Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Let's All Go Down To The River!

                                                       We visited a new river access for us.
A friend had told me some about it..

It looked deep but on closer inspection
 it was just a little more than waist high on Kyle.

We walked along the edge here to a little more shallow spot.

Kyle and Candice Checking things out a little more.
Kyle had a stick to check and see how deep it was.

They ended up tripping over big rocks
and dunking themselves.

Kyla headed out to see what they were looking for..

Poor Hobo... She did not appreciate it...

AT All!!

Kyla catching her usual critters...

Kara trying a little fishing.

More Hobo swimming.....
She Still didn't like it! 

Watching for more fish.

Good thing I had shoes on this may have hurt!

 Yesterday we got the tomatoes in the ground Finally! I also hacked and chopped on the house dogs.. Tried to give them hair cuts. Tink doesn't look so bad...Belle is a different story... My clippers gave out halfway through...  So I had to finish with scissors... All I could think was Edward ScissorHands! 
 When we  were done we thought to try out the river a friend told me about. So that is where we spent the better part of the afternoon and into the evening. My friend and some of her kids showed up which made my girls very happy. They all had a blast. We came back to the house,roasted some hot dogs and made smores!
 It was a lot of fun!
 Today I got the rest of my squash planted.. I know late for when most people plant. But It still has plenty of time to grow. I planted some green beans in pots on the front porch and cucumbers in hanging baskets with Morning Glories... We will see how this works!Lol Now if I can just remember to water.. 
We have less than 3 weeks till the first fair. The girls are reminding the older goats what to do and training the little ones... It will be a lot of fun!
I hope everyone has good night!  


Brenda said...

The afternoon at the river looks like it was a lot of fun! It reminds me of when my kids were young and we'd spend lots of time at the creeks and rivers. We were a camping family. We enjoyed setting up our tents in a circle and spending several days at the river. Oh Yes ... those were the days! Humm ... great memories!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Tonia, Love the river, great place too cool down. Please explain what smores are, just for us Ozzies.

Feral Female said...

Beautiful shots! Looks like the place to be on a hot day!

tree ocean said...

wow what was that stuck on the end of your foot? Cool place!

Deanna said...

You'll be very glad you found that "swimming hole" as the summer heats up! So cool.

Gail said...

What a beautiful spot on the river and looks like everyone loved it but the dog.

Anonymous said...

The river walk looked refreshing and relaxing.

We took a dog with us fishing several times. He wasn't fond of the water, even though we never made him go in. We made sure to not throw a rock into the water. He would hi-tail it as fast and as far away as he could get.

Mary said...

The dog at river comments were from me. Not sure how blogger accepted only half of an identity typed in. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


small farm girl said...

What a great river to wade in!