Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Will Not Complain.....

 About the heat... I told myself last winter when it was so cold no matter how hot it was I would not complain about the heat. The humidity is a little less today but yesterday it was at 82%! Then the storms hit!The second storm hit so hard it shook the house. Looked out in the pasture and the trees were bending low.
 We have gotten alot of rain in the last week. Grass went from brown and crunchy to Green and tall...  That's good for pastures and multiple cuttings of hay. My few garden plants I put in this year are going like crazy. We have started with Zucchini and Squash.Its is sooo good. May have to fry a few green tomatoes tonight too.
 On the flip-side we have to keep the animals watered with some good cool water. Thinking I may start adding some kind of electrolyte to it for a while. I have moved the water tubs to the shade even though they get leaves and stuff in them they stay cooler. The rabbits are getting frozen water bottles twice a day. It was just once but one of the little Hotots had some signs of over heating and so its twice a day now. They are also shaded with tarps and have a good air flow. The goats are preferring the trees to the barn due to the rain making the barn yet again ankle deep in mud. I have got to figure out something to get things to drain before fall.
I am off to go retrieve my girls and pick up a few other kids. Then its home to set up the slipNslide again.
Have a good weekend!


Gail said...

Wasn't the rain wonderful??

I am a lazy person staying in the cool spots as much as possible.

hillybilly annie said...

I know what you mean ,it has been to hot, lucky you got rain

Brenda said...

It's very hard not to complain ... coming in to cool off in the AC is wonderful though! I agree about having to watch the animals even more closely in this humid heat. - Take care!

Deanna said...

I will complain. I hate this heat. That thunderstorm rolled through yesterday morning and cooled things off for an hour or two and then boom - the humidity was worse than ever. I want Fall!