Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Little Sunshine

 April ready to be milked..

 Hope ready for her turn..
Not that the babies are leaving much..
 I am enjoying the milkstand being outside like this. I am able to keep it so much cleaner. I do plan on building the shed around it so I can milk when its raining or other bad weather. It was hot and nasty in the barn. Hardly any flies out here and its always bright and clean.  I cant handle being in the shade all the time I need sun. I milked like this when I first started milking and enjoyed it alot. I was starting to get grumpy about milking and it hit me one day that it was one of the things I enjoyed was being outside like that.. I am enjoying it again as long as I get out quick enough before it gets to hot.
 Hope looks a little thin to me here. But with their copper and wormer she is picking back up. She is still nursing both babies. They are all so soft and shiny.. They are also coming in heat! Already! A few did in June that's unusual. I have never had them start till the last week in August.. But June! I am thinking NOOO not yet! They will drive me insane.
 You can sort of see in the background of Hope's picture that Sunshine and Mariah are fighting. It has been a regular thing lately! They act like someone else may get their food and run each other over to get to the feed bowls. Crazy Animals!
 They still have a little while I do not want December babies.......
 We have been dehydrating Yellow Squash and Zucchini along with a bunch of celery. It smells good. I like to dehydrate it to add to soups and such in the winter.. Fried green tomatoes were on the menu tonight too.. If they don't stop picking them then there wont be any red ones... Candice accidentally picked some of my Zebra Striped tomatoes. She felt so bad! I hope they go ahead and ripen though..  I also made a Zucchini cake and we shredded up more to put in the freezer for future Zucchini cake.  The small ones get Dehydrated or sauteed. Big zucchini gets shredded and it makes good cake/bread! I am thinking of mixing a bunch of different dried veggies to add to soups..
 The girls got all the zip ties cut off of the wire on the chicken house that was holding on the chicken wire. Now we just have to get the wires holding the panels and roost together.. I will be so happy to get them moved!
 Thats it for tonight..


Feral Female said...

The girls look comfy in thier stands! Our milk supply seems to run a wee bit lower too since the kids are kinda greedy! =)

OurCrazyFarm said...

What beautiful does! Our milk barn is currently under construction so our milk stand consists of a lead rope and a post, not very goat friendly! That milk stand looks great, I might have to figure out how to build one! We have learned the hard way that Nubians do come into heat in June quite regularly and December babies are not so fun:) Would you care to do a post sometime about what you feed your does? I am having trouble getting my younger first timer does to keep weight on while they are nursing their kids (even after worming) and your does always look so nice and healthy. Thanks!

Goodwife said...

We love fried green tomatoes! And zuchinni bread is yummy stuff too!

TJ said...

I love the boards on the stand! Our stands are solid where the goats stand. I think that the boards would let water and dirt go through much easier.

Oddly enough, we have had one Saanen cycle in already! And the buck started rutting 3 weeks ago. Soooo early! We usually don't get rutting until late August and the girls don't start cycling until September. What an odd year!

ML said...

That's a great idea. Love the milking stand!

Nezzy said...

What great milk stands, our donkeys need to take a lesson on takin' turns. They've been quite testy lately. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that we milk our way! Heeehehehe!

Ya'll have a terrific Thrusday!!!

Christine said...

These pictures crack me up. I tried just touching Daisy's udder once and she nearly ripped my arm off. No chance in you know where she'd get up there and let me milk her. LOL

When you say "copper and deworming" what exactly are you giving her? Daisy seems thin to me compared to her fat boys and I wonder if I should be giving her something extra?

~Tonia said...

I got this stand in trade for 2 bottle doelings this year. Its very nice and Sturdy!! The guy that built it did an Excellent job.
I have had December babies before..Not my choice. I prefer February and March myself..
I did a blog on what I feed, the copper and wormers too..

Shanster said...

Funny about heat... ours don't begin cycling until October and this year didn't come in until November! I always think if they come in late like that they are telling me it's going to be a doozy of a winter! My friend in TX also has his does coming into heat a lot sooner and having babies during their "winter".

I think winter in TX is probably WAY different that winter in CO! grin.