Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kara's Drawings.....

Kara, my Youngest is entering some drawings in the fair..
She can only enter a few...
 So we thought we would get opinions from my blog followers!!
So tell us Your Favorites in the comments!
The Dragon

The White Stallion

The Rooster

Sunshine & Dottie

The Ram

The Great White Shark



Boer Buck

 She looks at pictures or things and draws them. No tracing whatsoever! She is learning how to shade now too!
I am impressed! Of course I am mom and we are always impressed with our kid's abilities!!
 Cant wait to see what You all think!!!


Debbie said...

Kara does a wonderful job! You have every right to be a proud mama! My favorites are the white stallion and the Ram...

Good Luck!

Ryan said...

Sunshine and Dottie And the Ram are my choices. The Rooster is also neat.

Feral Female said...

Wow, she really has some artistic skills! The ram and the two does are my favorites!

tree ocean said...

White Stallion, Ram and Ibex are our faves. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I like the drawing of the Boer buck because it looks like she tried to find interesting patterns of light and dark. One practice might encompass attempting to depict the form of an objects such as using a plain white statue of something e.g. bust, egg, papier mache sculpture with interesting textures and practice 'pulling its form' out of her drawing paper as an exercise of simple light with variable shadows.

The content of drawings make it seem like she's full of imagination and creativity. Actively support it, Mama hen.

Brenda said...

Wow! I can see why it's hard to choose which ones to enter in the fair. They are all very good.

Kara has a real gift and looks like she puts lots of practice into developing her gift!

I think I like the White Stallion, the Ibex, and the Shark the best.

Good luck at the fair with them!

Love Life said...

wow they are all beautiful ! And a hard decision. I like The White Stallion , The Ram , and Sunshine and Dottie the best.

tree ocean said...

My oldest votes for the ram, too.

I was wearing that heavy sweater cos I had to be at the bucks at 7 am to load them for the show and it was a torrential thunderstorm and 50's and even my raincoat was soaked thru! Then I did the rest of the barn and hill soaking wet!

So when we went to the show I wore a bunch of layers in case it rained again. I still had a chill from the earlier soaking. After the show the temps warmed up and I was lugging sweaters and coats and ribbons and goat chains and dropping everything! LOL

small farm girl said...

WOW! Those are some really nice pictures! My favorite is the stallion and the ram. To tell you the truth, I liked them all. I can see why it's hard to pick just a few.

Nettie said...

I really like Sunshine And Dottie it looks they look so relaxed and happy. She has done an good job.

Hidden Brook Farm said...

Very taleted! I like the Boer Buck-has a lot of depth,
Crocodile-reminds me of those pics in a pic,
Sunshine & Dottie-is just sweet & looks like in motion to lay or get up &
the Rooster--keep expecting him to cock that head to the side.

Anonymous said...

I like the dragon, the ram and the ibex :) The ram is my favorite. I like them all, she has a talent I do believe and Tonia we are not her Mom so it isn't just a Mom thing! Tonia, are you talking about the State Fair or another Fair? I loved visiting the art building at the Fair last year and voting for a favorite!

PumpkinPie said...

I say go with the crocodile for sure
A. it's an action scene..the croc is doing something that looks scary
B. your daughter got the interesting texture of the skin in wonderful detail and realistic randomness.

Deanna said...

We vote for the ram. Hubby taught hs art for over 30 years and he said it was stronger subject matter and good shading. Me - I know nothing!

She is one talented young lady.

Anonymous said...

They're all lovely, I like the goats and ram!