to rain and dusting under the porch
when they were wet.

Looking for bugs between tomatoes and squash..
My volunteer Black Oil Sunflower.

The yellow summer squash plants..
Planting close together eliminates alot of weeding!

Isn't it Cute???

One of my Zucchinis..
It was yummy in the Alfredo sauce with supper.
It wasn't much but it added a little green..

 Jewelweed from my fellow goaty friend!
It took off here but my potted Jewelweed isn't doing as well..

 Jewelweed Blooms..

 Katy she thinks she is the stuff!

Fireworks from Sunday here in our little town.
It was a good show. I love fireworks!

 Storm moving in the other day.....
It brought cooler air and had awesome clouds..

Rainbow from Wednesday night on our way to town..

  I have a list of things to do around here now that things will be calming down.. Hoof trimming needs to be worked on and its time for copper boluses for all the goats. I will also be doing fecals to see what needs to be done parasite wise.. I don't think any of the goats are having serious problems. The boys don't have as much room to roam and they will definitely need it.. Before we know it breeding season will be here... This year is flying by!
 Anyway I was worried about my plants I did put in this year not doing well.. So I had piled up bedding from the goat barn where I wanted them..  I had some of my tomato plants that I almost threw out because they were so sickly looking!Lol But once I got them in the ground and then I added more goat barn stuff they took off! The zucchini and squash Really like it.. I am about to give up on strawberries though.. The chickens ALWAYS Find a way to get to them... I have Maybe 4 surviving plants! Raspberries and Blackberries are doing great though. I think I will add more next year.
 We are hoping to put up a temporary green house next year. Kyla is interested in doing a gardening project for 4H next year and entering produce,plants and flowers in the fair.. So its My perfect excuse to get some sort of green house this next year!Lol We have lots of plans for next year. Just trying to add some stuff slowly so I don't get overwhelmed. We plan on enjoying the rest of the summer. We have family coming in a few weeks and the girls are going to Nana and Grampies for a few days next week..
 Since we have gotten rain and looks like more headed this way I may have to actually mow the yard....Ick...Lol I have been able to talk Kyle into mowing it some... So I haven't had to do it very much..  All well.. Monday i will just have to do it and get it done. Got company coming Tuesday!
 That's it for tonight! Have a good weekend everyone!


Linda said...

It's nice you get rain in the summer! Here we seldom do and if we do, it is just a sprinkling that doesn't penetrate more than an 1/8 of an inch!

Everything look so pretty there! And Katy is so shinny! Very nice...

R Dean said...

Tonia, your veggies are looking delightful! Our's should be coming along soon!! Fingers crossed!!

Do you breed the rabbits for profit or are they just pets?

R Dean

Deanna said...

The rain definitely cooled things down. I think it is supposed to rain the next three days... Oh well. We needed it.

I honestly don't know how you get everything done. I think I've slowed down more than I realize. Your new little guy is so stinkin' cute!

tree ocean said...

my tomatoes and squash are loving the goat poo too! No fruit on my summer squash yet, though....

Missouri Gal Nicole said...

My daugther and I used to raise and show Holland Lops. They are the sweetest bunnies out there. Or we think anyway! He's a pretty boy!